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  1. Ach cool, nein ich hab das P3 noch nicht. Habe aber eben mal geschaut und mein case status hatte gestern auch ein update, könntest recht haben dass uns da morgen was ins Haus flattert
  2. Different thing, embassy processes differ from country to country Yeah, well I guess we'll find out but I definitely keep you posted!
  3. Does anyone have experience with an affidavit scenario where the 2018 tax transcripts are not sufficient (below poverty, because petitioner wasn't in the states and therefore didn't have an income there) but 2017 and 2016 are fine, current income is sufficient (employment letter, pay stubs) and bank statements shows a decent amount of savings? - We're still wondering whether we need a co sponsor or not and we can't find a clear answer. Appreciate any advice
  4. Haha yep, same boat No, we didn't schedule the interview yet, we're currently waiting for package 3 from the German embassy and still making up our mind whether to get a co sponsor or not. We received the same info you did (probably from the same agency). Obviously having a co sponsor lined up just in case is the safe way to do it, but we have so much stuff going on right now that we would LOVE to hear that it's unnecessary
  5. We are in the exact same situation, we don't know for sure yet either, so I can't give you any more information. If you get any new insights please let us know
  6. Komisch, auf der Seite steht was ganz anderes http://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-niv-paymentinfo.asp , müsste laut der Info ja auch mit Debit Card, Sofort Überweisung etc gehen - im Notfall fragst einfach jemanden der ne Visa oder Master Card besitzt ob du die benutzen kannst? Gibt hier aber sicher erfahrenere Menschen mit besseren Ratschlägen
  7. Not Greenbaum, but here you go https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/7-adjustment-of-status-green-card-from-k1-and-k3-family-based-visas/
  8. Thank you! My thoughts exactly, not going to contact them. Would you personally stick to the maiden names or go for surnames for the DS-160? Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.
  9. Question for @Greenbaum (My apologies in advance ) or anyone else who knows what they're talking about: Our mothers MAIDEN names are on the I-129F instead of their current surnames. Now apparently that wasn't a problem for USCIS since we have our NOA2, NVC case number and according to DHL tracking our case is at the embassy in Frankfurt already & ceac status is ready.. But since this question is coming up in the DS-160 again, I need some advice on what's my best option now: 1. Do I put my mums current surname in the DS-160 and leave the I-129F with the maiden name as it is? (So basically ignore the mistake)? 2. Do I put my mums current surname in the DS-160 and try to contact the embassy to let them know that there's a mistake in the I-129F? 3. Do I put my mums maiden name in the DS-160 so it matches the name in the I-129F (So I'd just go with the original mistake for the sake of consistency)? Posting this here since it might be relevant for someone else who's had questionable advice from that infamous visa agency that apparently INSISTS on using the maiden name..
  10. Ach perfekt, dann besorg ich mir die noch. Ich hab mal angefangen mit dem DS-160, werde das allerdings wie ich gerade gemerkt habe wegen dieser "travel companion" Frage nicht fertigstellen können bis nach der Geburt in ca 4 Wochen, also bin ich jetzt auch zum langsam machen gezwungen (Ich kann da ja keinen Menschen reinschreiben der noch nicht existiert )
  11. Uh, heute früh hat ein George laut DHL das Shipment angenommen und gerade habe ich bei ceac gesehen, dass der Status schon auf ready ist Also ich versuch das jetzt mal mit dem DS-160, ich möchte auch alles bereit zum Abschicken haben wenn das P3 in den nächsten 2 Wochen ins Haus flattert. Kannst ja mal bescheid sagen ob's bei dir gut funktioniert hat falls du es schon ausprobiert hast! Kurze Frage in die Runde noch: Abstammungsurkunde geht für's K1 klar, oder? (Das ist ja schließlich die original "Geburtsurkunde") Welche Art von Urkunde braucht man eigentlich für AOS? Ist eine internationale Geburtsurkunde okay oder braucht man da dann eine beglaubigte Übersetzung der Abstammungsurkunde oder sogar eine beglaubigte Übersetzung des Auszugs aus dem Geburtenregister? Danke schonmal
  12. Yes, they do. I didn't think this would change anything since you'd still have to use the same online scheduling tool with the same backlog, but I just read through the instructions on https://de.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/child-family-matters/online-crba-application/ and this part actually sounds promising: "The easy-to-use online application process provides applicants step-by-step instructions on how to complete the CRBA application. If you cannot find an appointment online but have used the online CRBA feature, you may email us at FrankfurtBirth@state.gov and request a faster appointment." Thank you for pointing me in the right direction
  13. Haha yes, we tend to make things extra complicated - usually works out one way or the other but we'll see about that one
  14. Hey guys, I hope I can find someone who has experience with this: our baby will be born around June 12th, we are currently not married yet (final stages of K1 visa), so we prepared all the paperwork for a child born out of wedlock to a US citizen father and a German mother (me). We will both attend the interview/appointment in Frankfurt. I have 3 questions and hope someone has experience and can clarify : 1. Does the DS-5507 need to be notarised in this case? This document is required if the parents are not married OR the father is not physically present. The way I understand it we need the form because we're not married yet, but the father could just sign the form in front of the CO since he will be present, so getting it notarised beforehand won't be necessary? Any experience with this in Frankfurt? 2. There's currently a 5 week wait in Frankfurt for CRBA appointments. In order to make sure my fiancé can attend the appointment (this is crucial) we have to secure a spot for early/mid July, which means securing the appointment date BEFORE the baby is actually born. Is it a problem to put in a birth date that might not be correct and to just correct it later on? (e.g. I book an appointment next week for early July and put June 12th as d.o.b., then correct the date later on in case he's born on June 5th?) 3. Is Frankfurt usually big on DNA tests if you're not married - and if so, how much delay are they usually causing? Couldn't find this informations despite an intense amount of google and vj research, so I'm hoping for some first hand experience. Thank you so much
  15. Sure did Which is why I also tried for the date 2 weeks ago just to check if it works in general which it didn't so I was just curious if the date format is correct like that. No offence
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