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  1. Guys I just don’t 100% understand it. I got my NOA1 on Sep 7th, when the wait time was 6-8 months, and now it’s 9-12, but does the 9-12 month wait only count for people who have sent in their petitions now? Will ours still be 6-8 since we’re 5 months ahead of everyone in the queue now?
  2. Yeah but that’s not even necessarily the cases they’re processing at this time, that’s the date threshold for when it becomes outside normal processing time.
  3. So, we all know about the processing time on USCIS's website, and I know it's calculated in part from the amount of pending applications. My question is, can that timeframe be treated as a 'processing time for if you were to submit something now'? Is it kinda just saying, 'it would take x months to get through the backlog we have now'? Like, if the processing time at the time that I submitted my petition was 6 months, does that mean mine'll still take 6 months? Or does it end up always taking whatever the current amount of time is? I hope this makes sense! I'm tryna stay sane cos the timeframe keeps increasing and it makes the whole thing feel impossible.
  4. Yeah I just saw this too and it ruined my day. It was 6-8 months a few months ago! Feels like it'll never happen and we're gonna be blindly waiting for the rest of eternity.
  5. Hi all, I've just been looking through the timelines for New Zealand (where I live) at the amount of time between the NOA2/NVC and the interview, and it varies quite a bit from 1 month to 4 months. Why is this? Does it just vary that much randomly, or is this more dependent on when people schedule their interviews? Once it gets to the embassy, could you kinda just do the interview as soon as possible? (Allowing for time for the police check and medical of course). Or can it sometimes sit at the embassy for a while before they contact you? I'm just not 100% sure how it works. Let me know! I know it'll depend on what embassy we're talking about, I guess I'm mostly curious about embassies in NZ/Oceania.
  6. Thank you! I don't have an interview date, I don't even have the NOA2 yet haha I was just wondering. Nothing would stop me from attending no matter what day it was. This all makes sense, thank you!
  7. Hey everyone! I was wondering what the process is for the interview scheduling once your petition gets to the embassy in your country. I'm in New Zealand if anyone else from here can let me know their experience. Does the embassy give you an interview date? Or are you able to schedule it? And if you are able to schedule it, how much leeway do you have? I'm asking cos I don't know if I'll be able to take a day/half day off work (my work doesn't know I'm in the process of applying for this visa since I wouldn't have got the job if they knew I planned to leave in 10 ish months), so I just wanted to know how possible it'd be to get my interview on a weekend day? Let me know!
  8. WOW yo I weirdly had it in my head that there were way less every year, but MILLIONS?!?! No wonder it takes so long. What a crazy process.
  9. Oh yeah true I weirdly forgot about people living together haha. Yeah that looks fine as opposed to being hasty with the K1, which I think is somewhat prone to looking a bit suspish. Or I'm just paranoid!
  10. Yeah I remember also reading that it used to be way faster a year/few years ago. Dang, I hope they speed up! And yeah, sounds like it's kinda random. But I'll take a (likely) 7-month wait!
  11. Ah yeah that makes sense, and yeah from what I can see I-130s are taking 15+ months whereas I-129F are taking 6-8 months. But I get what you mean about it being simple and that not really changing anything.
  12. Hi everyone! I have a question about how I-129F's are processed. In my head it works like this: USCIS receives your petition and takes it apart/scans it/puts it in their own folder and then it gets added to a MASSIVE pile with hundreds of other petitions. Then it just sits there for like 7 months til they eventually get to it. They look at it, then either approve or decline it. OR, do they look over it and put it into a simple pile or a complicated pile? I figure if there's less in it (no previous marriages or kids or anything), it should take less time, but I'm not really sure how any of it works. My question is: what, if anything, determines the variation in time within the processing time frame? Or is it just random? I hope this makes sense! I'm super intrigued about how it all works, if anyone knows. It seems like some super secret place where secret things happen haha.
  13. You don't need to be engaged for the K1, and if you choose the K1, your gf will need to have a job and earn over a certain amount. She needs to have this DURING the application process. Currently the processing time for a K1 is about 11-15 months start to finsih. You don't need a lawyer, it'll just add to the costs. And AOS takes about a year. I don't know a huge amount about the CR-1 but I do know about the K1 since that's what I'm in the process of applying for. I think both options end up being kinda similar in terms of the processing times, but, I'd probably suggest a K1 otherwise you'd have to rush getting married and then immediately apply for the CR-1 which could look a little dodgy. Depends though. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  14. Hi all! We just sent our I-129F petition yesterday, and I was wondering how long I should expect to wait to get the NOA1? I'm thinking it'll take about a month. Also how do you get notified? Via the email that was put on the G-1145? Let me know!
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