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  1. The list is actually included in the letter that USCIS sent you for your appointment. Just follow that plus everything you have to prove co-mingling of finances. We only had a joint bank account statement and insurance presented but it was ok.
  2. Just wait till it says "Card has been picked up by USPS". Mine was almost a week.
  3. Finally got an update today (2 days after the interview) that "New card is being produced". I guess safe to assume my AOS is already approved. Thanks to all the advice and help here on VJ!
  4. A green card is still better than a combo card, but just wait a bit coz I got my combo after I received my interview schedule. Who knows that may also happen to you.
  5. Had the interview today at Columbus office and it took about 30mins from the time we checked in. We were both taken to the same room, went through the I-485 form to confirm our information then the yes/no questions. After that, we were asked some questions about our life together, mostly the usual ones like how & when we met. The most random question we got was what we had for dinner. For additional docs, we only gave our joint bank statement and health insurance. At the end, the IO said that she has all she needs and our case will be reviewed so now we just have to wait for the result. My timeline for reference is: PD- 10/09/19 NOA1 - 10/30/19 Bio - 11/25/19 Interview - 02/18/2020
  6. March is not that far away and, who knows, maybe you will still get an update on your EAD this month.
  7. If this is the case, it means yours hasn't been approved yet. I heard the usual processing time is 5-6 months. Mine was just maybe luck that it got approved in 3 months.
  8. Mine was not closed because my interview is still on Feb 18th. Once your GC is approved, there is no need for an EAD. However, like what @crickets said, they may also provide you with your SSN. Maybe best to ask the IO during your interview for confirmation?
  9. Just give it some time first. When my interview was scheduled on January 6th, I also had no update on my EAD. But on Jan 30, I got a message that my combo card was approved and a week later, I got my NOA 2 then my card. I am not sure about the SS card though coz I applied for mine even prior to getting married. Hope this helps!
  10. Just got my combo card in the mail today. I could see some cases here are still waiting even for just an update and I reaally do hope you get one soon. Just hang in there.
  11. Good luck! Will be waiting to hear about your experience.
  12. That's great! you have enough time to gather all the things you need for the interview. Good luck!
  13. My appointment letter took a week before I got it. Give it some time, I'm sure it's already on its way, and usually interviews are set a month later anyway.
  14. It actually really depends on your local USCIS office. Mine was "ready..." on Dec 20th and changed to "...was scheduled" on Jan 6th, Ohio office. So it could go from a week to longer.
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