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  1. What a beautiful morning! Woke up and saw SMS confirmation that all my three forms were received! (for 2 forms i got 2 identical SMS) . in total precisely 2 weeks, not bad, i guess
  2. +1 in November group. Packages sent last week and received on 30/10. Now waiting for NOA1 :)
  3. Hey ! I am moving in October to DC, K-1 as well! And from what we know, we just go straight to court house and get Marriage Licence there!
  4. Thank you! I just got my K-1 VISA in hand and now i am bit paranoid even having a simple pre-wedding dinner with my family before leaving to U.S ))
  5. No, no, I am not referring to the person who made this post My question is in general about the process when it comes to ROC or naturalization and how this information is asked there?
  6. Out of curiosity, are they asking if you had marriage ceremony before entering US during ROC or naturalization? Or if you had some sort of family celebration?
  7. Had my interview today and my VISA has been approved! Thanks to everyone for your help!
  8. I understand you completely And this excitement will grow more when you know your interview date) I would say yes, wait. Mine came super quickly after case showed ready status. But it was sent to petitioner (not to me (I am beneficiary)). When I was choosing date there were pleeenty of free slots.. Literally, the whole June. So, I am sure they already opened slots for July as well.
  9. Congratulations! My interview is also on 25.06! Exciting as its approaching!
  10. Hey! I have just went through this process and my interview is on 25.06 . thing where they write that they provied you with day is not applicable to you since you are K-1. It is only for CR1 visa. i selected schedule k1 appointment, made a new applicant and went through all steps required. After you proceed with payment you will see available interview days. Consulate sent me package P3 via email (which was a bit mess at instructions which they sent to me were like from 2016-17) but i have updated P3 from January 2019 (got from this forum) and new affidavit of support (on official website) and used those! P.S: but i did all this only after my case had READY status on Ceac. website. Because after it ja ready they sent you package p3 and you are sure they really have it and its not lost or smth.
  11. Original in Russian + certified translation in English. Thats what I am bringing as my BC is also in Russian.
  12. Mine VISA application shows as Ready in Naples consulate. (K1) Yes, please share with us italian group :)
  13. Then it should be original. For example, embassy where I will go has instructions that divorce degrees copies are accepted. I also e-mailed them, and they confirmed it. So I think it is always better to e-mail them to clarify any questions.
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