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  1. She’s said I can’t just show up with the affidavit I have to file it prior to the interview at a fee of 88$
  2. Did anyone else from Jamaica uses a lawyer? Did you have to pay to file your affidavit of support?
  3. KrashC


    Whenever the status says ready
  4. Ok thank you yes I was approved in December got case number etc status says ready so I schedule interview and medical just waiting now
  5. ive already schedule my appointment and now waiting to do my medical then interview however I got an email this morning from USCIS stating we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time we will notify you when your case status changes we last took action on your case on December 14,2018
  6. KrashC

    No response from embassy in Jamaica

    I thought they send mails electronically I didn’t know they mail stuffs to the beneficiary
  7. KrashC

    Case ready

    I emailed my embassy stating I haven’t received it and they sent an automated message saying where I can’t get informations regarding different stuffs
  8. How do I get package 3 and 4 from the embassy in Jamaica. Also I haven’t reviewed any letter from nvc stating they receive our case we had to call to get case number etc .
  9. Hey a bit confused how do I upload my application after reaching the confirmation page . After clicking upload I’m not seeing it on my conputer and I know I saved it
  10. Where do you get the 134 form
  11. Called nvc to see if our case has left they said it’s pending what does that mean?
  12. Pass three years along with proof of employment and latest pay slips