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  1. Some asked to let them know when the baby is here. Well klayton was born via emergency c section on 09/02. At 10:09am. He is the most precious little boy in the world. I'm completely smitten. He weighed 7lbs 11oz I'm still completely overwhelmed that i made it over here in time. Everything just fell into place last minute. It still feels like a dream. Again thank you to everyone that provided support and guidance. ❤️
  2. This is My personal experience. But note everyone's experience is different. And this was a while ago, It was my first time for me visiting my husband in his home country , he had been to visit me a good few times in the uk. So I wanted to visit him and his family and explore where he was from, I applied for the esta and booked a 90 day return trip. (You need to show proof of return flight) I was asked why I was going to America and why i was going for so long by check in staff at the airport. I told them my reasons when handing over my passport and They were happy and gave me my boarding pass. (But note It's down to the officers in America to let you in, even with an esta. They have the last say!!!) I got to America and the custom officer at the boarder asked for my passport, how long I was over here for and if I had intentions of immigrating. To which I replied honestly one day but I'm only visiting for now. I showed him my return flight information and esta and He told me and my husband to park in the car park and to go inside and speak with the custom officers. I lined up and then was called over. They wanted my passport, asked how long I was over here for, wanted to see proof of return flight, asked how much money I had, and how I was going to support myself for the time here, they wanted to see proof of home ties, job, and then once he looked over all my information he told me if I stay over the time stamped in my passport there will be consequences and I will be banned from re entering. My flight home was booked for the 11th July and he gave me till the 16th to leave. But I left exactly on the 11th!! Give them truthful straight forward answers to their questions. They are trained to know when somebody is lying. It is a little daunting. I must remind you again it is completely down to the officers to let you in. Nobody can tell you for certain they will let you in and you will be fine. They might find reasons not too. But Good luck. 🤞🏼
  3. The last bit is always the hardest. It's because you are so close to the finishing line. Don't give up!! Your happy ending is just around the corner. Ive been in America just over 2 weeks now. And just like you I was starting to lose hope especially being so far in my pregnancy. I didn't think I was going to be over here in time. But here I am!!!! You will be reunited soon.
  4. Thank you. I'm so happy Thank you. I will do
  5. Thank you. The whole process took just over a year. But now we have a break for 2 years. The cr1 green card allows you to stay in the USA for 2 years. And then you adjust status and get your 10 year green card. Good luck. I hope the process goes quick for you.
  6. I got here in Washington yesterday, I can't believe we finally have a break from immigration for 2 years... it's such a nice feeling knowing we can relax now. and enjoy the next 5 weeks together before our son is born, I've stayed over here in the past and no all my husbands family and friends so I know I'm going to settle in just fine. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me with the process and answered all of my questions. You have a break from me for 2 years now LOL.
  7. My interview was on the 12th July in London. My case was expedited due to medical reasons in my pregnancy. It was very straight forward, they made me feel relaxed, I was nervous at first but I think that's normal. But there's really nothing to be nervous about. The staff were So nice. I was asked questions about my relationship and it just felt like a conversation. You wait about longer then you are actually interviewed. I ended up with a green 212g slip for a joint sponsor. Which I was gutted about and the consular officer even apologised and said that it's the only thing holding up our visa. He kept my passport and My case changed to administrative processing. I submitted my hubbys grandads documents on the 16th July and on the 17th my visa was issued and in my hand on the 19th July. I'm now leaving the uk tomorrow to be back with my husband.
  8. Well over for now lol I'm looking forward to spending the next 730 days together and not with distance lol it's been a pain in the ###. Thank you 😊
  9. Haha I just watched it. Love it!! My other half still gets confused at some of the words I say.
  10. Ok thank you. Does it have to be paid before I get to America. Or could it be paid like a week later?
  11. This probably sounds stupid aha. But does this mean I'm going to have my passport back tomorrow?
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