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  1. The question was intended to ask if my spouse can earn income from interest from a CD, bond or capital gain from a stock if they purchase one. Would that be an issue if the cds, stocks or bonds were purchased in her name since she is not a citizen or green card holder? She has a SSN.
  2. Yes, the income(interest and capital gains) earned from instruments like CDs, bonds or stocks.
  3. Yes she has her SSN, sorry, forgot to mention that. We obtained her SSN the day after POE and had name changed last week after we married using our certified marriage certificate.
  4. My wife and I married on 30-Sept-2022 after she arrived via K-1 visa in mid September. We yet to file AOS, as I am starting a new federal job next month and want to wait to file due to having an up to date I-864. I am considering buying some CDs and bonds in my wife's name, will that be an issue as she hasn't completed AOS and doesn't yet have EAD?
  5. What if my wife is still a nonresident alien? We married on 30-Sept after she arrived on a K1 fiancee visa on 16-Sept. We have not yet filed AOS, but will be soon. Can she purchase an I-bond? On the treasury direct website it does not require them to be a permanent resident. It requires them to have a SSN(she does have), be 18 years old, and be legally competent. https://www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/help/treasurydirect-help/faq/
  6. Good news, we applied for our SSN on 19-Sept, and they were able to verify us in SAVE-ASVI. We received the SSN in the mail a week later. Also, we married on 30-Sept and applied to change her name on her SSN on 11-October, the SS office was great, they just reverify all original docs again(passport, I-94 and certified marriage certificate). Super smooth.
  7. My fiancee(K1) and I will be arriving in the US from Bahrain(we both lived and worked here) on 16-September(Friday), and want to apply for a SSN as soon as possible. My question is, if we are able to print off an I-94 from the CBP website after our arrival does that mean we are in SAVE-ASVI? The SSN SS-5 guidance from VJ says to wait 14 days to ensure we are in SAVE-ASVI, but I want to apply for the SSN prior to our wedding on 30-September. Is the 14 day requirement still set in stone? I looked in the forums related to this topic and didn't see anything newer than 2018, so I want to check if anyone has updated info that is more recent. Some people are saying they successfully applied for their SSN as soon as they got here. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you all for the feedback. The person who posted it included a picture of the stamp from St Lukes. It’s why I checked here.
  9. My fiancé had her medical exam for her K1 visa completed on 10-Aug, once she gets her medical clearance does the hospital need to stamp her passport? I read on some FB K1 visa forums this was needed for those in Manila. We are in Bahrain and I want to verify with experts here whether that is a legitimate requirement.
  10. All, I am in the process of assisting my beneficiary fiancé to schedule her visa interview here in Bahrain where we both live/work. The cgi federal website they use on traveldocs seems to be a bit buggy. I jumped the gun a bit and made a profile using my own email as petitioner, but she also made one using her email(beneficiary). So that created an IT issue where the system thinks there are duplicate profiles with the same info, specifically I am trying to correct 'country of birth' on my beneficiary/fiance's profile to match her passport, as it defaults to the country where the embassy you're using(Bahrain), and she is from the Philippines. I updated all of the info on my own profile to remove any identifying information tied to her, but her beneficiary profile gives an error when trying to change 'country of birth' claiming it matches my own profile of info. There is no option to delete my own login profile(at least not from what I can see). We submitted a 'provide feedback' trouble ticket this evening through the cgi system under her login. My question is, how quick in your experience are the people who run the cgifederal system to respond/correct any IT issues? The email we received says 1-2 business days, just want to verify that is correct.
  11. If you are filling out the I-134 and are not the beneficiary, you don't need to identify Beneficiary's assets or income as they are not the one to be supporting themselves, so $0 for both on part 2 line 17 and 22 is correct. You are the one to be financially supporting them(or joint sponsor) until and if they start to work upon employment authorization. As for Part 3, question 15, I entered my salary income that matched my signed salary letter from my employer. I understand the wording on it is confusing. But it's just asking what your income is.
  12. A signed letter from my employer on company letterhead indicating my salary, status of my job(temp or permanent), and hire date. I also included IRS tax return transcripts for previous 3 years, pay stubs for previous 6 months and any bank/investment statements to substantiate my assets if I listed them. This is what my attorney requested. Whether that is overkill or inadequate, not sure yet as we haven't gotten to interview stage yet.
  13. That is a good point, it is largely dependent on the backlog of the embassy/consulate your case will be sent to. But even the most backlogged embassy for K1 visas(Philippines) has really worked down a significant portion of their K1 backlog so cases are not stuck at NVC as long as they were during the depths of the pandemic. Barring another global black swan event like the recent pandemic, 2 years from petition to visa issuance isn't likely for recent filers, even Philippines.
  14. I wouldn't say at least two years. I was 13 months to NOA 2, and case is in transit from NVC to embassy now at the 15 month mark.
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