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  1. Uuuuhhh thanks for posting, I think I’ll jump on the sourdough baking train too 😍 @yoda one for me @Letspaintcookies
  2. Exactly!!! Imagine being in the K1 process right now... I feel so bad for these guys!!! At least we’re here and can go through this tough time together with our husbands/wives 🧡 I mean we have zero income because of this whole thing but we’re healthy, happy and positive with a lot of faith and patience and I think this is the way to get through it - at least for us (baby loves all the extra time with mom & dad too 😁) - stay safe everyone
  3. Thank you 😊 I’m sure yours will update soon, it seems like 2-3 weeks is pretty common!
  4. I expressed mine too, next day the status changed to received and 12 days later (yesterday) it updated to interview ready to be scheduled. So they’re definitely working on cases and it shouldn’t be too much longer until you receive your update (even though every case is different so there’s no guarantee, but 11-14 days seems to be pretty common these days) Hope this helps
  5. Thank you 😊 Yes, pretty crazy! We try to make the best of it and see it as unpaid “family vacation”, I definitely prefer this over a crazy outbreak on Oahu. An Italy situation on an island in the middle of the pacific with 950k residents and only 350 ICU beds would be pretty bad. I’m just grateful that our baby is only 9 months old, so he’s cool with whatever we’re doing and pretty easily entertained 😄
  6. Wohooo case status changed from response to RFE received to interview ready to be scheduled Feels good to know that our case is on the way to Honolulu now. I mean it's gonna sit there for a while, we're under complete lockdown as of today 4.30pm until April 30th, but still
  7. That’s so exciting!! I hope everything works out but I’m sure it will if it’s meant to be - and if it doesn’t then that’s only because there’s something even better coming up 😉 No helpful hints here, but all fingers crossed!!
  8. Yea... and now we have the salad!!! (Joining the German sayings party haha) - and yes, I agree, we’re a very supportive bunch of people 😊❤️
  9. It will happen soon. Maybe it just goes directly to interview scheduled, who knows. Hang in there!!
  10. Yayyyy congrats!!! Such good news 🎉 You had to wait so long, I remember your K1 process as well, so stoked for you! 😊😊😊
  11. Oh umm no this is not about biometrics, @Letspaintcookies and I have been in this process together for a long time (almost identical timeline ever since K1) so she knows about a picture related error that I made in my application. RFIE’s have nothing to do with biometrics Glad to bear that your bio walk-in worked out though
  12. It’s a request for initial evidence. Don’t know why it’s called RFIE in the AOS process and RFE for K1. Bottom line is they’re not happy with something so I better fix it 😄
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