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  1. Greer is an average 138 days from Bio to Interview. They sent our interview letter 5 weeks before interview. So I think you're into mid November for your letter and mid Dec for your interview.
  2. HA!! VJ sent us an email updating the expected approval for EAD and AP.....sometime around the end of December. Our GC interview is Oct 31. When we went for biometrics, I asked if it was possible that we'd get the GC before the Combo Card........rep told me "oh no, no way". Heh heh...... I guess "way".
  3. depends on how fast your office is. Jacksonville sent us appt about 6 weeks after biometrics. check out your office at the link......... https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php
  4. My wife has zero income, so not sure why they would ding you on that. But agree you're taking the appropriate action to redo the form and insure it's absolutely complete. Now my income was sufficient, and I submitted only two tax transcripts (Make sure you log on to the IRS site and print out your tax transcripts rather than submitting copies of your 1040 forms) Since I'm retired, I also included a bank statement showing I had adequate savings even without an income. Here's the VJ sample on how to fill out the form......... https://www.visajourney.com/examples/INS-Form-I-864.pdf
  5. It's a hassle, but you can get the info from USCIS. I called and surprisingly got through to a person in about 5 minutes. Now that's customer service and they apparently cannot access squat. So she offered to have a "agent" call me back. I then went to some prerecorded message that said "the agent will get back to you in 380 minutes" So yeah, make sure you're close to the phone for the next 7 hours. The guy did call me back, and was able to provide the time and date for the appointment. The only other info in the letter is what you need to bring. OH, and to answer your question.........letter dated 9-25, rec'd on 10-7. BUT........it was forwarded from our normal Florida address to our temporary address in Illinois
  6. Have you tried an online bank such as Ally or Synchrony? They'll ask for SSN with the application, and they may follow up with a request for your DL (or state ID). I'm curious if they ask for further documentation if they have those two pieces of information. Here's a link to what Ally requests in their application......... https://www.ally.com/resources/pdf/bank/single-joint-application.pdf
  7. Excellent, clear and concise reply. Why they can't just include this in the instructions is a mystery we'll never solve. Thanks, we prepared all of the above.
  8. yep, that's quick. we had 44 and kind of shocked when we saw it.
  9. I've posted this before, but I see a lot of people asking about timing. This doc was pretty accurate for us in the Jacksonville office. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php?cfl=
  10. I was also well qualified with income, but I am retired, and was concerned they would not believe the income stream was reliable. So I did include another financial doc showing some hefty assets and we got scheduled for interview. By the way, the "Tax transcript" docs should show the FEIE, so they ought to be able to interpret that. Sure, your first 110k is tax exempt so your tax liability would be low, but they should still see the income.
  11. yeah, good times...........it's basically evidence of joint assets and liabilities. So like bank accounts. Of course to get someone on an account, you need the SSN and probably a state ID. We have our letters from SS stating they could not issue the SSN because Homeland Security is unable to verify the immigrant document we submitted. LOL !! Isn't THAT the classic government SNAF U. We're bringing that same letter from two different SSN office dated a month apart.
  12. OK, so we got the letter..............Oct 1 is our date. So 103 days from application to interview. Seems quick to me. Zero movement on the employment and travel authorizations. Glad they were included in the GC price. I'd be ticked if I paid for those.
  13. Will do. Since we planned on a December interview, we booked tickets and leave Florida tomorrow for a couple of months. We forwarded mail starting tomorrow, but nothing showed up in the box today. So we're going to have to wait for the letter, however, not sure when it will show up at the forwarded address. Looks like this trip will be cut short since we really dread rescheduling.......never know what will happen if we do. This is such a fun process. Can you tell us when your interview date is?
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