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  1. Hahaha i was thinking about you guys!! The second he said that I was like omg WHO does that and then I thought oh hey, Cody probably would (from what I’ve heard) 😂😂😂 It’s all good though, minor hick up, I was actually pretty entertained to see that unfold hahaha
  2. Oohhh congrats, that’s awesome!! Happy for you guys 😊🙏 Our’s was about 30 minutes I think- we got there at 7.45, checked in at 8, met the officer at 8.15, interview started 8.20 and we were back in the car at 9. Pretty quick I’d say!
  3. Hey guys I just came back from our greencard interview in Honolulu! There was next to no wait, we pretty much got called in right away. The immigration officer was really laid back and friendly but as soon as the interview started the mood shifted and it got SERIOUS haha- I mean it’s her job, and she’s good at it 😄 We went through the form, she added some notes and after that she just asked us questions about how we met, how our relationship progressed, what our married life is like and what our plans for the future are. She didn’t ask any of the investigative “color of the toothbrush” questions at all and I think it would have been breezy but then my husband decided to say that he used his savings to pay for rent during covid which opened up a whole different thing about why he had to do that and what his job situation is haha so yea I was REALLY glad that I brought evidence of the new job and could proof that we still meet the income requirements. Again, she would have not even asked that under normal circumstances but hey, happens 😂. She asked if we wanted to show some other stuff and I gave her what we brought including a 5 page document with photos and Instagram posts, that’s when she turned into the pre-interview laid back person again (our baby is REALLY cute haha she couldn’t resist an “awwwww”). She said that we’re approved unless there’d be something missing in the application, in which case we would get an RFE in the mail. I assume they’re required to say that, so I’ll just sit back and wait for my status to change to approved. I’ll go take a nap now and celebrate the end of paperwork madness for a while 🤩
  4. Boooooooo!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know though 😄 Who knows, maybe they’re cool about it and let me keep it because of Covid 😊
  5. Question for those of you who had the interview already: did your interview letter request a certified copy of the marriage certificate? If so, did they really want to see that and keep it? With everything in lockdown there’s a 6-8 week wait for certified copies from the department of health over here so there’s no way I can get that before the interview. I mean worst case scenario I bring the original and they keep it, right?? Haha interesting times.. 😄 Any insight is greatly appreciated 😊
  6. Hey guys, after 12 days of “interview was scheduled” we received the letter in the mail today. October 19th, Honolulu. Home stretch! Let the documents and paperwork assembling begin once again 😁 I’ll let you know how it went.
  7. Just received the interview letter, October 19th Honolulu! They wanna see a certified copy of the marriage certificate 😄 I guess it differs from field office to field office.. I better start assembling all that stuff on the list haha
  8. Haha yep, December 30th or 31st I believe. I had a goal to send our AOS package before 2020 - close call lol 😂 I’ll definitely let you know, my fingers are crossed for you to get scheduled next week 😊
  9. Oh nice, another Hawaiian!! I’m sure you’ll get the status update soon, I think I waited around 170 days I’ll keep you posted!
  10. Status changed to interview scheduled today 😊 (Field Office Honolulu, biometrics was feb 6th, rfe in late feb, ready to be scheduled since March)
  11. Umm you guys.. my interview has just been scheduled!! 😂 I went on case tracker to do a search, you know just the regular “let’s see if there’s some movement” kinda thing and that case number right on top looked awfully familiar 😄 So I went back to my cases, refreshed the page and sure enough it updated to “interview was scheduled” - I must have caught it right when it updated lol I’ll keep you guys posted and as always sending positive vibes and good juju to everyone 🧡
  12. 168 days since ready to be scheduled (after RFE) - haven’t been on here in a while, how is everyone doing? We’re in another lockdown in Honolulu and literally all our plans went out the window haha this year has been so crazy, right?? I hope we all get some good news soon 😊 I’m so glad I can surf every day, that’s probably what keeps me sane 😄 Sending lots of good vibes over to whoever needs them today 🧡
  13. Aah congrats!!! Thats great news Good luck with the interview and let us know how it went!!
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