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  1. No it turns out it wasn't AWA type criminal element, the background checks took awhile but we were approved.
  2. Hi Nvc sent our petition back to uscis, 13 sep. We had no idea, will be calling uscis this week and see what we can find out
  3. Update. Received Noa2 12th July 2022 11 Oct, emailed nvc asking if they had received our case. 14 Oct, received a response stating, on the 13th Sep we sent your petition back to uscis Anyone have any ideas on what happens now?
  4. Our noa2 approval was 12th of July. The next shipment date is the 11th of oct
  5. We applied for k1 visa in June 2019. In March 2022 the petitioner did biometrics. And we received a decision in July 2022. There is nothing you can do but wait
  6. As you said it wasn't typical, case was transferred to vermont, but after 3 years finally approved. But not to take away from the OP just try to keep busy, distract yourself.
  7. There was no RFEs. I was just trying to provide some encouragement, I know how hard waiting can be.
  8. We waited 3 years between noa1 and noa2. It can get very discouraging. What's important is self love, enjoy the time you do get together and if you are lucky enough....work like crazy, lol
  9. Oh that would be frustrating!!! I'm glad it was straight forward, hopefully it's still the same when I go
  10. Make it about 57 with mine in there, lol. VJ won't let me update 😒.
  11. You don't pay the fee until the interview at the nz consulate. Unless things have changed
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