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  1. I recently renewed my EAD. Before my application in this forum I read that AP was going to arrive separately, and the card would only serve as EAD. Recently I received my new card, and it has I-512 on it. My AP application case status says the case was received, even though I got the AP through I-512. I just wanted to share the information. I hope it'll be useful. I sent my package to Chicago lockbox. It took 2.5 months to get the card.
  2. Hello again everyone! Did anyone receive an interview date since the last check in April? Our timeline: NOA1 Notice date: January 13, 2020 Biometrics Appointment: February 5, 2020 Biometrics Applied to EAD and AOS: February 7, 2020 Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview: March 4, 2020 Address Change - Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview: December 21, 2020
  3. Wow I can't believe you were misled like that! This is a great insight, thanks a lot!
  4. I've been waiting for my interview to be scheduled since March 2020 in San Francisco. In December I moved in the city, and updated my address. Now when I query my case status, it says that as of December 2020, my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. I also know that similar cases with similar filing times received their interview dates already, or even their green cards. I wonder if this status update is only because of the address change, or would they put my case back in the line. Did anyone experience a similar situation?
  5. Are there any more members who got their interviews scheduled/completed in San Francisco recently? I'm still waiting. I applied in January 2020, my case is ready for an interview since March 4th, 2020.
  6. Case status says the case was received on March 15th, I got the NOA's and the text messages 3 weeks after that.
  7. My combo card is expiring on June 3 rd. I already got my 6 months extension for EAD, but AP will take some time I believe (case was received on March 15th at NBC). I don't think I'd get the new AP before my combo card expires. In this case, if I travel abroad and come back maybe 1-2 days before the combo card expires, do you think I'd have problems at the port of entry? Any suggestions?
  8. I got a text message from USCIS exactly 4 weeks after the package was delivered. I received the NOA's shortly after by mail.
  9. Does anyone know how long USCIS Chicago lockbox to open packages? USCIS released an update in January (https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-lockbox-updates) saying that lockboxes are experiencing significant delays. I sent my package for renewal a month ago along with a G-1145, and still didn't hear anything from them. I don't know if it's waiting to be opened, or if there is a mistake and I'll receive it back. I need the extension of EAD soon (by June) and a new AP as soon as possible. I can't even try to expedite it as I don't have a case number.
  10. Do you know how long it took for them to reject? From the time you sent your renewal application to the rejection? And did you receive your evidence/form package back? I'm afraid I also sent outdated forms and I'll receive a rejection. My package was delivered on March 14th.
  11. Thank you very much. I think I got confused with expedite & requesting an emergency AP.
  12. My EAD & AP combo card expires in June. I sent my renewal request two weeks ago, and still didn't hear from them. Now I might need to travel outside of the US while waiting for the renewal for a long enough time such that my current AP would expire. I'm considering an expedite request for AP. Should I pay 575$ for the new I-131, or is it also waived like the EAD&AP renewal? Thanks a lot!
  13. I have a valid advanced parole until June. I just applied for a renewal, and haven't received a case number yet. So do you mean that with my valid AP, I can leave the US and apply for a re-entry permit while I'm there? Because I think I can't leave the US for a long time with my AP. As I understand I need a re-entry permit, and it is only given to conditional or permanent residents. I'm none of them.
  14. My AOS application is pending. It's likely that it'll take many more months. We're in San Francisco, it takes a very long time here unfortunately. Meanwhile I got a job offer overseas. I wonder if I can leave the US without abandoning my AOS. Any thoughts?
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