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  1. We're still waiting for a biometrics appointment at the Salt Lake City office. Got our NOA on April 16 and USCIS received our RFIE response on May 27. I read somewhere else that the SLC office had to reschedule 6900 appointments before making new ones and that they were only scheduling 40 a day. Anyone else here in SLC that could confirm this?
  2. Oh, I never noticed that part about citizenship! I sent it in with my application but I guess you don't have to. Regarding paystubs, while it's not a requirement, I would recommend it if you can just because it's more evidence to strengthen your case.
  3. We sent in the response to our RFIE yesterday. Found out that for birth certificates from Ecuador, they want the government seals printed on the back side. We copied everything on two separate pages. This time it's on the same page. lol hopefully this works! Make sure you follow very carefully the country specific requirements for documents on the visa reciprocity page before submitting AOS!!!!! https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country.html
  4. You'll need to submit proof of citizenship again. Submit paystubs as well.
  5. Yeah it was a copy and we also submitted the English translation. It's the same birth certificate that USCIS requires from Ecuadorians on the Visa Reciprocity page which is really confusing me. I know of other Ecuadorians getting this same letter recently but don't know how they've responded.
  6. Just got our RFIE in the mail today. They're requesting the birth certificate even though we submitted it correctly the first time....
  7. Our status changed. They sent a Request for Initial Evidence yesterday. Kind of worried right now. 😬 I'll keep you all up to date when the letter arrives.
  8. This refers to those who apply for AOS and AP separately. If you were to apply for AP after applying for AOS you would need to submit a copy of NOA1 for AOS as evidence that you applied for AOS. Since you are applying for AOS and AP at the same time, you don’t need this.
  9. Yes, you will need to get an equivalency evaluation for your foreign degree.
  10. The new public charge rules will apply when you are in the US and ready to adjust status not for the initial K1 visa. However, the US citizen fiancé does need to submit an affidavit of support when you have your K1 visa interview at the foreign embassy and provide evidence related to income and employment. For the K1 visathe US citizen needs to prove they make at least 100% of the poverty level (this goes up to 125% when applying for AOS). If they don’t make enough money or have a job they will need to ask someone who can be a joint sponsor. While you are preparing now, get extremely familiar with all the steps and procedures for the K1 visa. The guide on this website is very helpful at breaking down by list what you will need to submit and the steps taken. Start collecting as much evidence as you can now because some things can take a while to acquire.
  11. 14 days left wouldn’t be enough time and access to SSN offices may not be possible due to COVID-19. If you applied for EAD with your AOS application then you will get your SSN when your employment authorization is approved so there’s no need to go to their office.
  12. What eligibility category did you put in form I-765 on page 3 part 2 #27? If you put anything other than (c)(9) there's a chance that could have changed the requirement payment amount.
  13. Hopefully you hear something this week. The texts tend to arrive in the evening. Keep us posted!
  14. Hello! You can reuse all of your supporting documents and any forms that haven't expired. However, you will need to use the new I-485. You can check the date on the bottom left corner which should be dated 10/15/19. That is also the same date as the new I-864 (affidavit of support form) so you may need to do a new one of those as well if it does not have that date. Also double check your form I-765 (Employment authorization form) and make sure it's dated as 12/26/19 because starting today (4/20/2020) they will only accept that form. Don't forget to also submit the form I-944 plus its supporting documents. Best of luck and keep us updated!
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