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  1. Guys...a human rights violation here🤣! Why waiting this long?! I already got double citizenship and don't wanna give up on any of them!
  2. Hi everyone! Just checking in with you guys, I'm a November filer and since I see not everyone is updating their timeline I was wondering if there is any news from you. Cheers
  3. Great, that's gonna save me a bunch of gas and time. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone! Just received an update on my case stating: "case was updated to show fingerprints were taken". Just to make sure: does that mean that they're gonna re-use the biometrics taken 2 years ago?
  5. Oh, really? Most of the people I know here got theirs done in 8 months... Thanks everybody for the answers
  6. I sent the I-751 with receipt date 11/29/2021, no news yet after the I797c which allowed me to travel recently... anybody in the same situation?
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