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  1. Ann&James

    Japanese Kanji Typo on I-129f

    Filling out another form is just not necessary. Typos are quite common when filling out forms and this typo is very minor.
  2. Ann&James

    Japanese Kanji Typo on I-129f

    Its really not a big problem and can be corrected at the interview.
  3. It is legal to marry in the us and leave afterwards, it is illegal to intentionally enter on a tourist visa to marry and stay and ajust status.
  4. If it is convenient you can fill out the few lines by hand. My husband did the entire I864 by hand and it wasn't a problem.
  5. Unfortunately no one can predict how long AP can go on for. AP can take from days to months and in some cases even years. It is a waiting game, you have to have a lot of patience with this immigration process. Goodluck.
  6. Its quite normal to receive approval letter without update on uscis website. Sometimes it takes a while to get updated and sometimes it not updated at all.
  7. Ann&James

    Noa 2 approval!

    Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your journey.
  8. When paying your green card fee you will be given an option to change or edit address. Even after you pay you can edit the address.
  9. You shouldn't get discouraged. You are still within normal processing time. Texas service center is now working on April 11th cases, so your time will be soon. Keep the faith.
  10. Ann&James

    When is the police certificate needed?

    When I sent in my paper work to NVC it was required that I send a copy of my police report and take the original to the interview.
  11. Ann&James

    When is the police certificate needed?

    The police certificate is for the NVC stage.
  12. Yes, it is when you send all your paper work electronically and not by regular mail.
  13. If it is pivot/electronic you are not required to choose an agent. Good luck with your journey.
  14. Is your case pivot /electronic?