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  1. Congrats and thank you for sharing your story. We have been waiting 23 months, and have been told "processing hold" due to security checks as well
  2. Hi guys, hope everyone is now married and living great times. I'm still in NZ. It's almost been 23 months. We received a letter today....processing hold because the required security checks remain pending....sighs. maybe in the next 12 months....
  3. We were transferred after 5 months. You might have been transferred there, best to wait and read the notice
  4. In theory the 22 + months starts from the date you filed initially For example we filed June 5th 2019 and got transferred in oct 2019. So as of the 5th march 2021 it will be 21 months for our petition
  5. No news. There is still a few months to go, I'm only at 20 months
  6. Having your case in vermont, yes that is a common response. I received the same answer back in oct.
  7. Our case was transferred 21 oct 2019 and we are still waiting. Our Noa1 was 5th of june 2019. Your case was transferred because they need more/extra background checks it sounds like. A deeper search
  8. Oh it's not out case was transferred to vermont, so it's a waiting game. But as I said pre covid days it was approximately 2 months at nvc. The auckland consulate is really good so not much waiting time after nvc
  9. Hi from a fellow kiwi, Hate to say this, but you wait as long as it takes. My Noa1 is June 5th 2019. Still waiting
  10. Yeah our case hasnt moved. And ummm not to be rude @Greenbaum I am female, I'm pretty sure you meant "her" case...lol
  11. Hi guys, I know some still check in. No updates, no movement. It's been 19 months, which is 582 days since we received Noa1. I hope everyone is doing fine and is safe and happy. Congrats to everyone who made it to their I do's!!!!
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