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  1. The same question, I started working at the end of January this year ...
  2. Well, I didn’t know they are actually forgot to send me my passport, I thought maybe it was lost , but they sent me an envelope, so I thought that they just forgot the passport.
  3. I received an envelope without a passport, a week after the interview.
  4. Just got my green card in the evening, the status still card was mailed . By the way what I wanted to say, they just threw a letter under the door. Seriously, priority letter under the door? is this normal ?! People always walking through my floor, for washing their clothes, or it’s garbage collectors...Who knows what could happen ..
  5. Hi guys , my question..Should i worry? My status after the green card interview after two days later- card was mailed on January 31st. The status has not been changed to USPS picked up your card, today is February 5th and there is still no card and it will not come today, I see statistics of people and they already received they card, I'm afraid that it was lost or something else.
  6. Great news! Mine still card was mailed from January 31. I’m starting to worry that usps still haven’t picked up 🥺
  7. At least they picked up your card , good news !) mine still card was mailed 😅
  8. Hi 👋 What came to you first guys ? NOA-2 letter or green card? My status card was mailed to me from January 31, still no track number, I see that just NOA-2 will come today
  9. I think the same, our postman all the time forgets to attach all letters or delivers torn letters
  10. Hi guys. How long does it take to receive Green Card after being approved?
  11. do you have your old invitation for an interview? I would advise you to go to the embassy, ask to come in and talk with someone. But I think they need your passport ... in my case, they forgot to send me my passport, and my envelope was broke. On the phone they cant help, you need to write to the email, but you will wait the answer at least 3 days, maybe more. What I did, bought a ticket for bus , and in the morning I was already standing at the embassy and ask to let me in, I had only my old invitation to an interview. I ask to let me in about an hour, then they gave me the number again and I sat waiting for the consul, he returned my passport to me and resealed the envelope. It’s not the same situation, but maybe they can help you. the problem is that inside the envelope are all the original documents, but maybe they can restore ,difficult situation, I’m so sorry for you, but you can try ..
  12. Today we were in an interview. I apologize for my English and mistakes. Therefore, we took an interpreter with us. Staff was very friendly, for a long time I didn’t understand why they asked me to rub my forehead with my fingers, then I realized to make my fingerprints more visible. We got to a very good officer, she is perfect, very friendly, in first minute she told me - so, I don’t need your interpreter , you will answer yourself if you need you can ask her (it was lunch time, I think she wanted to go to lunch as soon as possible 🙂). The officer told me - relax, everything is fine. She asked about our history, sincerely rejoiced ( we met in Facebook). Questions were about parents' names, dates, address, how we met, when we decided to get married. The whole interview took 15 minutes, she gave a paper and said that we need to wait 120 days, said don’t worry, we have a rules, maybe much earlier. Two hours later, the status changed to the new card is being produced . I am sure that we were very lucky with the officer, she is so friendly. Thank you so much officer! I wish everyone to meet an officer like she ❤️
  13. Thank you ! It’s happy news ! I was wonder why they ask me to bring my EAD to the interview. I have just an EAD, not combo card .
  14. I mean, I know that they take your combo card, but what if you are looking for a job, and you don’t know how long you should wait for their decision, you can ask for a stamp in your passport, is it true ?
  15. I hope so , for me it’s pretty hard to get job what I want without green card. Did they put a stamp(EAD) in your wife passport ?
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