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  1. That document is very old and hasn't been updated with the new address, I received the same notification when the NVC mailed mine out to the London Embassy. It's all good
  2. You should use https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-GB/iv it's the official site.
  3. My case was in Ready on the day of the interview, the next day it was AP, then the day after, it was issued. So, 1 day in AP overall.
  4. Yeah, I had my interview on Tues 5th Feb and I was approved on the spot, given the 7-10 day speech and that was it, no card, nothing else. 3 days after the interview, it changed to issued and I had my courier tracking email the following week.
  5. Nope, just the standard 2in X 2in US size ones.
  6. I took the 4 passport photos I got from a photome booth and handed them over, the person collecting the documents cut off 1 and gave me the rest back.
  7. I wouldn't have thought that it's counterproductive so-to-speak. If you've got legitimate questions, they're there to answer them. Just looking at your timeline, are you currently in NIV AP?
  8. It's not a Visa, so you should say no unless you have had any other type of Visa, eg. B1, B2, K1, H-1B, etc.
  9. After asking yesterday about the estimated time it'll take for the London embassy to process my application, it's just switched from In-Transit to Ready today!!
  10. Our case was put into 'In-Transit' on the 8th Jan, following the shipment from the 8th Jan on DHL shows that the delivery was successful in London on the 11th Jan. Is there any estimate as to how long it'll take the embassy to process the latest batch and switch to 'Ready' status? Thanks.
  11. Thanks @Greenbaum. DS-160 complete, ACRO on its way since a few days ago, medical scheduled. This is the next step for me!
  12. Since our case is now in transit and I've booked my medical for later this month, can I now enquire about scheduling the interview for a couple of weeks after the medical? The US Embassy website for the UK says I shouldn't have even booked my medical until I received P3, but everyone else has done it anyways.
  13. NVC Case number received!!! Hoping for our application to be in transit in the next week or so. NOA2 received 12/11/2018 NVC received ??? I forgot to ask! NVC case number assigned 01/02/2019 CEAC shows At NVC 😁
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