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  1. Good evening everyone, I'm not going to lie... I'm a bit panicked right now. My wife has had her biometrics for removal of conditions on her 2 year green card. We are currently in the long waiting period of getting the 10 year green card and have finally reached the point where we can do the early filing for N400. A couple weeks ago my wife finally got her full driver's license and we had a long struggle at the DMV while the employee there (a new hire) scattered back and forth trying to figure out how to give a full license to a permanent resident (turns out it's no different than the process for a US citizen), but I'm just now finding out that protocol for expired licenses is to shred them on the spot at the DMV. Apparently this woman upon getting my wife's expired green card (along with the I-797 extending said green card) decided that she'd take my wife's green card and shred it. My wife (not realizing that this was very wrong) didn't realize it was a big deal until just now while I was trying to verify the dates on her card and she told me it has been shredded. So, naturally, I'm panicking. Under normal circumstances we'd just file for a replacement, no big deal, but can we even file to replace the EXPIRED green card? Is the I-797 going to be enough? Will we need both the green card and I-797 to finish the process to get the 10-year green card, or the N400? Please help. Any advise is appreciated.
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