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  1. Thanks a lot. I'll check this! One final question: There is no reason for requesting an expedite without a job offer, right?
  2. Hello everyone! I've been trying to keep up with this thread since the beginning. Recently I saw many posts about expedition, and I have some questions regarding that. Those who requested an expedition, did you guys prove some kind of financial difficulty? Or was a job offer alone enough for approval of your expedition request? If you proved that you're in trouble financially, what did you give them as proofs? Bank statements, loss of a job? I wasn't looking for jobs as I didn't have my EAD yet. But recent news about NBC lay offs, the quarantine and all the expedite conversation here made me think that maybe I'm making a mistake. My husband and I are not in a very difficult situation financially, but we're still poor in San Francisco! It'd be awesome if I could get my EAD and start making some money.
  3. Ah okay. My EAD status is 'Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken'. So I have a long way to go Thanks for the information!
  4. Does everyone get a letter about fingerprints and AP? My AP case status says 'Case Was Received' only. I gave my fingerprints on February 5th.
  5. I will soon file my AOS, EAD and AP all together. I don't have an emergency right now, but I might have one sometime as my granny's health is declining. I also would like to travel sometimes. In this case, while filing I-131 can I just say "I want to visit my family" without adding any other health documents/doctor's reports/death certificates?
  6. Herkese merhaba! 23 Eylülde K1 vizesi için görüşmem var. Sağlık kontrolünde istenen aşılarla ilgili bir sorum olacaktı. Bu aşıların kişiden kişiye ve yaşa göre değişiklik gösterdiğini biliyorum. Aşı kartımda olduğum aşıların bir kısmı var. Aşı kartımda olmayan ancak benim daha önceden olduğum aşılar için de bağışıklık testi sonucu götürmek istiyorum. Tekrar tekrar çocukluğumda olduğum aşıları olmamak için 29 yaşındayım, hamile değilim. Benim durumumda olan diğer hastalardan hangi aşılar istendi, ya da o an klinikte hangi aşıların yapılması zorunlu tutuldu öğrenebilir miyim? Aşağıda CDC tarafından istenilen aşıların güncel bir listesini ve bu aşılarla ilgili bilgilerimi paylaşıyorum Mumps : almanyada oldum, aşı kartımda var Measles : almanyada oldum, aşı kartımda var Rubella : almanyada oldum, aşı kartımda var Polio : almanyada oldum, aşı kartımda var Tetanus and diphtheria : almanyada oldum, aşı kartımda var Pertussis : almanyada oldum galiba, aşı kartımda var Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) Hepatitis A : çocukken oldum. Aşı kartımda yok Hepatitis B : çocukken oldum. Aşı kartımda yok Rotavirus Meningococcal disease Varicella: almanyada test yaptırdım. Bağışıklığımı kanıtlayabiliyorum Pneumococcal disease Seasonal influenza
  7. My interview is on September 23rd Monday at 8.30. If I go to the doctor's office on September 20th Friday would I have time to pick up my results? Should I make my appointment for September 19th?
  8. Normally e-government documents are considered originals, and they are accepted by all Turkish offices. However, I don't know about the US Consulate. I wrote these only to help you to be on the safe side.
  9. I was checking Ankara's requirements before, and if I'm not wrong it was written that the birth certificate should be stamped. I think the safest document for foreign offices is called Formül A (lacking a title for some reason). As I know she can get it from Nüfus Müdürlüğü. If I were her, I would also get a Vukuatlı Nüfus Kayıt Örneği too and give both documents. She can just ask for the documents by their names, they have to provide the information to her. She needs to go to the office personally with her Turkish ID. They might accept the ones that she gets from the e-government website, but I guess you want to be on the safe side. For the same reason she can also go and get a police certificate easily
  10. ah great news I noted down July 2, 12 and 29 for the appointment days. These dates are from visajourney members. I was curious how many days the consulate reserving in a month for K1 interviews. If we add yours (July 22) , it makes 4 days in July!
  11. Hi! I'm still waiting for the P3, however, as I know there are only a few days in a month that they accept K1 interviews. You can keep checking to see if there is an opening for an earlier interview date. I suppose this would only happen if another beneficiary cancels/postpones his/her interview. This is my personal view. You can find more information in this webpage in other subforums. By the way, did you receive any other posts which required your signature from the consulate after sending P3 back to them? Or did you just received a notifying email/letter?
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