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  1. Hi there, Our case was ready to be scheduled for 5 months. Hope this helps! Matt
  2. Just thought I'd share my experience of my AOS Interview at the USCIS office in Latham, NY. Our appointment was at 08:15 in the morning - doors opened at 08:05. My wife and I were directed to check in at a window. He asked me what I was there for, and I showed him my appointment letter. He then asked for my EAD card and verified my name and address. I was then asked to provide my two index fingers to take fingerprints. Once the check-in was over, we were directed to a small waiting area adjacent to the check-in window. We were standing there for about 30 seconds and then the interviewing officer came over and called out our names. We were then led to his office in the back and asked to remain standing and to swear that all the information we were giving was true. After that, the interviewing officer went through the application and asked me to verify my name, my wife's name, our dates of birth, places of birth, my parent's dates and places of birth. Our lawyer then gave him an affidavit of support for our joint sponsor. The interviewing officer flipped through it and looked at the tax transcripts to verify that her income was sufficient. I also handed over extended evidence including: Photos Notarized Affidavits from family and friends Bank statements Credit card authorized user letters After that, he mentioned that he had read through the file and that everything was in order - took a quick glance over the bank statements, and approved us on the spot. We weren't asked any further questions about how we met, etc. All in all, we were probably in there for about 15 minutes and after we walked out, I received the email notification that my case had been approved and then switched over to Post Decision Activity. It's now the 25th and I have the approval letter from USCIS and now I'm just waiting on the green card to be produced and mailed to me.
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