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  1. Hey everyone, I need to know what happens after your PD becomes current? My Pd is june’17. So it’s almost here!!! Plus, does everyone gets RFE? I mean we only submitted our marriage certificate and stuff at the time of filing. What kind of people being asked for RFE lol. Plus I’m thinking to get our chats and stuff printed, but we have been together since 5 years and I think I don’t have a full record. My chats with my husband got deleted from my messenger long ago. I may have a chats from past 4-3 years? What can I do? And should I print all the messages we did by now? They’re too much. I mean way TOO MUCH! Who’d read them out lol. Please answer me what to do with these messages. I wish I could get a full record :,( Also we got married in January 2017.
  2. You’re absolutely right! I told him to do that and he’s finally going to apply for citizenship 😭
  3. Guess what!! His GC isn’t expired yet. He’s going to apply to citizenship in a week! ❤️ thank you so much for helping me out😭
  4. Thanks for you kind words! And yes, I just don’t know what can I do to keep myself safe from this nightmare lol. I heard about it and almost everyone get into AP in Pakistan. I mean it’s an injustice!
  5. Ap is what you get after interview right? My interview is going to be happen next year. (According to sources) and he’s LPR since more than 10 years, and at this point where my interview is pending would this be okay to have a spouse with expired green card and citizenship in pending? Or should we go for a green card renewal. I’m praying they won’t put me through AP!
  6. Thanks so much, you’ve been really helpful!! ❤️
  7. Ah, some relief. And what should I do in other case?
  8. My PD is 30th June 2017. Is it safe to apply for citizenship at this point? Cuz if he won’t get citizenship by the time I need sponsorship, what are we supposed to do? We are blank Rn ☹️ thanks for helping me out! They’re putting some countries to their black list under trump administration.
  9. Hey I didn’t know about this!! Omg, what should he do Rn? Apply for citizenship or renew his green card? My case is already halfway through the process. ☹️ it’s been more than one year and his green card wasn’t expired then .
  10. Oh, yeah I heard about that too. And his green card just got expired. He’s applying for citizenship now. But this really takes 6 months or so? I heard that it may take 1 year to get citizenship. S☹️ this process is taking forever!! I’m so impatient Rn 😒
  11. Hey, I’m from Pakistan. And I just heard that Pakistan has been added to USA blacklist for religious freedom violations. It’s been more than year and I’m waiting for my visa which has applied under f2A by my husband who’s LPR. There’s going to be any issue in getting visa from Pakistan? So worried ! Please help. And other issue is that my husband’s green card has been expired month ago. Can he come to visit me? While applying for citizenship. What’s the process? TYI.
  12. Hey everyone, my case is filed under F2A by my husband who’s LPR. I need to know one thing and I’m curious about it. My PD is June 30th’ 2017. And as what I’m just seeing the Vb is getting slower! I just thought that I’ll get my visa in 2 years or a little more. But today I just tried an estimator it says “oct’19”. What do you guys think? How much it’ll take to get a visa? I’m not in States. Lmk! TYI