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  1. hi im also from california didn't hear anything it has been 6 months 6 days what is your PD date

  2. Just checked my status today and finally my EAD/AP was approved after 6months. California here! ☺️
  3. And it sucks to be at home & got nothing to do. We hoping they approve my EAD this month so i can find a job at least to distrAct me from waiting for the green card 😅
  4. Me 😂 got RFE 2 months ago and still waiting for our status to change to “ready to be scheduled for interview” but i am from Bay area so prolly it will take long..
  5. Its been 2 months since the USCIS received our RFE response but our status still says “ RFE response received” is it still within normal timeline?
  6. California here. USCIS received my RFE response last November 27 and until now my status is still “ RFE received”
  7. It’s been 42 days since USCIS received our RFE response but still no update yet... California here! Anyone from CA with RFE? How’s your case going?... No update for EAD/AP also...
  8. Hi i have question regarding i-864 form under part 6 question number 7. Which ask for the sponsors current annual income. do we have to put the income from my husbands 2018 IRS transcript or the projected income for 2019? Hope someone could help thanks 😊
  9. 😢 yeah maybe.. I made sure everything’s complete before sending our AOS packet and it’s so disappointing to know that they have lost or worse didnt Even bother to check all our docs. But i just have to move on and submit whatever they are asking 😂...
  10. Yah! It’s crazy right?..😂 well i hope you won’t receive one..
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