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  1. Has anyone ever gotten an emergency advance parole? Due to death What was it like ?
  2. Hello guys I hope I can get some help or info here in currently in the US awaiting my green card I already did biometrics . I haven’t gotten my work auth or advance parole as yet however yesterday I lost my grandmother I was hoping she could hang on until i Got my advance parole or GC so I could go back to my home country and see her so now her funeral will be in two weeks and I don’t have any travel documents to attend the funeral without being bar from reentering the US is there any possible way of me attending her funeral ? I really want to she was my mom and dad in one plz share some info
  3. Hey plz help I’m a little confuse the i485 forms expires in June . Will there be any problem when I file ? I’m planning on filing before June 30th inwas told that they’re gonna send them back
  4. How long is it taking to receive green card now, specific state is G.A could I hear from someone who’ve recently gotten theirs.
  5. When my fiancé and I met in 2016 we talk as friends for that year but we don’t have any phone record to show when we just started talking I change my number and he was using a google number on what’s app(we only talk via what’s app that year) and he change it to his original number on what’s app in 2017 so we lost all those we don’t have any record of when we just met except his passport stamp . I’m afraid the consular won’t believe us since we don’t have any phone record for that year . How do I explain this to the consular
  6. Is it ok to only bring one year of tax return to the interview?(2018) my fiancé is self employed what else do I need to take with me
  7. She’s said I can’t just show up with the affidavit I have to file it prior to the interview at a fee of 88$
  8. Did anyone else from Jamaica uses a lawyer? Did you have to pay to file your affidavit of support?
  9. Ok thank you yes I was approved in December got case number etc status says ready so I schedule interview and medical just waiting now
  10. ive already schedule my appointment and now waiting to do my medical then interview however I got an email this morning from USCIS stating we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time we will notify you when your case status changes we last took action on your case on December 14,2018
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