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  1. Should we file form regarding outside processing time from the date when application was received or since its been actively reviewed?
  2. Congratulations! Did state representative contacted UCSIS? I am at 376 days now and don’t really know what to do..
  3. I was hoping to be with my husband on this Thanksgiving 😂 i did Fiance visa some time ago and i remember it was faster. (I had to cancel my GC interview as we moved to live abroad) and now 3 years later with 2 kids on my hands i am stuck with this ridiculous process. I would think that cr1 visa is more important than fiance one.
  4. I guess still mid September.. i have been hearing this already for a long while lol. It doesn’t move at all.. I guess we will be lucky if we hear something till Christmas.
  5. You need to keep trying. Sometimes it gives link but if you repeatedly ask for live agent you will go through eventually. But be aware that they go away from chat very quickly.. when i asked about my service centre, they wrote in capital letters California and logged out without any goodbyes.. this whole ucsis thing is a total joke.
  6. Funny (and I guess very sad) thing is that when I applied for K-1 visa nearly 2 years ago i faced same situation with UCSIS..where they randomly were approving cases, we waited forever, our case was probably transferred as well.. nobody knew anything and were just hoping to get approved)) and it seems nothing has changed there.. 😕 still same waiting game.
  7. So I checked with Emma and yes, our case is also in California. We were not notified about this.. is there any point to submit K3 now? I didn’t know about it before and found out only reading visa journey.
  8. I already did.. and then i found out about Emma and that our case might be in different SC. I will chat with this Emma thing later on and see what's going on.. something tells me that we are in California too… (
  9. +1 to this group. Our i130 has been actively reviewed since November 4th.. still nothing. On the notice ita written Nebraska SC. previously we applied for k-1 visa and we married in U.S but unfortunately i had to cancel green card interview since we had to move out from U.S for long time. Hope to hear some updates on our current application.
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