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  1. Awesome I am about to file soon. Sorry if i am asking too much. Did you also file for EAD together with your AOS? and how long did it take to receive your EAD?
  2. Thanks Nothing changed Good luck on you interview How long did it took you to get interview date after you filed for AOS?
  3. Hi guys Please I was wondering if I can use the same letter from my employer my fiance used during her K1 visa interview when filling for AOS. The letter was dated in November 2019. Thanks
  4. As long as he's making enough to sponsor you. And u need to have prove of he's new job from his employer
  5. Yes she did. No. I live and work in New York State
  6. Thanks, so since I'm claiming her for 2019, I should be qualified as HOH
  7. I have a 2 yrs daughter and I will be claiming her in my taxes... does that make me qualified as HOH? Though I am not raising her alone but with her mom
  8. The interview was easy and simple Only few questions
  9. Back in 2014 here filling Cr1 But I'm divorced. I filled K1 Visa for my Fiance in Ukraine. She had her interview on the 23rd January and her Visa was approved and issued 24th
  10. Ok thank you And what do you mean by HOH
  11. Hello Please I have question regarding what to do when filling my 2019 taxes. My fiance just got her K1 visa and she will be entering the states on Feb 1st 2020. I will be filling my taxes also on 20 February I am wondering what to do since we are not yet married and she doesn't have her SSN yet Should I wait for us to get married and filled jointly or fill as single. Thanks
  12. You said he Just had his interview and you are already in a hurry checking.... calm down give it 24hrs and check back using NVC case # and Immigrants visa.....
  13. What I'm trying to say is always be prepare and if possible take more than what they ask. It won't hurt.....
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