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  1. Yeah and I completely understand why lol
  2. That's ok, i appreciate the information. I'm not worried about the price of having the baby over seas as I'm on his health insurance and he earns really good money. it's an elective c section I will be having to have. And I'm aware how much that will cost with insurance. I don't mean to brag either. Or make myself come across snobbish but we're ok financially 😊. It wouldn't cost anything for me to have the baby here our tax pays for our healthcare. if I do have the baby here will it slow down our petition? And if so any idea for how long?. I really don't want to be away from him for any longer then I have too πŸ˜” This all process is stressful and I really do feel for everyone who's going through it and has gone through it.
  3. I really hope so. I'm slightly panicking πŸ˜… The fee's have been paid and we can go ahead with uploading the documents and filling out the forms but I'm waiting on my police certificate. That's holding things up because they had a query they needed to discuss with me. I won't have that back for another week or so. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant. I know it's a long shot. But what's the chances I'm able to be in America before the babies born. Is it more realistic to think the babies going to be born here in the U.K.? Thank you 😊
  4. Hi, does anybody know how long it will take the NVC to process the documents affidavit of support and ds260 and how long does it take them to send out an interview date?
  5. Do the documents the NVC ask for when paying the aos and iv fees have to be scanned over. Or can I take pictures with my phone and upload them that way?
  6. Ok thank you for the information. Maybe I can look into getting it expedited so I have it in time for the interview. Will I need to have the passport form countersigned again and show new pictures? And be interviewed again? The passports only a year old. Sorry for all the questions
  7. Ok thank you Paul.
  8. I won't have both passports though. If I change my name. They take my old one and keep it and issue me a new one with my new name. Ok that makes sense.
  9. Would it not complicate the forms and confuse things if I change my passport before my interview. Can I not ask them at the interview to have my green card in my married name? And just explain that I didn't want to cause confusion with the name used on the i130?
  10. Hi, just a quick question. We got married and I'm wanting to change my last name to my partners last name but we wanted to start the process straight away so couldn't send my passport to be changed as I was still In America at the time. because my passport was in my maiden name we kept our application under that name. Uscis approved our petition and it's currently with the NVC. I have to upload some documents for them to work through to book our interview. But since we were waiting for uscis to approve our application I started to change things like my bank account and last name at my doctors etc. My police certificate is going to have my married name and then my maiden name as a previous name. Will it cause any problems as my passport still remains as my maiden name Or will the NVC be fine with it?
  11. hey I'm sure there's plenty of people who get frustrated, I know I do. We all come close to losing our patience. It's only normal. This is a bloody hard process to deal with. Long distance relationships are hard!! I get upset all the time. We have to go through so much just to be with the person we love. But it's worth it in the end. So just keep reminding yourself what's to come at the end of it. Im currently apart from my husband and i had to go hospital yesterday because they thought I might have ruptured my waters, I'm only 19 weeks pregnant. It was so scary going with out him. But Luckily baby's fine. I couldn't imagine how it would feel having to be apart and having the child go without seeing one of their parents not through choice. πŸ˜” That just sucks!! But I'm just here showing some love, and hopefully you will be back with him soon. πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ’•
  12. Debzib88

    Second Time Marriage

    I don't have any advice I can offer you. But I just wanted to wish you good luck. Everybody deserves a second chance at love!! my husband is American and I'm from the UK. 😊
  13. Yeah 😊 I had to wait a little while. I can't believe we've heard from them. It's kinda crazy to think this part is in our control.
  14. I've just received this by email. But It won't let me sign in.