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  1. Received NOA 1 letter for 18 months extensions today 04/23. Got the text message two days ago 04/21. So blessed with the smooth process. Hope it will continue the same for all of us.
  2. Hi @SMK 89USCIS Online Account Number is created online on USCIS website. You have to sign up to get USCIS Online Account Number. You can fill this blank if you don't have one. I fill it blank. For the expiration date of form i-751, we don't know when they going to release the new one. I was Thinking the same like you as well before i sent mine. But It's what it is. Only USCIS and Government knows about it.
  3. Just got notification from USCIS . They received my case. I sent through Fedex 03/30 Arrived at USCIS Lockbox 04/01 Case Received : 04/21 WAC number Good luck for everyone!
  4. The same. I sent my package with Divorce waiver as well. Wish all of us luck!. We deserve the best!.
  5. Yes we are back to the forum after two years! Oh how time flies fast even in uncertainty years of Pandemic!. Hope this process will be easier for all of us.
  6. If you have joint health Insurance or auto Insurance is also good to be attached. For I-751 you are allowed to send the documents within 90 days before the conditional greencard is expired. If the card is expired 8/29/2021. I think it will be safe for you to send the document around May 31st or June 1st. Because USCIS will return the documents if we submit it too early. Even if It's one day early.
  7. I am sorry you have been through this on your interview. But at least, i know you tried your best to explain anything honestly. For now, just try to think positive and wait. I pray and believe that you will get approval and get your GC.
  8. Wish all of us luck!. Don't know how long we should wait some are get the GC faster, some are slow and wait. 🤔
  9. Thinking of you!. How was the interview? I hope it went well. I apply I-751 ROC divorce waiver as well. Just sent it a week ago. But i like to read and learn about any people's experiences.
  10. I wish you luck and hope everything goes well and You'll be approved!
  11. Please do not overthinking. Just wait patiently. Some Peoples experienced divorce and apply for Divorce waiver on ROC didn't have any interview and get the GC after few months of waiting. Some peoples needs to be interview for further Information. But as far as i knew, most of them get approval. So, don't worry about it!.
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