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  1. Congrats to the recent Noa2s. Fingers crossed more June's are approved and soon. Over 100 days here
  2. I'm not a man. Thank you. I'm not phased. Everything in life not mention this journey happens when it's ready not before. I know being with My SO is worth the wait. But I wish you a speedy noa2. Good luck
  3. No rfe at this point. There is no standard wait time. Some even in nz can come as fast as 94 days others 130 days or longer.
  4. It is no guarentee. Been waiting 102 days now so dont bank on a quick return
  5. Were you approved at interview? You'll have to pick it up and look in it
  6. You are not alone. There are still few from previous months waiting as well. Hang in there
  7. Hang in there and I hope your RFE is simple and moves quick.
  8. All the good vibes going out. I'm sure good things will start happening for all waiting. Never know what tomorrow brings
  9. Hello June Filers!!! Hoping to hear more of your good news over the next few weeks!!
  10. I guess I can understand it. Just seems a little silly since my name is on there as well. And I may be the calmer of the two currently lol Guess it is a mute point anyway
  11. So over 90 days since we filed for the K1, most of you know the cheque has not been cashed. So I rang the international number. After Emma and email did not work. I got thru to a live person and was told the petitioner has to inquire not me. So heads up for anyone wanting to call.
  12. We used a lawyer to help file our k1 due to 1 sealed juvenile crime which is now gone. We did it to make sure we had everything they would need to save hassle during the process
  13. I would say think of something else but it doesnt always work well lol
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