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  1. It was surprised USCIS didn't give me text or email notification when i got approved. I just saw on USPS information that i got letter from USCIS. And then i checked my Case status on USCIS website that was saying they sent the card to my address. So, i notice it might be Greencard. Turn out the first thing i received was the letter of approval from USCIS. And then few days after, i received the real GC.
  2. No, there are few April Filers from Texas , SRC who got the 10 years Greencard approval a month before me. I think there are 4 or 5 peoples who got Approved without interview in Total for April 2021 Filers. Hopefully USCIS will approve all your GC soon. Finger Crossed!
  3. Congratulations, so now you have your 10 year green card?

  4. Thank you @elmers !. I was surprised as well. I thought i am gonna get the interview letter after i got Biometric Appointment (Because I applied I-751 as Divorced Waiver). To my surprise, I got the Approval letter right away, without notice on text message. And i am in California (WAC Filer) which is normally takes longer than Texas Filers. I still can't believe it but i feel blessed with this fast process (7 months in Total). I do really hope all of you April Filers will also get approved soon!. All the best!
  5. I finally received the Approval letter for my GC today. I applied I-751 as divorced waiver. WAC Filer. -Sent the application end of March 30th - NOA 1 : April 21st, 2021 - Biometric Appointment September 23rd, 2021 - Received 24 months extension letter in October - NO Interview (GC Approved November 8th, 2021) - GC letter Approval November 12th, 2021 Now i am waiting for another mail which is will be my actual GC. Good luck for everyone here! . May all of you also get the approval soon!. All the best!
  6. Hi everyone, i wonder if i just got approved?. I just checked my status change "Card was mailed to me" I didn't get any notification from USCIS. I did Biometric on Sept 23rd. And today on USPS i saw i will get letter from USCIS. I can't wait to see what is this. All the best!
  7. I received the 24 months extension letter today as well. California service center.
  8. I haven't seen any April filers got approved yet. Hopefully soon we will hear the good news of approval!
  9. Update from me, WAC April filers! . I got a biometric appointment letter scheduled 09/23. Is there any WAC filers who is also get the Biometric Appointment?. I thought they will waive this part as i did this when I applied AOS few years ago . Hopefully things moving so fast after this!
  10. Hello April 2021 ROC filers! Is there any news or update from April 2021 filers?. I haven't been around or read the update on Visa Journey for a while. I hope everyone is doing okay and we will get the smooth process to get our GC. Anyway, it looks like we are going back to normal life again. I wonder how long does it takes now to get the GC?. Are the interview still being waived?. I know it vary by the processing center. Thank you and Have a wondering weekend!
  11. Received NOA 1 letter for 18 months extensions today 04/23. Got the text message two days ago 04/21. So blessed with the smooth process. Hope it will continue the same for all of us.
  12. Hi @SMK 89USCIS Online Account Number is created online on USCIS website. You have to sign up to get USCIS Online Account Number. You can fill this blank if you don't have one. I fill it blank. For the expiration date of form i-751, we don't know when they going to release the new one. I was Thinking the same like you as well before i sent mine. But It's what it is. Only USCIS and Government knows about it.
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