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  1. We have mentioned a wrong date of birth for beneficiary’s dad mistakenly. I130 application has already been submitted. will this be a problem ? How to correct it?
  2. you can take the patient to the donor's country and do the surgery there if things do not work as you wish
  3. Ask your bank whether the bank allows to transfer money from your local account to USD account abroad (US). most of the countries do not allow to transfer money abroad except for trade transactions and education institute payments. If the bank doesn't allow, you have to consider any other options for the transfer. the receiving party has no liability to pay tax on cash received as a gift. but receiving (USC) party has to disclose the source of funds if bank requires.
  4. so submit you last year IRS transcript with W2.. nothing to worry
  5. did mention that you are unemployed in the i864 form?
  6. I those are good valid points to expedite the case. You try it… Also share with us the outcomes of your expedite request.
  7. if ask by officer what was the purpose of the trip ? To meet my fiancé if ask what’s change since last refusal what is a good answer. We are married now
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