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  1. Okay so update, I ended up calling USCIS because I was nervous my packet was being sent back! After some waiting I was finally connected to an agent who let me know that my case numbers were just generated and my NOA notice sent out on May 1st. It also says my fingerprint fee has been received on the USCIS case tracker even though the check hasn't been cashed. No idea why I didn't receive a text but definitely happy to get my case numbers
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure if there's much Emma can do if the check hasn't been cashed. It just tells me to wait or contact the Lockbox facility which I've already done.
  3. I'm feeling very worried! My package was delivered on April 2nd to the Chicago office and still haven't received a text or seen the check cashed Not sure what I can do at this point.
  4. Ah I'm hoping to hear soon! Mine arrived April 2nd at the Chicago Lockbox and no text or check cashed yet. 😅
  5. Was hoping to get my check cashed or some sort of notification today but hasn't happened yet! Fingers crossed.
  6. Has anyone had any update here? Mine arrived April 2nd and no texts or check cashed yet 😕
  7. Very true! I guess I've been looking for any sign that they're moving forward. But NOA1 and case number are probably one of the most important things. I haven't been able to get my Driver's License here in FL since they say a NOA1 is required.
  8. Sent my package in February but got rejected and had to resend. So trying this again! Package arrived at Chicago Lockbox 4/2 Waiting for check to be cashed!
  9. I called a lawyer and they told me to change only the form that had the issue / was expiring soon and send everything else as it was. Hopefully it's okay!
  10. This exact same thing happened to me and I'm still not 100% sure why mine was rejected. I had put the payment in and they even returned the check to me. They completely disorganized my packet too. I couldn't even make sense of what they did, they just like stapled random things back together.
  11. Yes, We are K1 marriage based. We did put the c9 code on our packet.
  12. Unfortunately we just received a rejection notice in the mail for incorrect payment amount. Can anyone confirm the amount their check was? I had thought it was $1225
  13. Still waiting! Case Received at Chicago Lockbox on 2/24. Check has not been cashed yet.
  14. Do you have access to the appointment scheduling site? They've opened up more appointments recently.
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