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  1. Hello Friends, hope all of you are good. I just wanted to ask a question regarding the citizenship by marriage. I read the requirements on USCIS website and says:

    • Have continuous residence in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for at least three years immediately before the date you file your application;

     my question is, if am I considered a lawful permanent residente since the moment I filed my change of status or since the moment I received my Green Card approval. As you know I came here through the fiancé process, then I got married and apply for my change of status, but I received my green card approval 1 year after. 

    can you help me please? 

  2. Hi everyone I'm a 10th Sept filer. I don't have any updates new after these: 1. I-765 Fingerprints were taken (October), I-131 Case was received (Sept) and I-485 Response to RFEI was received (Nov).

    Is anyone in the same situation like me? I called them last week and they told me that I have to wait at less 2 months more, because USCIS is working now in 29th June applications.

    I'm reading a lot of September filers with updates, interviews and EAD ready. :( I'm in DC area. It is frustrating.


  3. On 22/10/2019 at 17:46, baddi said:

    Me mudé de Pakistán a EE. UU. Con la visa de prometido K1 y recientemente solicité el Ajuste de Estatus a través del formulario I-485. Recibí una solicitud de evidencia inicial para presentar una copia del certificado de nacimiento, aunque adjunté una copia del certificado de nacimiento emitido por Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (Pakistán) al momento de presentar la I-485. El certificado de nacimiento está firmado por la Sección de Responsabilidad de Nacimiento y Muerte de Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, tiene los nombres de mis padres y también incluye mi nombre y fecha de nacimiento. 

    La consulta RFIE indica a continuación :

    • Presente una copia del certificado de nacimiento u otro registro de nacimiento primario emitido por la autoridad civil correspondiente para el solicitante. USCIS solo aceptará las listas que tengan al menos un padre. Si el certificado de nacimiento u otro registro de nacimiento primario no está disponible, debe presentar evidencia secundaria aceptable Y una carta del gobierno u otra autoridad ".


    ¿Alguien puede aconsejarme por qué no se aceptó mi certificado de nacimiento? ¿Qué debo incluir en respuesta a RFIE?


    Hi, I'm in the same situation. When I sent my application also sent my bith certificate  signed by authority and it had names of both my parents and also includes my name and date of birth. So, finally what did you do?

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