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  1. How sad though. Poor people, 😔 Some people have No morals. I'm a firm believer In karma. He will get his and she'll move on to meet someone far better! Such a sad outcome though
  2. So he led you on and made you believe that you were the love of his life married you, had a baby with you and then just left? Damn that's harsh. Are you sure you're not just going through a rough patch and maybe his off sulking somewhere lol men tend to sulk a lot. I just can't get my head around how someone can purposely do those things to gain a GC. That's beyond cruel. And if that is the case you are far much better of with out him!! and karma will catch up to him. It's crazy the lengths people go, to fraud and break the law smh!
  3. We're going to be living in Bellingham in WA what about you? Baby's doing good kicking about and stuff already 😅Which is great considering I'm only 16 weeks lol time really does go by fast, aww not too much longer and then you will be back with your fiancé 😊 The next time I see my husband will be either when my visa is approved and I can move to America. Or when the baby is born. It sucks being apart. But we're used to it now. Luckily we've always been in a position where we were able to stay with each other for long period of times, so it makes up for the time we spend apart.
  4. Personally I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself, visit each other first and see how it is spending time with each other. Online to real life is different,. Enjoy each other's company first and get to know each other inside out before you make any decisions. you don't want to give uscis any red flags!! And a heads up, don't go hiding people that's against the law lol
  5. Aw bless you, yeah it's an emotional rollercoaster that's for sure. But it's definitely nice knowing their are other mommas to be out there in similar situations. It's the kind of replies I was hoping for lol it's good to make friends in these times especially people experiencing the same kind of things. Before I found this site I felt alone. No one really understands what your going through unless they are in a long distance relationship too. I just can't wait to close the distance.
  6. Debzib88

    Welcome letter (i130)

    This part is definitely a lot quicker then the initial noa2 then. But I'm so impatient I've been feeling like I've been waiting forever lol as long as I'm back with my husband before September I'll be more then happy. 😊
  7. It's good to be organised. But honestly just be patient and prepare to wait for a while lol ours started at Potomac and then went to Texas, we waited 8 months to be approved and now we're waiting to hear from the NVC. I have been told waiting for the noa2 is longer then the NVC stage.but fingers crossed you don't have to wait as long. We just continued to see each other in the time we were waiting so it didn't seem too long.
  8. All We sent was 5 pictures. Which was some from our wedding and a couple others. And a letter of how we met. And we got approved.
  9. Hello. How long did it take to get your welcome letters? And how long roughly did it take for you to get your interviews? Would be good to have an estimate of how long the rest of the process is going to take.
  10. Ohh really. I'm sorry to hear that, I've gained 14lbs and not to worried about the weight I gain. It's gonna happen regardles, I think I'd be more worried if I wasn't putting any on or if I was loosing it. I'm pretty active, I walk to the cupboards lol I'm joking I tend to walk everywhere. Luckily I don't drive so if I have to go out I have to use my legs. I don't eat too bad, and I avoid fizzy drinks. It's my family, their just bad influences and make me eat 🤣
  11. I'm not stressing too much about weight David fscetimes me and last night he facetimed he after he had been out drinking with his friends and was like "please stay like this after the baby you look weird skinny" 🤣I was just like thanks babe. But looking like a marshmallow is something I really don't want to continue looking like. Yeah it was a lovely colour theme and the pictures came out nice. We only sent uscis 5 pictures and a letter of how we met and we was approved. I know some people panic and like to send in loads of proof. But we were so relaxed and confident with our case. Ooooh that sounds nice. Black is one of my favourite colours lol and if I could have got married in black and got away with it I would off lol ohhh bless ya I've noticed I get out of breath a lot quicker. I'm needing the toilet more and I'm always cold. I was so convinced I would be hot all the time. But my bodies gone completely the other way. I'm living in sweat pants and leggings at the moment. I've given up on my jeans I was asking the baby to breath in with me so I could get them on because I just couldn't come to terms with them not fitting. But now there's no chance I don't even try. There in the bottom of my wardrobe and they can stay their collecting dust 🤣
  12. We had all his family and our friends at our court house wedding and we still all wore wedding clothes. The judge who married us was so lovely. And she cried when we were saying our vowels. I had my flowers specially made. Our colour theme was blue and white. I can't stand it when people wear hats in doors. And shoes 😅 I get so irritated lol I've put on 14lbs already since I found out I'm pregnant 🙈 Everybody just keeps feeding me 🤣 And I'm like well I'm not going to say no to cake lol. I've decided I'm just going to buy one of those buggies you can run with so I can burn off the donuts lol I want to take pictures but right now I look and feel like a wale 🤣 I think once my bump turns more into a bump i will definitely start taking pictures. Oh god I avoid mirrors lol
  13. Yeah the scenery is beautiful. Ribena and quavers will be the things I miss oh and dairy milk lol yeah I have his family and a few friends that I met through him. I made friends with his friends partners. A summer wedding is lovely. We got married in a court house in Bellingham may 31st and the weather was beautiful then. I'm so impatient already lol I want to find out what we're having so I can shop but temptation is sinking in and I don't think I'll be able To wait lol. I'm hoping they don't tell me what I'm having so I can tell him on FaceTime. But I'm going to try and record the scan so my husband can see. I want 2 babies and I'll be happy lol
  14. Aww bless you. I feel the same way I can't wait to start showing people pictures and stuff lol I'm really eager to find out what we're having. My husbands grandma wants to throw me a baby shower so I do hope I'm able to be there to have that. My husband lives in Bellingham WA I fell In love with the place when I visited. It's so different to London, we spoke about where we'd like to live and we both decided his home town is the better option for us as a family. I know people disagree but it's getting so bad here with knife crime. I've been a pain in the ### too over the past 2 and a half years lol and when I found out I was pregnant I calmed down too lol i got to stay in America for 3 months before decided I wanted to live there and he has been here for 6months. I missed certain foods lol but found places that sell the things I love so I'm not to bothered about leaving. I'm gonna miss my family. But in order to make it work someone has to make that sacrifice lol and I know I'll visit every now and again so it won't be too bad.
  15. No lol Its not about just turning up and giving birth. It's where I'm going to be residing and spending the rest of my life. It will have a lot of meaning to both me and my husband if I'm there in time.