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  1. I'm pretty much going through the same situation. My husband was denied his spousal visa a few months ago. We need to apply for I601 and 212a6e waivers. At his interview, the CO requested documentation to prove that he was never married prior me - which at the time, I could not understand why they would ask him that, because he was never married. Fast forward to present day, I have three options - move to where he is, pursue the waiver process (another expensive and lengthy process), or go our separate ways. I've met with several immigration lawyers, and trying to process everything. It's very stressful, because we've been married for almost four years and love each other. Our case was in AP for almost a year, and now I know why, because recently told me the truth. I'm dealing with the fact he wasn't upfront. Had I known about all the details sooner, we would have been more prepared and able to seek legal advice years ago. Thankfully, your friend was honest in the beginning of the process, and you are seeking advice on what to do. My situation is not as hopeful.
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