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  1. This info needs to be spread far and wide. I would have probably left for work in July if I knew DCF was no longer an option.
  2. I just got back from the manila embassy and they told me not to file because i would definitely be denied. i've been in the philippines since february and haven't left and i have a lease showing that i started renting in march and will be renting until next march but they said that that was not enough to establish residency. The lady who is in a very bad mood told me that they are really cracking down and that they need a lot more to establish residency than just a lease. She told me to mail it to the USA. I'm pretty bummed and so is my wife.
  3. Do I need to sign every page of every document when submitting my i130 to the Manila embassy? Do I need to sign every page of the I130 and i130a and also every other document like our chat logs?
  4. I am filing an I130 for both my wife and my stepson. Do I need to treat them as completely seperate cases and submit multiple copies of all the supporting info or can they be filed together and therefore just use one cover letter for both?
  5. In June I married a Filipino girl who already had a 4yo son. We are all living together in the Philippines. He has his deceased fathers last name. Can I get him a visa when I file to get my wife a visa? If so, do I need to file a seperate I130 for him? I came across this on the USCIS.gov website: "A stepchild is ineligible for citizenship or naturalization through the U.S. citizen stepparent, unless the stepchild is adopted and the adoption meets certain requirements." I don't understand what this means. Does this mean I must adopt my stepson before he can come to the USA? I plan on adopting him eventually but it's a long and expensive process. I was hoping to do it when we were all back in the USA.
  6. TVC

    Buying Plane tickets

    A round trip ticket is cheaper than 2 one way tickets but it isn't cheaper than 1 one way ticket.
  7. Yes you do. That's what they told me when I called my USA bank today to add my new wife. They said we would have to appear at a branch in person without a social security number.
  8. Thanks very much for this post. It seriously makes me feel better. I am definitely a worrier.
  9. Title says it all. I can't seem to find a calling card anywhere.
  10. The hotels have all been in my name only. We haven't flown anywhere. The mail that comes to our apartment lists the landlord's name on all the bills. We do still use facebook messanger to talk day to day while she is at work. So that is good. THANK YOU so much for the idea about the US bank account. I know her family and see them often. We have tons of wedding pictures. Hopefully that will help. Our situation is very complicated also because we (well she technically) have a 4yo son. She had a child in a previous relationship. She was never married but the child shares his fathers last name. He passed away 2 years ago.
  11. The guide for the visa lists the following as evidence for a Bonefide relationship. Note: Evidence of a Bonifide Marriage The USCIS now requires that when filing an I-130 for a spouse that you include evidence of a bonifide marriage. They list examples of acceptable evidence as: 1. Documentation showing joint ownership or property; or 2. A lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence; or 3. Documentation showing co-mingling of financialresources; or 4. Birth certificate(s) of child(ren) born to you, thepetitioner, and your spouse together; or 5. Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by third parties havingpersonal knowledge of the bona fides of the maritalrelationship (Each affidavit must contain the full nameand address, date and place of birth of the person makingthe affidavit, his or her relationship to the petitioner ofbeneficiary, if any, and complete information and detailsexplaining how the person acquired his or herknowledge of your marriage); or 6. Any other relevant documentation to establish that thereis an ongoing marital union. Me and my new wife do not have any of these things. We don't own any property. The lease for the apartment we've been living at is in my name only. We cannot open a bank account because my ARC card here in the Phillipines says I am a tourist. No banks will allow us to open a joint account. We do not have any children together. So the only thing that is left is showing affidavits from people who know us. Is it better if these affidavits come not from her family? I know you are supposed to be as specific as possible. I'm worried we are going to be rejected. I met my wife online in January of 2018. In Feburary I came to the Philippines to meet her and we have been living together since I came. We already got married a week ago in June. I have only known her for 5 months total and we are already married. We didn't take a lot of pictures. The only thing we have is 1 month of chat logs before I came. I'm also wondering about the DCF process. In August I will have been living here for 6 months on a Tourist visa. I don't know if that qualifies me for DCF. Would we be better off waiting to file in August as a DCF? Would that be faster? I have a ton more questions but that is probably enough for now.
  12. That is such a relief that we dont need it. They were telling us we had to get the late father's mother's authorization letter to get the death certificate. That would have been a real hassle as the two families are not really friendly at all.
  13. I am just beginning the process of getting my new Filipina wife and her 4yo son into the USA. I understand that I need to file an I-130 for both my wife and my stepson but I'm wondering if we need his father's death certificate also. My wife was never married before but my stepson does share his late fathers last name. The father died 2 years ago. Do I need to show that the previous father is dead? They were never married so perhaps I don't even need this?