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  1. No, interview was yesterday and i was told to wait till end of this week in order to get my passport. Thank you! I will pay as soon as i get my passport back.
  2. Thats perfect! Less headache with all these papers.
  3. Yes, it is confusing! I got K1 few years ago and came to U.S but had to leave before my GC interview due to my husband employment abroad . So we decided to do all over again but with wife VISA. so will wait for my passport and see for further instructions! Thanks again.
  4. Thank you! Where should i pay for GC ? Is there a specific website?
  5. Today after my interview my visa IR1 got approved. And i was told that i will receive passport with my visa by the end of this week . question about Green Card. Do i need to apply for it once i am in U.S? How long does it take to get it? and i was not give any envelopes with my medical.. will it come with passport or it is all electronic now ?
  6. This morning i had interview and my visa has been approved! Glad this long journey is over. when i get my passport back with visa will they also send me envelope with medical which i need to provide to an officer? I forgot to ask them that.
  7. Got excellent news this morning! Interview date is 5th June!
  8. Question: will status at NVC change to in transit before or after the interview date? Its second week my case is at NVC and no movements.
  9. DQ received today! So happy! Whats next? Will receive a letter from embassy with interview date? Will they provide dates to choose from?
  10. Yes, thank you! So i dont need to check CEAC every time) will patiently wait for email.
  11. Congrats! Do they send email or we need to log in and check ?
  12. Thank you! This information looks very outdated. They have now completely different information with more options on official web site where one can request police paper.
  13. Latvia. I emailed our embassy and they replied that they accept electronic signature. So i have submitted police certificate how it was sent to me.
  14. Hello, i am so ready to submit my documents to NVC , however, one of my police certificates was issued specifically for U.S embassy and was signed and stamped with digital signature .. i am not sure wether it will be accepted by NVC or not? also when I submitted documents some of them has an option to be viewed and some of them not.. is it normal?
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