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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys. My fiance (the petitioner) is not yet financially ready for me to show his finances for the interview. After the packet reaches the USEM Manila, how long can we delay to schedule the interview?
  2. My grandfather filed form I-130 petition for married sons and daughters. While he was alive the petition got approved. In 2015 he died. My paternal uncle in U.S filed form I-864. Case was under administrative processing in NVC , then NVC sent it back to USCIS stating that it has received information that petitioner is deceased. What is the solution to this? Is there any scope that USCIS review it and we may be called for interview? humanitarian reinstatment ground for petition to be reinstated has to be taken before USCIS OR NVC?
  3. Hello, I am US Citizen, my wife has 10 year green card. We travel back to Vietnam for leisure every 2 years, each time we stay for about 2 months. My wife plan to apply for US Citizenship in 2019 or 2020, does she have any hindrance? I've heard stories about people getting delayed due to the long time they stay outside of the US when they travel. Thanks for your answer!
  4. We sent off our petition yesterday and my boyfriend missed the part where we were supposed to copy both sides of his birth certificate and all of his passport in colour. We just photocopied the writing side of the birth certificate and the part of his passport with his picture in black and white. We won't even get this RFE for months but I could kick myself since it's not even been 24 hours since we posted it and it was the one thing I didn't check because he seemed so sure about what was needed. I did check the USCIS website and I can't find where it specifically states this rule. Should we expect an RFE in some months time or is the front and back and in colour just a preference? If someone could point me in the right direction as to where USCIS specifies this I'd appreciate it and I guess we can get it all sorted to send it off the minute we get the RFE. Thanks in advance for reading this and any replies, it's greatly appreciated. I'm just panicking now at the delay this could potentially cause.
  5. So my husband (US citizen) and I were applying for a Green Card for me. We sent all the documents on October 30, got the interview notice on December 26 and finally had an interview on January 29th in Pittsburgh PA office that went good, and we were told to wait 1-2 weeks for a Green Card. It’s been more than 4 months now, as we never got and never heard anything back. At the USCIS website my status hasn’t updated since October 2017(when we just filed documents). I went for Infopass appointment 2 months ago, where they told me they had some kind of mistake in the system or so, and now everything fixed so it’s just another 1-2 weeks and I have to get everything. But nothing yet. Here’s another thing - my friend had the same interview in the same office just a month before me and she got her Green Card in 2 weeks as they said. So it’s definitely something wrong going on. Should I schedule an another Infopass appointment or it doesn’t make sense and just to wait as they told me? Thank you guys🙏🏻
  6. My parents immigration visa is pending admin processing at the Yerevan, Armenia embassy. We have noticed that after the travel ban fiasco there has been little to no new visas being posted on their website even though the ban is still not in effect. Has anybody else seen admin processing cases being posted slow down in Armenia or in any other US embassy?
  7. Hey guys, I was deported back to my country,Perú, on March 1, 2017 for working illegally. I was deported upon arrival to the US and barred for 5 years. I sent my I-130 petition last year and it was received June 5, 2017. I waited for months and the status changed to “Case was recieved at my local office” on January 31, 2018. My case has remained the same since, it’s been over a year and I’m still waiting for an approval. I can’t begin the waiver until I get approved. I really want to reunite with my wife and I’m not sure how much longer I have to wait. I would appreciate it if anybody could help me get an idea on how much longer I have to wait or if anybody is going through the same situation as I am. thank you!
  8. Greetings everyone. I trust all are well, and in good spirits. I received an approval I-797 for our I-130, with an notice date of 04/09/2018. I had not heard anything from the NVC after 30 days, and emailed them on 05/13/2018 inquiring for information (the email contained the required information). Still having not received any communication, I sent a second email yesterday, 05/20/2018. Can anyone advise what next steps to take. Thank you in advance.
  9. My wife filed for me back in September '17. After checking the case status literally everyday, we got to know yesterday that they have asked for additional evidence. Mail has not been received yet so we are not sure what they want. But the question is, once we provide the evidence, how much time does USCIS take to approve i130?
  10. My application package reached the Phoenix Lockbox on Feb 8th, 2018. But as of now, I did not receive any SMS/email notification through my form G-1145, no receipt notice, nor did USCIS encash the enclosed check. USCIS says to wait for 30 days before contacting the lockbox. If I contact Lockbox support, they take 15 days to answer. I have already sent them an email a week ago, even when its not 30 days yet. But do they really take 30 days to process the application? Is there anyone else here who has recently sent their I-485, I-765 and I-131 application package to Phoenix with a similar timeline? I will update here once I receive a notification, or have any update on my case. Thanks.
  11. So, my wife's 2 year anniversary on the temporary visa is up on May 15th, 2018. We sent off her package on MARCH 26th from New York City (Manhattan) and was told to expect it to arrive by MARCH 28th. On April 4th we decided to just check the tracking to make sure they had it by then. We were surprised to see that the package was delayed and was sitting in a Bronx facility and was scheduled to be shipped out. I called the post Office but the hold time was 1 hour and 54 minutes so I just let it go. Checked today again and the package is STILL in the Bronx. In checking the history, it looks like it has been all over the place EXCEPT Vermont. Looked like it was shipped back to us. Keep in mind, the postage price was provided to me by the clerk. I handed her my card to charge it. She charged it. She provided me a tracking number and a snip of the Vermont address. What could possibly wrong? April 7, 2018, 8:13 am Arrived at Post Office BRONX, NY 10472 The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An updated delivery date will be provided when available. Your item arrived at the Post Office at 8:13 am on April 7, 2018 in BRONX, NY 10472. April 7, 2018, 6:36 am Arrived at USPS Facility BRONX, NY 10472 April 7, 2018, 5:43 am Departed USPS Regional Facility NEW YORK NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER April 6, 2018, 4:04 am Processing Exception NEW YORK NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER April 6, 2018, 3:54 am Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility NEW YORK NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER April 5, 2018, 10:03 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility JERSEY CITY NJ NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER April 5, 2018 In Transit to Next Facility April 4, 2018, 11:43 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility NEW YORK NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER April 4, 2018, 12:09 pm Departed USPS Facility BRONX, NY 10472 April 4, 2018, 6:43 am Arrived at USPS Facility BRONX, NY 10472 April 4, 2018, 5:40 am Departed USPS Regional Facility NEW YORK NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER April 3, 2018, 10:44 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility NEW YORK NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER March 28, 2018, 11:07 am Arrived at USPS Facility BRONX, NY 10472 March 28, 2018, 8:57 am Sorting Complete BRONX, NY 10472 March 27, 2018 In Transit to Next Facility March 26, 2018, 11:46 pm Departed USPS Regional Origin Facility JERSEY CITY NJ NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER March 26, 2018, 10:27 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility JERSEY CITY NJ NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER March 26, 2018, 5:39 pm Departed Post Office NEW YORK, NY 10021 March 26, 2018, 3:18 pm USPS in possession of item NEW YORK, NY 10021
  12. Hello everyone! I am a newbie. My sis went through the K1 process and I am yet to receive NOA 1 after over 2 months of filing via an Immigration Lawyer. Believe the secretary and/or lawyer has duped us. Forgive the length of my story. PD-9th August, 2017 Lawyer - Dated our PD - 15th, August, 2017 Location: I am within the US 8/08/2017 I94-02/07/2018 USCIS - Should be Vermont Service Center NOA1-Never received to date. Its now over 2 months (Highly unusual) Bankers check: Outstanding Good day, my husband (US Petitioner) and I submitted our I130/I485/ Work Authorization/SonsI130 (via consular) and several other forms for myself and my oldest son (11yrs old, from previous unmarried relationship) from the Caribbean on August, 9th, 2017 via an immigration lawyer in NY. We never lived together. We dated for 7 years long distance traveling to see one another via Caribbean islands as I had no travel visa and got married in Trinidad 3rd August, 2016. We had a son together in Trinidad 26th September, 2016. I am in US on a B1/B2 visa (3rd travel in for 2017) with baby who got US Passport and CRBA since January 2017. My eldest son unfortunately has no visa so he is in the Caribbean. Upon filling out forms and filing taxes inclusive of our youngest son and I (with us of ITIN #), we gave them (The Immigration Lawyer) two bankers cheques for the Homeland Security same day we completed the forms which the lawyer did not date that day but my husband signed. During the end of month of August, 2017 I notice that no NOA 1 was forthcoming. So I called the lawyers office to inquire and was told by the secretary it takes a while as the new administration has made changes which contradicts the processing times outlined. I also kept telling my husband I am concerned about the handling thus far as from research her responses do not align with the experiences of others. I have become annoyed with the process since I kept getting on to the secretary who kept saying yes its filed but would not email the copies of the filed papers. On insisting to go into the office directly to them she forwarded 2 form on 27th September, 2017- My husband G325 form and only my I130 form. She (secretary) also said that she meant to call me because the USCIS called their office and requested my I94 and Visa which was already submitted. I was shocked she said she was called and not emailed an outline of missing documents On it I have discovered there is info that is incorrect such as that my husband lived at my home in Trinidad for a period 2015 to 2016. He has never resided with me. This years is the longest periods we have ever spent together which I am thankful for. My husband works at 2 hospitals and she has only one correct and the other as an old one. He only started the main one this year so the taxes filed inclusive of this is next year. We called the bank today to inquire if the bankers check was cashed and they stated both were "outstanding". That has to mean its not cashed which means it was never submitted. There is no way that an NOA of receipt would take so long and that the secretary is dishonest. Since if she was contacted it means it was received and should have been waiting on our NOA 2 at the moment. Am I getting it wrong? Its all not adding up. I called the lawyer immediately and asked to speak to him directly about an emergency meeting tomorrow. I am not discussing anything with his secretary who is responsible for the paper work prep and mailing. Please help me clarify if I missed anything.
  13. We've moved on to The NVC stage and are currently on step 2 - Which is to pay fees. Now, my wife and I are going through an IVF treatment here in Norway, for those who know what that is. Anyways, we need to wait a few extra months, maybe up to a year, to move to the US. Is is it possible to do all the steps in the NVC process, but delay the interview and tell them that we need to pause it or something? Anyone with similar experiences?
  14. Please i need help, I have a case pending with USCIS, its been 2years now. -I-485, I-130,I-1765 was filed and sent to the National benefit cener Lee Summit, MO on March/19/2016 -case received March/23/2016, -May/13/2016, (code2)Biometric done -May/19/2016 Initial evidence requested, it was submitted 4days after. -July/19/2016 Evidence received, it stated that i have not submitted form I-693, also, says DO NOT MAIL DOCUMENTS AT THIS TIME. -August/7/2016, i received my EAD card in the mail -EAD renewed May/19/2017 -June/7/2017 i called the #800 to request status for I-485 but nothing has changed. -Second Biometric June/20/2017 (code2) -Oct 13 2017 Info pass appointment The officer i met with told me the second biomteric i did was a mistake, it was a code 2 intead of (code3),so she issued another biometric right there, and did it same day. -October 26/2017 i received interview notice -Nov 28/2017 interview done at the Dallas office, i and my husband was interviewed together and it went well, although, the SO did not say if we were approved or not, she told me to sign a paper stating that i did not come with any Lawyer and handed me a paper that says your case is under reveiw and that i could contact then for questions 90days after the interview day. We moved from Dallas to Pennsylvana because of my husband’a job. It was urgent so we did not change our address yet because i was living with my friend in Dallas while my husband was working in Florida so i changed our address to my friends address because no one would be home in Pennsylvania. -Nov/11/2017 EAD was approved but USPS messed it up due to asdress change. Up till date i have not gotten it, they said it was sent back to USCIS, but at the info pass appointment, i was told EAD cards dont come back to them, to cut the long story short, i dont have the card. -Dec 22/2017, i got a call from the Immigration officer asking if i am in Pennsylvania or Dallas, i told her Dallas and she asked why, and i told her that my husband is in Florida, i dont want to be by myself in PA where i know no one, that i leaving Dallas as soon as my husband gets back,she said ok and hung up. -Dec/22/2017 Biometric notice issued. -Dec/29/2017 Biometric notice received (code5). -Jan 1/11/2018, when i got to the support center they said my prints were cleared on 10/13/17, they alled USCIS office to let them know that i have been cleared. -Jan 19/2018 Interview notice received, in the notice it says reason for interview is to complete i-130.. At this time, my husband was in Canada but he had to come for the interview in such a short notice. -Jan 26/2018 interview done, we were seprated but it went well. SO told my husband to change our address back to pennsylvania which i did immediately after the interview. -March 21/2018, we called for service request on both i-485 and i-130, agent told us to wait for 15-30days for a response. I still haven't heard anything up till now.. I am beyond worried and dont know what else to do, i have read on different forums on people contacting the Senate/congressman or Ombudsman, please if you know how to contact them please coment below, your advice can help a sister. Thank you.
  15. Hi everyone, I have a wedding planned in Canada in April 2018. I received the NOA1s for the I-485, I-765 and I-131 in November 29th and I thought it would be enough time for them to process and send me the AP and EAD, but we are one month away from the wedding and all my statuses are the same since November 29th (the cases weren’t even touched). I would like to know if you guys recomend me to contact USCIS and ask about my cases. If yes, should I call, email or walk in? Thanks in advance!
  16. Filed my N400 beginning of July (end of June possibly not 100% sure) Had my fingerprints done July 27th. On July 31st I checked my status saying that I am in line for an interview. Since then I have heard nothing. Since it shows that I am in line for interview I assume that my fingerprints were completed. Anyone else from the Chicago office that filed around the same time as me waiting for their interview? I'm unsure if it matters but I filed by mail rather than online. thanks!
  17. Category: 201 B INA PARENT of USC Mailed AOS Package Application: July 25 (USCIS) Form I-797/I-130 & I-765 Received - August 4 (USCIS OFFICE : NBC Lee Summit, MO) Priority Date: July 31, 2017 Biometrics: August 25, 2017 Called 9/22 - says still processing. Online not updating either. Contacted our Senator for Assistance to expedite issuance of EAD- 10/3 Office of the Senate contacted USCIS - 10/4 USCIS replied - Oct. 11- that my application is still within their current processing time. And continue to say: Your priority date for your I-765 is July 31, 2017, the National Benefits Center is currently processing cases with priority dates of April 2017. Now, we have been waiting for almost 75 days which is this Saturday Oct. 14th, God knows how slow the processing takes place since they're only processing April to this date. April is 6 months away on top of the 75 days we have already been waiting, by that time it becomes current, it would have been outside their acceptable timeline of 75-90 days. Can someone tell me if the same scenario has happened to you? I just hang up with a USCIS Rep. and he too couldn't give me an answer, Only told me to call again after 75 days and get ready to be told to call again after 90 days. This is ridiculous!