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Found 28 results

  1. Hi guys, I am trying to get a good idea of who has already been scheduled for ghana for family based (no K-1 please) visa recently? Please reply and if you can, please let me know the Case Completion Date and the Visa Interview Date as well. Thank you all.
  2. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  3. Hi I found the guide here https://www.visajourney.com/content/childpet But I'm confused about the steps once the petition is at the embassy. I understand that some steps happen at the some time for the petitioner and the beneficiary. Can I follow https://www.visajourney.com/examples/NVC_Process_Flowchart_v1-2.pdf? My son doesn't have a phone number or email address, how will the consulate contact him? Per letter? Embassy will be Managua.
  4. After several attempts at our pregnancy, we couldn't have a child of our own. My wife's (green card holder) niece in Pakistan which she wants to adopt and bring her to USA. The family from which we want to adopt is struggling to survive financially with 4 kids. We aren't familiar with the process of adopting a child from Pakistan so any information we could get may b ed beneficial for us. I'm a US citizen. My wife is a GC holder but has applied for citizenship. Her niece is 8 years old.
  5. Wat questions will be asked?? My father petioned me
  6. I mailed my response however it was forwarded to capital heights not to potomac, has anyone experienced this. Should I be worried?!?
  7. Hi I got an email for DNA appointment for son in Ghana and it says For beneficiaries (children) under age 18, a signed notarized letter or Power of Attorney from the petitioner in the US, giving the local guardian (even the mother) authority to sign documents on behalf of the individual providing the sample. I already email them the notarized letter for his guardian in Ghana but what kind of documents are they having her sign on his behalf? Does anyone have any experience as to what actually happens at the collection? Can we bring an interpreter as guardian does not speak english?
  8. Context: I recently stumbled onto this blog post that cites 2 Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decisions that deal with family-based immigrant visa petitions filed by non-citizen nationals. It also mentions that the Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) also cites 1 of the BIA decisions. The gist of the blog post is: non-citizen nationals (no need to have ever resided in the 50-states) = permanent residents for family-based immigrant visa petition purposes. Quote from the AFM Section 21.2 Factors Common to the Adjudication of All Relative Visa Petitions: Proposal: On http://www.visajourney.com/content/guides/ change "Children of US Citizens or Permanent Residents" to "Children of US Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Non-citizen Nationals" On both http://www.visajourney.com/content/child and http://www.visajourney.com/content/childpet change "United Stated (U.S.) citizens and lawful permanent residents" to "United Stated (U.S.) citizens, lawful permanent residents, and non-citizen nationals". Also change "lawful permanent resident" to "lawful permanent resident or non-citizen national". Thoughts?
  9. Zenniwa

    K-2 child taking my sir name?

    I hope the group doesn't mind this question, but I am seeking a little guidance. I have tried finding this information myself via Internet research, but with no success. Thank you in advance! My fiance and I are still processing our K-1/K-2 Visas. If all goes well, I hope to bring her and her daughter (age 4) to the states early next year. I am unsure of the laws in both the Philippines and US regarding adopting a child. I would like to be able to give her my last name. My fiance and the father have never been married so the child was illgitimate according to filipino law. My fiance's daughter also has the sir name of the father. My question is, will I have to go through an adoption process to offer the child my last name? Even though the mother has all the control due to lack of marriage (i.e. filipino family law), will I require the father's permission to change her last name and/or adopt her? Is any of this altered if her mother become's a naturalized US citizen? If we do need his permission, is a notarized (or perhaps just signed) document sufficient or does he have to execute a process of some sort in the philippines? I truly appreciate any advice you can offer!
  10. Hello everyone, I'll try to make this as concise as possible while giving some background. I did the paperwork for my aunt to petition her daughter along with her three biological children and stepson back in 2013 (F2B case). My aunt became a citizen last year and depending on how fast either category moves, we may have my cousin opt out of the F1 category. Now upon checking the visa bulletin I see that both categories are due to be current within the next 2 years and I'd like to get a head start on what kind of paperwork we might need to prove the continuing step relationship between my cousin and her stepson. According to the BIA ruling 'Matter of Mowrer,' the dissolution of a marriage between the stepparent and natural parent doesn't preclude the stepchild from obtaining a visa as a stepchild as long as the step relationship continues to exist as a matter of fact. This ruling applies equally to derivative beneficiaries so long as they otherwise meet the definition of a stepchild under immigration law. Now I studied some law in college, and I will always remember those immortal words, 'matter of fact' vs 'matter of law' lol. The specific wording in this case is 'matter of fact', which means that they just have to prove that the step relationship continues to exist between them despite her divorce to his father. That part is clear, however I can't seem to find any reference on this site to people with similar cases and even Google has proven difficult. We're not going to pay hundreds of dollars to a lousy attorney for information we can get on sites like these for free. It really isn't a complicated case and I don't think it should be complicated to prove because my cousin married his father when he was 3 years old and she practically raised him to the point where he lived with her even after the divorce, not even with his biological mother. That being said, I know that this government absolutely loves paperwork and they would want to see documentation instead. That's why I'd like to know if anyone here has a similar case and if so what kind of documents will the consul want to see? Pictures of them, letters, documents showing the stepson lived with her after the divorce, affidavits, etc? Again, I don't expect that the consul should make a big fuss considering that she raised him and a relationship like that doesn't just end even after a divorce. There are plenty of step relationships that continue to exist after a divorce, which is why the BIA issued this ruling back in the day. I just want to make sure that we can gather as much evidence as possible that would convince the consul, and start gathering that now so we're not scrambling later on. Thank you guys so much in advance for anything you can contribute.😀
  11. My son was 13 years old when we filed for an i-485 and i-765. My two daughters and I received our biometrics appointment but my son didn’t. I thought it was normal because he’s a minor and he probably doesn’t require fingerprinting. However, I received a notice of approval for my son’s EAD case yesterday. I checked his online case status but it still says “Case was received.” I’m more than confused about this. Also, my two daughters and I already received our EAD while my son hasn’t. I only received a notice of approval for his case. He’s now 14 years old. He’s not a minor anymore so how will this work? He did not get his photo taken by the USCIS as well. I called USCIS today and they said that they see NO UPDATES in my son’s case. If they have no updates, WHY DID I RECEIVE A NOTICE OF APPROVAL? What about his green card? What’s going to happen if he never had his photo and fingerprints taken? I’m really worried about his case. Has anybody had the same experience?
  12. Rodney & Julissa

    K2 Visa Peru

    Hello every one. I am going through the K1 visa process. I am a January 2018 filer. My question is my fiance has a minor son and Peru laws states that we must have the fathers signature to leave Peru. The problem is not with initially leaving Peru to move but it's every time we go visit Peru will he have to have the fathers signature every time we visit Peru and return back to America?
  13. Hello all, I am writing this post for my family's F4 case filled by my mom's brother. My mom has 3 kids. two daughters and one sons. DOB of daughter(Me): 21th June 1990 DOB of elder daughter: 19th July 1993 DOB of younger son : 13th December 1994 First I would provide timeline of our file processing and then I will raise my doubts. TIMELINE Petition Filled on: 10th November 2004 Petition Approved: 11th August 2009 (also received the letter saying it will take years for them to process file so do not give up your jobs or make any travel arrangement as of now etc.) Welcome Letter Received: 9th May 2017 I have read the definition of a child as per USCIS which primarily says a kid has to be younger than 21 years and unmarried. By the time we received a welcome letter and we logged in to ceac.state.gov the tool had the name of only two people i.e. of my parents, that's obvious all of three kids are aged out by that time. Then we came to know about CSPA, which can provide protection to unmarried aged out kids by subtracting the processing time taken from biological age. None of us (the children) have married, so we sent a request letter to NVC to include the name of the three kids and they did it, they add the three of us in the process, so we paid the fees and send all the documents needed. A couple of weeks ago the NVC send the letter for the interview for my parents and my name and my siblings. But yesterday someone from the embassy in our country called us saying the Im out of the proccess and that is better that I dont spend the money on the medical exams. My mom told her that we appeal to the NVC before and that they added me knowing the situation of my age, she told her that I could still go to the interview but that Im actually out for my age. We asked our lawyer and he told us that I could go, but we decided If I take the medical exams now or I go like this and I can present the medical exams after the consuls answer. QUESTIONS What are the chances of still getting the residence? Has someone gone through this situation? can you please share your story to know what to expect or what to do? Should I get the medical exams before or after the interview?
  14. Hello All, It's been a while for me to post back here. My Filipina wife and I have been happily married here in the U.S. now for four years and we just renewed the then year green card (removal of conditions). My wife's daughter is an illegitimate child living with us but is stuck with her Filipino biological fathers surname. I am filing for legal stepparent adoption here in California because she wants her last name the same as her new sibling and her mother. We have no idea where or how to get a hold of the biological father to advise him of the filing for adoption. He has pretty much disappeared off the planet. In California, you must show that you viably tried to make contact with the biological father before the court will grant the adoption and name change. Has anyone used any sort of documentation to show the court they have tried the same events that I am trying to show? Salamat in advance
  15. Hello Friends. Who can confirm or explain in a better way? A petition for K2 visa, can only be done at the time K1 is filled! We cant not apply for a K2 months while K1 is in process nor after K1 visa was issued, it is a single shoot to include the child (same package) when we apply for K1. If we miss that opportunity, we must file for other type of visa to bring the child to follow the mother. Just looking for confirmation on what I understood. Thanks Van Der
  16. Hi everyone, I am a U.S. citizen by birth. I adopted my Mexican wife's biological son four years into our marriage while we were all living in Mexico. The adoption took place entirely in Mexico and my son's birth certificate now has me listed as the father. My son was issued an IR2 visa, which he continues to have to this date. I would now like to secure his U.S. citizenship. Did he become a citizen upon entering the U.S.? I am unclear on whether I must apply for his certificate of citizenship by filing the N-600 (and paying the exorbitant fee of $1,170) or apply for his U.S. passport without the certificate? Due to the huge difference in price between filing the N-600 and applying for the passport, I'd much prefer the latter. Is the certificate of citizenship a necessary next step in securing my son's citizenship? Thanks for your feedback!
  17. Us citizen parent filing for two under 21 children (boys) and because USCIS will require DNA for two separate cases. Will I have to pay for myself and one boy and again for myself and one boy or can I pay for myself once and add the two boys? For example if for one set (me and one boy is $600) for the additional child do I have to pay again $600 or maybe less like $300? Also does anyone know the price of it, its to ghana
  18. Hello All - I entered U.S. at 15 years old in 2003 from Guatemala, assuming it was with IR-2 visa because that is what my permanent resident card says today. My father adopted me, a naturalized U.S. Citizen. My father (naturalized U.S. citizen) and mother (legal permanent residence) never received or applied to receive a certificate of citizenship. I am now 30 and want to get a U.S. passport. I've been given differing guidance from various lawyers, but my understanding after reading here and on state department & USCIS sites I became a US Citizen the day I entered the U.S. because I was under 18 and entered in as child of U.S. Citizen. (I also lived with my parents until I turned 18). I also infer that a certificate of citizenship is unnecessary. Am I correct? I do not have my original passport with my stamp of entry from when I was a child. I don't have a copy of the adoption decree as my parent's didn't do a good job of keeping records, but my dad is going to attempt to get a copy from the court here in the U.S. (The records are sealed, so I can not get it myself). Can I just apply for my U.S. Passport? Will an adoption decree, a copy of my birth certificate from Guatemala, a copy of my father's proof of citizenship and a copy of my permanent resident card work for documentation? If not, what other info may I need. I've traveled back and forth to Guatemala to visit my family that lives there, but used a Guatemalan passport and permanent residence card. I honestly only came across this information when I was going to apply for citizenship and was told I shouldn't apply for naturalization, as I should already have my citizenship. I began doing research and just want my U.S. Passport if that is true as I feel safer traveling abroad with U.S. documents and as a US citizen should anything happen during my travels. Also concerned under the current administration about having proof of citizenship. I really appreciate any guidance and know this is unusual as an adult to get clarification.
  19. I am a US citizen and my child (age 4) just moved to the US and got his permanent resident card. During the NVC processing, I had to submit the I864W because they told me that I have to waive the financial support as he would become a US citizen on entry. So my question is will the USCIS send a certificate of citizenship or do I have to apply for it on his behalf? If I have to apply for it is it the N-600 form? How soon after the N-600 can I apply for his passport?
  20. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for Nebraska Service Center Filers
  21. My mother who is a U.S citizen is filing for her children unmarried under 21 1. 14 years old boy 2. 17 year old boy (will turn 18 in September) Our situation is a bit unique as my grandmother is coming to USA soon and if she comes before them, they won't have a guardian over there. We are only now financially able to file for them. We sent the application to Chicago on 2nd of Feb, says delivered on 6th of feb at about 9am. We didn't put the text or email notification. We haven't gotten anything in the mail either yet How long will it take to get that, and how long do you think the process will take? Should I expect this to be accepted maybe by the end of this year or next year or even later? With all the latest immigration changes, seems it's getting tougher to bring someone to USA.
  22. Hi all, I am currently facing a difficult situation wherein I live in New Jersey and my ex lives in Washington (Seattle), and our two sons are living with my parents in the Philippines. We separated December 2016 and got divorced November 2017. Since we separated, he does not provide adequate money for my two sons. Most of the time, he won't give me anything at all. I literally have to pay for their monthly needs, plus their miscellaneous expenses such as hospital bills, check-ups and whatnot. I've had enough of this nonsense when I found out that he has a new girlfriend, expecting to give birth anytime soon, and he has been financially supporting her new girlfriend's family (she and her three older children) on a regular basis. I asked for help since my sons were sick and needed to be confined to avoid dehydration (both of them, at the same time) so imagine just how financially and emotionally draining it is for a single mom like me. I want to know if I can demand for child support even if my children are not physically residing with me here in the USA. Again, me and my ex are both in the USA. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.
  23. HI! I would like to ask regarding citizenship of our baby, who will be delivered in July in PH Will our baby have dual citizenship? My husband would file for CRBA for our baby as we plan to live in the US once I get my visa approved. Do we need to get a Filipino passport for our baby too before we go to the US? Can our baby just have one citizenship, which is American? Thanks in advance.
  24. My 21 year old son will be leaving home in September after we file for my visa in April address not yet known how do we address this on the i-129f? Advice needed Amanda
  25. Hi there, I have multiple questions regarding to our case. I have a girlfriend who I am in love with and have a child. However, she is married with an older man. She has 3 children with the husband. I understand everything sounds wrong and I ask of all of you to please remove the judgement. It has been an incredibly difficult road and I know it will be an even more difficult road ahead. When my son was born, the wife and husband had my son under their names. However, my girlfriend is wiling to fill the paperwork necessary for a paternity test. My girlfriend is in the process of her removing her conditions from her 2 year green card. She is about to undergo the biometric process for the I-751. My concern is that if I file a paternity test, will it affect her green card status? My goal here is to see my son with joint custody and not have the mother of my baby deported. Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for any responses.