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  1. Hi, january filer here. Patiently waiting for noa2 😅.. i just want to ask if my application for US tourist visa will affect our K1 visa application?...
  2. hi guys. my fiance mailed our packet LAst January 15, 2019 and he received a message from USCIS today (January 23, 2019) that they already received our case. Is it our NOA1 already?
  3. Hi everyone! My fiancé just mailed our packet today January 15, 2019 ! The waiting game begins... hoping for the best 🙏🏻...Best of luck to all january 2019 filers.
  4. So it’s better to obtain police clearance before going home to Ph ?😀
  5. Thank you for the info.😊 your friend cannot get pulis clearance because she went AWOL? Or because she is no longer in KSA when she request for PC?
  6. Thank you. By the way, She resigned or AWOL? Thank you. 😊
  7. i would like to ask if an ofw fiance left his/her employer(not finishing contract of employment) and went back to home country( where he/she wants to have interview) while K1 visa on process will affect K1 visa approval?
  8. Thank you Thanks for the info. Embassy will email packets to whom? The petitioner or the beneficiary?
  9. hello everyone. My fiance and i is filling up the i-129f and we have some questions, i hope someone here can help us. i am from the Philippines but currently in UAE as an ofw. but will be going home to the PH on April 2019 for good 1. in the mailing address question we put my address in the Philippines. Is is okay to do so even if im in the UAE? 2. Should we write in the Physical Address my address here in UAE or just write my address in the Philippines? 3. what should we put in the beneficiary's address abroad ? is it my address here in UAE or in the PH? 4. Last question, will the USCIS send all necessary documents and or the packet on my mailing address? or to my current physical address? because i watched a vlog on youtube saying that what you write down on the Beneficiary's address abroad will serve as the mailing address?
  10. Hi everyone! im new here in VJ and i need some help. I am currently working here in UAE and my fiance will be filing the petition this coming December. Now, we both want to have the interview in the Philippines ( but i still have 1 year contract in my work here in UAE), is it okay if i stay here in UAE and just go home to the Philippines if i already have my schedule for interview?lastly, is it okay to put in the I-129 form (mailing address section ) my address in the Philippines even if im still here in UAE? will i encounter problem if i do so? any suggestion will be much appreciated. Thank you :)
  11. CLUAE

    k1 visa help

    Hello everyone. I also have a question related to this topic. I am currently in UAE as an ofw and my boyfriend will be filing k1 visa this December 2018. Now my question is, can i put my address in my home country as my mailing address?. Actually, My plan is to go home in my home country if i already received the approval and have the interview there. Is it advisable to do so? Or you have any other suggestion? Thank you so much.