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  1. It doesn't make sense that I own a business and work in the the US, spend the majority of my time in the US and a leaving for a quick trip would open me up to fraud charges. I have been waiting for 12 years so another 60 days is no big deal. Was hoping to have my AP document to travel during the summer and now cutting it close. I cant seem to get a straight answer so I think I am just going to wait it out.
  2. If I understand your advice, I am able to file for AOS before 90 days of my last date of entry and it won't be denied for that reason by USCIS. I am worried that I get someone who is not familiar with E-2 visa deny me for that reason.
  3. I guess the E-2 is a quasi dual intent visa... you can do it but need to file another form that waives some rights of the e-2 visa. So have others filed before the 90 days and been approved? I have searched and not found others that adjusted with a E-2 visa under a family preference. Anyone out there that can share similar experiences would be welcome. Thanks!
  4. ok thanks! I am just outiside of the cutoff date for filing my AOS application. Hope to see at least a few days of movement in the October bulletin. I have been waiting for almost 12 years!
  5. Hi, I am in the US on an e-2 visa and will be traveling abroad soon. My priority date will hopefully be current for me to apply to adjust status under family based preference. Do I need to wait 90 days after entry date to submit my application? Or since I have an e-2 visa that has dual intent can I submit as soon as my date is current?
  6. In the US on E-2 visa with wife who has also been working. My priority date to adjust status is available soon as Family based preference 3. I am wondering if anyone else has adjusted status in a similar fashion and can share their experiences...When I file, what RFE documents should I expect?
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