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  1. I received my Green Card yesterday, exactly a week after my interview!! Very happy!!
  2. *UPDATE* I received a notification later in the day that "My New Card is Being Produced"! I didn't expect it to take less than 12 hours to be approved!!
  3. Hi all, I had my Green Card interview today in Chicago. We submitted our K1 AOS package May 23rd 2020, so I feel like things moved pretty fast considering everything! Our interview was at 8am and the officer was a nice & pretty straightforward, guy! He asked us basic questions & took copies of our apartment lease, my job information/copy of 1st pay check etc, apartment insurance info & my health insurance info. We were in the interview room about 30 minutes total, and that included our officer spending 5 minutes telling us about the office's air filtration system and how everyone in the office drinks Mountain Dew!! lol Our case wasn't approved on the spot, our letter he gave us says "your case is being held for review. At this time USCIS does not require any further information or documents from you" Hopefully it won't be too long until we are approved!!
  4. Does anyone know how long it would typically be until I receive my appointment letter?
  5. Hi all, I received a notification this morning that my AOS Interview has been scheduled. I will receive a letter soon. Can anyone confirm if I have to re-print my whole K1 AOS package we submitted back in May last year? I have heard contrasting reports about this! Many thanks
  6. Hi all, My Green Card interview was scheduled today!! 😃 Our AOS package was received May 28th 2020, so going by current timelines for the Chicago office, we seem to be ahead of schedule!
  7. Has anyone in Chicago heard anything about their I-485 Green Card interview yet?
  8. Thank you so much sir, appreciate your help. Thank you also @HRQX for your response
  9. Hi all, Thank you for your help. Sorry I should have clarified earlier, I am hoping to receive this money when we jointly file a 2020 tax return @Ayrton where did you read this? Does it matter my SS card says "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" @JeanneAdil No I did not work during 2020, only received my work card in November & no luck yet with job searching. I believe I can claim this money when me and my wife file a joint tax return.
  10. Hi all, I arrived in Chicago,USA in March 2020 on a K1 Visa. We married on March 6th. I have a social security card, albeit on that says on it "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION". I also have received my Work/Advanced Parole card. I'm still waiting to hear when my Green Card interview will be. My question is: Am I entitled to a Economic Impact Payment? I have read in several places that I am, however I find the IRS website confusing. Is there anyone who has been in a similar situation & can offer advice? I would be very grateful if anyone could offer any advice. @Wuozopo you are a fountain of knowledge, do you know? Thank you so much
  11. Looks like I changed to "ready to be scheduled for an interview" about the same time as you...still nothing yet!
  12. Hi all, I applied to expedite my I-131 application September 18th due to my step mothers passing. Today, my request updated to say Approved. Can anyone tell me roughly how long it will be until I receive my travel card? My step mothers funeral is October 14th. I asked on the USCIS live chat & they told me 15-30 days, I am sure I've read on here before of people receiving the travel card within a week of being approved. Also, when I receive my I-765 card, I assume it won't be a combo card as I've successfully expedited my I-131? Many thanks
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