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  1. Rejections are earlier on for incorrect forms used, incorrect payments, not signed, etc.
  2. @DIVx I feel like I need to clarify: With the initial extension application we did attach a lot of information regarding the cancelation of his flights as well as the official Honduran government and Honduran US embassy statements on the closure of the Honduran borders by air, land, and sea. My fiancé also attached a written and signed statement that explained the situation, why we asked for an additional month (in case the borders continued to be closed past a week), and that he would leave as soon as he was able to secure travel back to Honduras.
  3. No, we did nothing. The bio appointment was set for 10/09/2020, the case was approved before the appointment. You are totally fine, I understand!
  4. No one has heard of someone having an extension approved for extra time they were in the US months after they already left, yet it was. The B2 was revoked based on a presumed overstay that was completely out of our hands. We submitted the extension before the I-94 was expired, and it has now been approved 6 months later, no overstay. I am not saying that I think they will reverse the revocation. I don't think they will do anything, as I stated in that same post. However, you never know unless you ask. This case was under extreme extenuating circumstances. If we get a reply that there is nothing they can do, then we won't bother with it and will wait out our K1 visa. I completely understand it's their prerogative. I am just posting in hopes that this may help someone else in similar circumstances.
  5. No, we did not notify them. I was waiting for the official notice from them regarding the biometrics appointment. The case changed on it's own from "Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled" on September 18, 2020, to "Case was Approved" on September 24, 2020 with no intervention on our part. My fiancé actually got the biometrics notice on his myUSCIS account, but didn't realize it was there until we saw the approval notice. Looking at that notice, there was not any information about being able to reschedule the appointment if out of the country. One statement from the notice that stood out to me was this: PLEASE APPEAR AT THE BELOW APPLICATION SUPPORT CENTER (ASC) AT THE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED. IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR AS SCHEDULED, YOUR APPLICATION, PETITION, OR REQUEST WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED. Near the bottom of the notice they have, "If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283", which is just the general line for the USCIS. The "ASC Appointment Notice" for the biometrics had a Notice Date of 09/18/2020 on it. The "Approval Notice" had a date of 09/22/2020 on it.
  6. Oh for sure, we are still going to probe (and when I say we I mean me), just to see if they would consider reversing the revocation. Call it an experiment. We are hoping that our K1 stuff will be settled within the next 6 months, hopefully sooner. If it's not, it would be nice to be able to fall back on the B2 for a visit. It is much easier for him to visit than it is for me. I appreciate your input. Fair enough, I've read the K1 threads pretty deep and can see what a hot mess can come of it. We are two very boring individuals compared to some of my peers on here 😉. I too would be surprised if the embassy will do anything, but you never know unless you try, right? Thanks for your input. I'll let you guys know if I hear anything from them, the good and the bad.
  7. I sincerely wasn't expecting it to go through with no biometrics and having left the country. Most of the posts I found stated it would have been considered abandonment of his case, and essentially a waste of a bunch of money. If you have experience with extensions, I would encourage you to help the others in similar posts on here. 😊 I definitely wasn't the only one panicking.
  8. We are definitely relieved about no overstay as we are in the middle of our K1 process. Though I imagine with it being so short and with proper documentation to show he tried to leave, I would hope he wouldn't have any issues from it. On the visa, it was revoked when he got back to Honduras. I imagine it is some sort of automated computer thing from the US embassy in Honduras. He got an email within a week of getting home that his visa was revoked and if he thought it was an error to write to them. He wrote an email back, explaining the circumstances and that he had a pending extension (with support documents, though they would definitely know that the country was closed). Their response was not helpful, stating that they would not discuss individual cases and if he wanted to apply for another visa that he could pay for another interview 🤦‍♀️. We just left it alone, but in light of this new development we are going to reach out to the embassy and see what they have to say.
  9. Hey all, I hope this helps alleviate any anxiety on this topic. Granted every situation is different, I can share my fiancé's story. We were very fortunate that he had a 10 year B1/B2 visa and that he was granted a 6 month stay to come visit me in the US from the middle of September to mid-March. His flight back to Honduras was set for March 16th, with his I-94 set to expire on March 17th. However, COVID happened and panic ensued... Honduras closed their borders completely on March 15th. He was stuck here. We panicked! We were going to mail our petition in to start our K1 visa process the next day. I called the USCIS and asked them for guidance and talked to a couple of very helpful individuals that stated that likely no action would be taken against him… because, COVID. But, if we wanted to play it safe then we should file an extension (I-539)... of course we would always want to play it safe, so we filed the extension online right away with any supporting documents. At the time the Honduran government made an official statement that the borders would be closed for a week, and at that time they would review and decide if it needed to be closed further. As of that time, there were still flights to Honduras the following week, so we rescheduled his flight for then a week out. We applied for the extension (requesting a month but explaining that he would leave as soon as it was possible). A week went by, and the Honduran government extended their border closures. We were pretty convinced that he would have to stay here and were kicking ourselves for not requesting longer. My fiancé was in contact with the Honduran consulate near us in the US and they told us about some repatriation flights. We were able to secure one of those flights ($$$) and he was able to leave the US on March 30th (13 days past his I-94, much shorter I imagine than most cases but this was ours). We got an update (notified from one of the case tracking apps) on September 18th that a biometrics appointment was made. My heart dropped, we didn't know if this would be considering abandonment of the extension request because he was not in the US anymore. I probably stressed myself out way more than I needed to, but did find some information on some old threads of VJ that it was a possibility to do biometrics outside of the US for extreme circumstances if there was a USCIS field office nearby in his country that could perform the biometrics. We were just hoping that would work out and decided to wait for the notification with the biometrics appointment on it to come, as I read that there should be instructions about obtaining biometrics if now outside of the US. I'm going to assume that an officer looked into our case and saw that my fiancé was able to leave on March 30th. We just got another notification on the case tracking app today that his extension was approved! No biometrics! They approved the extension from March 17th-March 30th (obviously they saw that he was able to exit the US on the 30th). We are super thankful and thrilled that this news came just as they have started adjudicating the K1 visas just ahead of ours. We were so worried (though I realize how silly it is) that this was going to affect our K1 case. Again, I realize our extension likely doesn’t look like every other case and the extension ended up being for such a short amount of time, but hopefully this will help someone. March 16, 2020 - Filed extension (I-539) online with immediate notice March 17, 2020 - Date of I-94 Expiration September 18, 2020 - Notice that biometrics appointment was made (6 months, 2 days!!) September 24, 2020 - Case Approved - No Biometrics done
  10. @smile101 oh geeze 😟 I would be super upset too. I'm soooo sorry. Please keep your chin up. Try and keep a level head when you are talking to them, people are more helpful if you sound grateful (even if not deserved). When you get someone on the phone, take a deep breath 💜 I'm sending good vibes your way.
  11. @smile101 whaaaaaaat 🤨 I'm so sorry. I hope you get some good news today. Keep us updated.
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