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  1. Hey Greenie.

      my fiance wants to get married(no ceremony) soon after she gets here so she can apply for a green card and do an adjustment of status. she wants to be able to work here as soon as possible, and would like to be able to travel back to thailand. 

     we will have our wedding ceremony in the fall. then go to thailand to have a ceremony there.

    when she gets to the u.s, should we apply for the ssn first, then go to the court house? or is her paperwork enough to get the legal stuff out of the way( i know, we need a marriage license), then she gets an ssn so we dont have to change her name on it later.

     how would you go about doing this?

  2. congr congratulations. you are ready to proceed with your life. the heat and humidity of your area of texas will be similar to what she's used to. if she doesn't see feels she does not see enough asians, you can just go down the road to China...bad joke 😞 make sure you have GMA or TFC for her. take some trips to Houston for Red Ribbon or jollibee. you want to keep her from getting Tampo. Ingats
  3. it's like you are working the night shift. good luck
  4. Yeah Loo, If you do what Greenbaum suggested and use your Irish charm, It will all be easy.
  5. 5 hours should be enough time. by the time he gets off the plane and gets to immigration poe, it would only like, noon, or just after noon. boarding to chicago wouldnt start until after 4pm. so, 3-4 hours to get though immigration should be enough.
  6. For all of those who will be bringing Pinays or Pinoys over. hurry, there's a water shortage over there. low water equals low water pressure. not even Alden Richards can help now
  7. Faisal, you were able to use that dhl hack. when i tried it, it doesnt show anything has been shipped yet. how did it look when you did it and it said it will arrive tomorrow?
  8. I know I'm in the minority on VJ but I don't think co sponsors should be allowed and the income requirements should be just a little higher. Immigration is not cheap. I truly wonder how some people manage it on a marginal income. "i was pretty surprised when I started adding it all up, and then saw the bit about "yeah, if you're JUST above poverty guidelines, you're good to go". I believe the potential for a public charge is exponentially greater in some situations." this is what i was agreeing with. i know, hard to follow along. you can be as defensive as you want. along the lines of what that once famous, albeit, terrible man said- "If you cant feed your baby (yeah, yeah) Then don't have a baby (yeah, yeah) And don't think maybe (yeah, yeah) If you can't feed your baby (yeah, yeah) You'll be always tryin' To stop that child from cryin' Hustlin', stealin', lyin' Now baby's slowly dyin
  9. i believe you misread or did not understand my point. She wants to work as soon as she can. I am not calling her a leech. that was term was a call back to the earlier messages about meeting minimum poverty levels. and likelihood of someone becoming a public charge. if you need a sponsor to get above those minimum requirements, how can you expect to support someone else. she will be going from a manager to a stay at home wife for sometime. she knows she will get bored.
  10. my fiance wants to start working as soon as possible. I make enough money, but it is her nature to not be lazy. also, she doesn't want to spend all day at home. she wanted to know if she could work even before she gets her greencard. i do not like paying for other people to sit on their asses eating potato chips as it is. i dont want anymore of them leeching. i got my first job as an 8/9 year old delivering penny savers in NY. no reason for able people to expect others to carry their load.
  11. That's unfortunate about the changed interview/delay. unexpected roadblocks 👎