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  1. Yeah the fun starts all over again, just remember and snap photos of you together with family friends on special occasion as you need to provide bonifides post entry now as well, the joys of of having to qualify your relationship is legit continuously 😅. We are on a very similar time frame, pooley, I just arrived in the US at the beginning of August, so at least I know of someone I can follow and share in the frustration of dealing with USCIS, good luck to you and your partner lass 😊
  2. Yeas as stated you can't go to Edinburgh unfortunately, they don't handle visas it's London for that Here you go straight from the horses mouth 😋. https://uk.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/edinburgh/visas/ Edinburgh would have suited me much better too, but alas I had to go London bound, I used the sleeper train to get down the twice I had to go, as bear in mind they will also have to go there for the medical as well 🤪
  3. Like @Wuozopo I just added myself to my wife's accounts, if you had large sums to transfer across from pounds to dollars, I would suggest using transferwise they offer the actual market exchange rates for a small fee at the back end, much cheaper than going through any major bank. If anything having a joint account with your wife should help bring up your own credit score faster. As for SSN, I applied for mine after 1 week of being in the country and received my card through 2 and a bit weeks later, just needed my passport/visa and a print out of my i-94 when going to the social security office
  4. Well I hope that news eased your stress levels 😅
  5. So now that you have it in hand, when are you hoping to fly out?
  6. We definitely had a conversation about this as it was pertussis I was stressing about too, as I appeared to have no record of it too. I called Knightsbridge and they very nonchalantly told me it was fine, but I didn't take the risk and got the shot anyway as I was concerned at having an issue at AOS time. Like Zoe I was informed when I got there I had it as a kid and had over done it with the vaccinations, but I was going the better safe then sorry route 😅 Well glad everyone's medical went smoothly even with the crazy weather causing travel issues. I spoke to several people in my medical and at the interview whilst patiently waiting, seems none where from this lovely forum. Onwards to the next stage, good luck 🙃
  7. Ohh no, that is rough Zoe and won't be helping your stress levels what so ever. Hope the train runs and isn't too badly delayed, good luck lass
  8. No I don't believe it does with a k-1 visa the beneficiary books there own interview date and time and pays there fees . I believe you will be assigned a date and time and be informed by NVC when to attend how to pay your fees, along with the documents required, which are the same as a k-1, with the exception of your marriage certificate, and be requested to fill out and complete the DS-260. But @Wuozopo will be in a better place to inform you, this is not a subject I'm well versed in, and what I know of CR-1 has just been picked up from reading on these boards
  9. Lol yeah that would be the British isles almost covered 🤣
  10. Fantastic news, congratulations 🎉🎉
  11. Yeah I can confirm I was also asked for £19.99, but chose to just pick it up from my local DX hub as it was relatively close to where I lived. My case number changed to issued on the 12th after being told I was approved on the 10, Then on the 15th received this email. "Hello Wee Kilty McConnor, The U.S. Department of State Consulate located in London has released document related to your Visa application to our courier DX Group. The document is being sent via the courier option you selected at registration. The tracking number for the package is 13XXXXXXXX. It can take up to 1 business day after receiving this notice before your shipment is available to be tracked. Please do not contact the courier company before this time as no additional information will be available. You may track the progress of this shipment at https://www.dxdelivery.com/consumer/my-tracking/. The shipment process takes an average of one to two business days from the time you receive this notice. For a list of identification required to receive returned document(s) and additional information related to courier services, please refer to the information at https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-GB/niv/information/courier The data we have on file is: Applicant Name: Wee Kilty McConnor Passport Number: 5XXXXXXXX Best regards, The CSRA Visa Appointment and Information Service Team" You receive no other correspondence before this point after your interview if it's been approved. Good luck, I look forward to reading your own experience too 😊
  12. So due to your dog's passing has it brought your timeline forward at all?
  13. That sucks so sorry Zoe, but yeah FCG covered all the basis pretty much, your all set!
  14. Agreed there was people still stepping in for 10:30 appointments at after 11, and I was there until 2:30 before I was actually seen for my interview
  15. Why not just push your appointment time back to a later slot? Giving you plenty of time to get down there and sit and chill outside until it's your time to go. It's very easy to change it on the portal I brought my own interview forward a full week My appointment time was for 11am and I arrived on the train at 7, so I literally walked most of the way down stopping at Victoria station to drop off my bag and got the underground from there to Vauxhall which took 3 minutes and took my time enjoyed the fresh air and scenery, Vauxhall to the embassy is 10 minute walk at a good pace. Euston station and underground themselves are side by side if you get in on time you literally have services running 2 minutes apart 9:29, 9:31, 9:33. that will get you to Vauxhall in 10 mins. Then it's a 10 min walk, 15 if you want a leasurely stroll. Giving you plenty of time outside the embassy especially if you choose to push your time slot back and don't want to spend the evening in London. When I was there last week at the consulate entrance there was two lines at security one for processing people through security itself the had 15-20 mins before there appointment and the other for anyone who was 30 mins plus and way too early so where being asked to wait until being called forward. By the time I got through security I was actually late for my appointment time but through no fault of my own as I followed their instruction to the letter. I was by no means alone in that, once I got through security there is a secondary line which stretched outside from the main building. But as I came to that line a gentleman from the embassy stepped outside the door and was calling for people with 10 o'clock to half past 10 appointments to come forward and that this was there last call, and that was just after 11am, which I and a few other ceased upon and followed him in past the queue of people and was signed in and given my number and told to take the lift to the first floor, go left and left again at the end of the building and await my number being called. Anyway good luck with whatever way you decide to go and try not to worry to much about it, it's all pretty relaxed and easy going inside
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