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  1. salam can i ask do you know what might possibly be the reason for your AP? any red flags in your case? 

    best wishes. 

  2. It was a brief interview before which they make you take the oath and verify fingerprints. And then after asking a few questions they told me that my Visa is approved. I was talking about the case id used to login to ceac but if you already submitted ds260 then he shouldn't have a problem. My passport was already with them. And today my visa got issued. Hopefully will get the passport in a couple of days. Hope that helps.
  3. It was on 7th Jan. My application got approved and now I am waiting for the status to change to issued and to get back my passport. My recommendation to anyone who is going to embassy for fingerprints and oath, please make sure your DS260 is filled out and submitted. They almost had to send me back. Also, keep your tracking id and invoice id written on a paper with you. And if you have enabled 2 factor authentication for your emails, disable them before going in or use backup codes. This is in case you need something from your emails cloud etc. Feel free to ask me any questions, I'll post more details once I get my passport back.
  4. Urgent question: should I take my wife (petitioner) with me to the embassy as they called me for fingerprints and oath? My initial interview was more than a year ago when I went alone. Will this make a difference? Can she even accompany me as official websites does not permit company?
  5. Just wondering, what date did they ask you to reappear at embassy? Trying to see how later is the date they give for reappearing from the date they email. Asking because I'm in similar situation and hoping to receive a similar email but I would be traveling within pakistan
  6. Send an inquiry through ustraveldocs. They will share your concern with embassy and you'll get a reply hopefully in a week. That email reply will be sufficient to mail the renewed passport. Sending an inquiry through embassy website might work but in my experience I never got a response that way.
  7. I got my passport 2 days later. Been more than a week still no email from them.
  8. Hi, You need to mail it. Once you get your medical report, take that along with a copy of your husband's passport and printout of email from embassy to AEG. You'll need to create an account with ustraveldocs if your husband never did - ppl at AEG can guide you on that. I was unable to create my account initially because my passport had expired so I was told to enter a wrong expiry date. After submitting my medical I emailed the embassy but never received any response. Only last week I got a call that they are sending my expired passport back and that I should send them the new one. I am still waiting for them to send me an email before I can submit my new passport as AEG doesnt take your documents unless you have a written email.
  9. Doesn't make sense to me why they would not ask for all the needed documents at the same time. From your email attachment I can see that they make it clear that the next step is fingerprints/oath and hence the background security checks are complete. I don't like to think that people in US embassy would by mistake miss out details like expired medical reports. Maybe they plan to call you to embassy at a date which will give you ample time to get medical done again (eg they might tell you to come for fingerprints/oath 30 days from now - enough time to get medical again). For my case its the opposite - they asked for new medical but did not ask for new passport. They did not even mention fingerprints/oath etc. Now for me if they don't ask for my renewed passport before my medical expires I'll have to get medical done once again. So on the bright you won't have to worry about that at least
  10. Unfortunately, since they have my expired passport, I can't renew my passport. I suspect they'd need a new passport before they proceed further. Do they ask everyone for new fingerprints?
  11. No they did not. When I first informed them about my passport expiring soon, they sent me the email requesting medical report and photos. And since then they have not been responding to my emails.
  12. I was asked to resubmit medical and photos end of July. I mailed those docs to embassy mid August. Sent them a few emails after that but have not received any reply. My passport which is with them has expired and my status online shows 'expiring soon'. So just wondering what's happening. My interview was in September 2018 and I got the DS form in Jan 2019.
  13. Congrats! Were there any updates during the last 2 months after submitting medical and pictures?
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