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  1. Calling and asking for a tier two representative worked for us, we received the noa2 in the mail yesterday. Thank you, your advice is very much appreciated!
  2. I see what you mean, I filed last December and only got a RFE in September and finally got an approval mid-October. That's really annoying that you didn't receive the notice either. Just hoping they sort it out and start re-sending them! Wishing you luck with yours!
  3. Hi there, We were approved October 15th but have not yet received our noa2 paper approval. It said if we didn't receive by October 30th to get in touch and request the letter, we did that and 2 weeks later they emailed back saying the system said they sent it before on October 15th, with no real help of re-sending the letter we have told them we did not receive. As of today November 17th, we still have not received it and have read we need it later in the process for our AOS package. We can't respond to their request until the end of November, and we called to ask them if they could send us another and she gave the same info that they sent it on October 15th, again, no real help. If anyone has had this happen or could advise us on the situation, we'd be really grateful! Thank you in advance.
  4. Finally after waiting since December we got our approval of the noa2! It's so nice to be on the next step! 
  5. Thank you for the response, I thought so, it's just hard to be patient! Lol Fingers crossed they'll get to it soon x
  6. Hi all, Is anyone still waiting for their noa2 at this point? My NOA1 date is Dec 16 and I haven't heard anything, I've done an online enquiry only for them to do a standard reply (nothing to do with my actual case). But I just wondered if there's a phone number or some other way to get a response. Day 267. I'd like this stage over so I'm ready when they start scheduling interviews again! ;(
  7. Very true, London US embassy is opening back up on 27th July for immigrant and non-immigrant petitions, so would have been nice to have the noa2 ready! Nevermind, what will be will be! Positive thoughts and all!
  8. I sent a case inquiry last week, and I'm now on day 219. NOA1 date 16th dec. Received a response earlier today, and it says that they are adjudicating cases, no real indication of the actual case, only that they'll get to it when they do. It's a hard wait, but I see some December filers still waiting, so fingers crossed for everyone!
  9. They should have stamped the passport as they came into the US, however it should be on file too, the I-94 record shows admission and departure of the United States, did you include this? You can get an online copy here, I'm not sure for your trips to London though! https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/ Hope all the info you sent was enough for them, certainly seems proof to me from photos and sitting next to each other with statements!
  10. Hi all, this is my first post and I'd just like to know whether other applicants under the k1 visa needed to add their fingerprints to their police record before ordering one for the visa interview in London? Or whether one without would be sufficient because they take them at the embassy? Any help on this would be appreciated!
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