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  1. Hi to everyone. March 22, Baltimore MD, and still waiting for an interview 🙏
  2. No call back number, no voice mail, nothing . I didn’t understand her at all, because of bad connection and her accent , just said - sorry, I don’t hear you, and she hung up. I wonder , how they know that my case in uscis, and how they know my number. We bought this phone number after we sent the documents , the husbands number is everywhere, but no one calls him🙄🙄🙄
  3. Maybe I had the same woman. Thank you for let me know about your situation
  4. No, I didn’t leave my number, just request online, almost one month ago. And I was wonder, even if they from uscis and this is about my request, how they know about my number, if we put my husbands number in application , I even thought maybe they changed in my application after several calls before from my phone 🤣.
  5. what information, for example, ssn? for what? just wondering. My husband included me in his credit history, for example someone calls me and I'm under pressure tell them my ssn. Who will have a problem, me or he too? I mean all his credit cards and history because he included me on his credit history
  6. I called uscis, they said they never call and never hung up the phone, but I’m sure it was a person, because she was angry when I asked to repeat again and again
  7. it was a person, I asked to repeat several times, and then I said - I didn’t hear you, then she hung up
  8. But why me, and how they know ( I got this number a few months ago, and I didn’t call to any strange numbers, but I called uscis a few weeks ago and send request because I was out normal processing time for my ead . Thank you for your answer, I was a little bit scared, still waiting my interview, and don’t want any problems
  9. And when we send the documents, we put the husbans phone number, I didn’t have number when we send our packet
  10. Need help. I don’t know what it was, an hour ago no caller ID called me , they told me on the phone they from uscis and said something , but I didn’t hear anything and then they hung up. What happened?
  11. My status- case was approved on September 6, and still the same
  12. Guys, how long does it take to receive ead? September 5th- card is being to produced. September 6th- case was approved. what status next?
  13. Guys.. This is normal, when after the status the card is being to produce it changed to the case was approved?(EAD)
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