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  1. Copy of Greencard both side Copy of WIfe's US Passport 2 years Tax transcript - Joint Filed Health/Car insurance card copies, Car Registration, Car Purchase receipt, Haven't had name on lease until I moved to Texas - so 2 months old lease at a time of application, Old Driving Licenses of both me and my wife with Same address, Credit cards copies of both (hiding all numbers except last 4 and CVV) where my name was not on CC statements, Couple of photos from each trip/function attended - 15-20 max Random Bank/Credit Card statements 3-4 per year different months - added those months when we went on trips Authorized Beneficiary page of My 401K and my wife's 401K where we have listed each other My understanding is you won't need too much/ bulk of documents. Don't worry about quantity. what you need is whatever you have make the most of it. As long as Financial Docs are good. You won't have any issues.
  2. Yes, I am on CR-1. Me and my wife had joint account for 6 months when I entered USA. Then due to somebody checked out account and invaded privacy (community member who worked for that bank). Then we had separate account in different bank until We opened joint account just 1 week before applying I-751. I had just bank letter. However, I have included all bank statements even for separate account.
  3. I have sent photos since the day I entered in US. Random collection of photos with family trips, trip to Canada, local trips is US, photos of any party-functions attended. Quantity is depends on you. Do not send bulk of photos. As mentioned inn early replies, its secondary. Main requirements are important - Tax transcript, leases (if you rent), Car registrations/Lease/Loan, Joint Bank Statements (Random throughout since A/C opened), Credit Cards etc. Don't forget to send copy of Green Card and A page including list of documents attached. I am just waiting for my interview. NO RFE.
  4. Just finished with Biometrics and Case status updated with Case is actively being reviewed.
  5. Good Luck my friend. I pray that we do not have to give I-751 interview (as per new policy) and we can just done with one Interview.
  6. Agree with you @poh. However, I am happy that this unnecessary step (Interview) will be at least eliminated for genuine people like us. It may not matter if we have combo interview alongside with N400 application. Because it should stay same for AOS applicant as you said fraudulent people do anything.
  7. Okay. I think you keep try calling them. Also check Processing times for your local field office and then you can inquire about outside processing times.
  8. It is frustrating. But we can't do anything until USCIS resolve this technical issue. I have not seen they have acknowledge about this error. You are Lucky that at least you can login.
  9. I am assuming there is some technical errors are going on USCIS side, same with me I tried to call for login access but it did not reach to the agent, too. Did you arrive on C-1 or K-1 or any other visa ?
  10. I had same email but and I went to check but now I am unable receive verification code to login my USCIS Online Account.
  11. Hi Naitik, I submitted my application on 29th March. Straight away I received email for receipt of application and on 1st April I received email of biometrics appointment. I applied online so my email only says "We have taken an action on your case". I received physical letters later on. Its more than 6 months now so you should call USCIS and ask status. What does your my "case status" shows ?
  12. I tried to call but couldn't speak to agent. But I will try on Monday. Thank you.
  13. For N-400, sometimes they request RFE online without changing case status and we have to take action online under case. So I really need access to that. I have requested help with customer service. I also created new account but I cannot add this online application.
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