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  1. I’m the beneficiary residing in Pakistan waiting for my IL. I’m a freelance makeup artist, randomly takes makeup appointments once in a while. If I write self employed, someone is suggesting me get a tax return as a proof of self employment, and other’s suggesting me to keep something handy like business card etc for safe side. Should I file for taxes?
  2. Well, it’s a worldwide forum. And I was really worried.
  3. What can I take there to prove self employment? Id really appreciate if anyone could help me in this regard!!
  4. I don’t need to provide anything? Do I need to write about self employment in the form? Right?
  5. Alright, so being a beneficiary what do I need to provide as self employment’s evidence?
  6. He’s the petitioner. I’m an applicant. They’re asking for my employment history on form IV.
  7. What about the applicant? I’m an applicant and not sure what should I assemble as an evidence?
  8. Hey my case is filed under F2a, and I’m on NVC STAGE. I’ve not been working when I filled form i130, but now I’m working as a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger. Been doing paid partnerships with companies. Should I write self employed in the employment section? If yes, what should I take to the interview as a proof of self employment? I’m from Pakistan btw. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks so much bud! I know it’s early in the morning, but this processing is depressing lol. I’m so sorry!
  10. Hey, my case is filed under f2a. I’m on NVC stage atm while my husband’s greencard about to expire. Could this affect my case in any way? Can I take his expired status to my interview? Also, my brother in law who’s going to be my joint sponsor has an expired greencard, can he still become a joint sponsor? I’m worried about my husband’s status. What should we do? Please help a girl!! Thank you.
  11. A person with expired greencard can be your joint sponsor?
  12. Thanks so much bud you’ve been really helpful! And sorry for being an annoying person lol
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