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  1. ability

    brown envelope

    I see my name and text
  2. ability

    brown envelope

    It's actual yellow envelope, passport was outside envelope
  3. ability

    brown envelope

    😭Thanks you. I did it and I'm still waiting for answer..
  4. ability

    brown envelope

    hi guys. Can you help me? I got a K1 visa and a brown envelope today, I did not open the envelope. I read that the envelope should be cut from above, but I do not have a cut from above, I have a cut from the side about 5 cm. Documents inside the envelope can't be seen, but I'm worried if it norm is a cut from the side of the envelope. This is problem? I'm still waiting for a response from the embassy
  5. NVC left 2018-10-16 Consulte received 2018-10-18 Packet 3-4 2018-10-23 Interview date 2018-10-25 Hi everyone. I just wanted to say. I got my interview today. And we are approved! If someone is interested, consul said that everything looks good, and that I will get my Visa when my fiancé send them an updated letter with the intention to marry to the email address. She was told our letter is old, although it was 10 months old. I had an updated letter with me, made just in case, so I immediately gave it to the Consul. Good luck to everyone who are still waiting for the interview!
  6. thank you, my advice to you don't worry now and keep calm, just wait, and you'll see appoved soon . Our rfe was - answer for two questions .
  7. hi guys) After 213 days our case got appoved NOA1 (Old Website): February 15,2018 NOA1 (New Website): February 19,2018 RFE was mailed September 03.2018 RFE was received September old site 12 and new 13 NOA2 : September 20,2018 updated today 7 hours ago, only new site good luck to everyone who is still waiting!!!
  8. thank you for the answer, you give hope 🙏
  9. even on holidays, USCIS works, today we received a letter about the rfe😥 guys, help... how long it takes to deliver the letter , and how long to wait then for answer from USCIS?
  10. me too😥 NOA1 - Feb 15th (old site) Feb 19th (new site)
  11. thanks you so much , you've been very helpful!
  12. Guys, could you help us? My fiance talked to Tier 2 agent and he said that the case officer may send rfe but it’s not certain at the moment. Anyone has encountered something similar?
  13. Thanks for answer) probably a difficult situation, but you are strong, you help many people here, you deserve a prize- noa2 ,all will be fine for you!)
  14. Good news, good luck to you!!! Tell me please, what was wrong with your evidence?