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  1. Sept 4 NOA1 here. Just finished up collecting all the information for the i-134, so that's going out Priority Mail to my fiancee in the next few days. Actually, got most all of Packet 3 completed, with the exception of the "original" document requirements like the DS-160, DS-2001, photos, etc.......all simple and quick items. Yep, won't be long now. Stay away you RFEs.
  2. DanielPlainview

    Getting Police Certificate in Thailand

    My fiancee went over there on Dec 12. You can opt for pick up or mail. She opted for pick up. Pick up date is Jan 3. 100 baht. Docs provided were passport photo, intent letter, NOA1, my passport, her ID card, her household registration from hometown.
  3. DanielPlainview

    Birth Certificate name different

    My fiancee has a different first name on the birth cert than the passport and she also has the name change certificate. You need to send that in with your i-129F application.
  4. DanielPlainview

    Getting Police Certificate in Thailand

    Never heard of this requirement, and if they are looking for my tax returns, they will be SOL. There is no legal requirement for that. Probably looking for the "tip" . Have her print out the requirements page, and take that with all the REQUIRED docs. If probs, talk to the big boss.
  5. DanielPlainview

    Hypothetical Question about Potential Dowry

    Tradition in Thailand is that the kids support the parents in their old age. Every Thai I've ever met sends monthly payments to their parents, and that's because most older Thais typically have very little, and get little or nothing from the government in their old age. I've known my fiancee for more than 15 years. Her parents are not wealthy. I'm happy to help with the monthly payment to her parents as I am extremely fortunate to have met such an incredible person. She absolutely insists that sin sod is neither expected or required by her or her parents. And it's for these reasons we will hand them an amount that I've determined is generous and appropriate.
  6. DanielPlainview

    Getting K1 vaccinations

    Yes, I thought it was extremely odd for them to respond in this manner since I also saw the "services" offered on their website. So I wrote to them...........completely different answer. Response is below. That bit about "just because of the paperwork" I interpret as "just because the vaccines are recommended on the Embassy paperwork"..........which is completely understandable. Thank you for contacting us. Yes, your fiancee can visit our travel clinic to evaluate the need for the mentioned vaccine. We can also do lab tests for some diseases to prove her immunity including Hep A, B, MMR, varicella. If you prefer to visit us, please make an appointment online via our website. However, please be informed that, we may not recommend her to get all vaccines nor to have all the lab tests just because of paperwork. Since some lab/some vaccines may not necessary or not applicable for her. Our doctors will consider in a case-by-case basis, by using their professional judgement. Our goal is to provide the highest medical standard for maximum benefit to our patients/travelers.
  7. DanielPlainview

    Getting K1 vaccinations

    OK, here's a new one. So my fiancee called Travel Clinic.....they told her to go to Bumrungrad to get the blood work done to determine which vaccines are necessary, then come back and let them know which ones she needs. She told them that she did not want to go to Bumrungrad, and that she wanted Thai Travel Clinic to check her blood to determine which vaccines are necessary. They're telling her "nope, not the way we do it". She told me that they told her this last time she called. I said, "no, that cannot be right. please call them again and tell them you have a list of vaccines you require from the US ,and you want them to draw blood to determine which of those vaccines you need". They responded that she needs to go to Bumrungrad for the eval. and they will administer the vaccines based on the Bumrungrad recommendation. Makes absolutely no sense to me.
  8. DanielPlainview

    Getting K1 vaccinations

    Usual great information JoelThai. Particularly that last statement.
  9. DanielPlainview

    Getting K1 vaccinations

    Monte, It's my understanding that Haemopilus influenzae, Pneumococcal for children, Meningococcal, and Rotavirus are not required for adults. Did they mention why you do not need Diptheria, pertussis, polio, and varicella and if so, did they mention any of that on the paperwork for the reviewer?
  10. DanielPlainview

    Best way to send money to Thailand

    Citibank ATMs at Asoke BTS station break out the fee separately on the receipt so no request necessary. Heard some banks roll the fee into the withdrawal...(pull out 5000 baht, receipt will show 5200 baht). In that case, some people reported that they had to contact Schwab, but had no issues getting the credit.
  11. DanielPlainview

    Best way to send money to Thailand

    This link provides the daily exchange rate used by the Schwab ATM card. Zero transaction and ATM fees. https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  12. DanielPlainview

    Best way to send money to Thailand

    Depending on how much you want to send, and how quickly/often you need money there, there is a no cost option.....but it's not really a "transfer". Open a Charles Schwab checking account, and get the ATM card. You must have a US address to qualify, but they will send the ATM card to Thailand if you request it upon opening the account. I was in Bkk and got the card, but I could just have easily sent it to our address there for my fiancee. I think you can pull the equivalent of $1000 per day, and the exchange rate is MUCH better than I've rec'd doing a wire transfer to my SCB account, and there is zero foreign transaction fees. (Ally by contrast is 1% and I've seen as high as 3%) And although every bank in Thailand now charges $6 each time you use a foreign ATM card (except for the super premium accounts like Citigold) Schwab reimburses the ATM fees anywhere in the world. I'm not aware of any bank ATM cards that offer that feature. When I'm back in US, my fiancee keeps the card there, so if I need to get money to her, I do a free domestic transfer from my bank to Schwab, and she can go get the cash. Unlike the NOA2, I rec'd my Schwab card (in Thailand) about 10 days after I submitted the application. Works great in our situation.
  13. DanielPlainview

    Embassy Package 3

    Shelby, can you send a link to where they sent this question??
  14. DanielPlainview

    K-1 Processing Times for Thailand (How long before I start moving?!)

    Huge Congrats JoelThai!!!! And thanks for that link.......excellent information as always. Besides Siri and Chris who managed a 60 day turnaround on the NOA2, seems that the average is running about 265 days or about 9 months. That's actually really good planning info.
  15. Hey Mark, can you elaborate a bit on the criminal record? I had an alcohol possession violation more than 29 years ago when I was 18 that was "dismissed" after six months probation. When I applied for Global Entry, the agent indicated it was showing up. I requested my record from the State Police and their letter said I have no violations. I learned that although it's dismissed, it stays on the Federal record. I included the info on the 129F and included a copy of the clean State Police report. Hoping no RFI because I cannot get any information on the violation.