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  1. I literally had my POE yesterday and one of my suitcases was full of tea, 🤣 as i tried to look for Rooibos tea last time and saw it was $6 for a small box i brought around 1000 rooibos tea bags plus i'm not sure how much breakfast tea. Guess its quintessentially british to be a tea drinker and its the one thing we always travel with. In hindsight I should have brought some chocoalte hob nobs too...
  2. As long as it goes to the right place i dont mind.
  3. Hey, just received our NVC in transit letter 🙌 just wondering if anyone else noticed that the embassy address they have sent it to is the old address in grosvenor square? and not the new site in nine elms? 🤷🏿‍♂️
  4. Sorry didn't meant to cause confusion, when i say packet 3 i meant that i am awaiting the email from the NVC to say that they're sending the case to london etc etc.. not waiting for a literal packet.
  5. Not yet, still waiting for packet 3 which i'm hoping will come with the delivery on the 21st.. just want to get out of London now, feels like its been a long time waiting.
  6. For those of you who are having interviews soon good luck! / congratulations! what was the availability like when you booked the interview? was it a few days/weeks/months/none? TIA
  7. awesome! will make the call for an appointment and plan it for after the next shipment on 21st i guess. I have everything that i need so should be okay. thanks!
  8. when is the right time to call the medical centre and make the appointment? is it when you receive your LND number from relentlessly calling the NVC or when they email you with the number to say its leaving the NVC?
  9. Thank you!! Congratulations to you guys too! I swear we are totally ‘twinsing’ 

    my fiancée is from Milwaukee too but now lives in Chicago 😝 I’m pretty positive I will meet you or your partner at the medical and at the embassy at this rate. 

    1. Ermehgerdd


      I will be there with him the last week in March! Hoping our interview ends up being scheduled for that time!

  10. im sure that is so, i picture them with a whole heap of files and split them by grabbing a pile and done that way. Our adjudicator is just someone who likes to RFE people and probably does things by the book ensuring all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed and others filers got the 'nicer' one who approves people and isnt ####### about things.
  11. congratulations!! we have been waiting for over 4 weeks since our RFE so think we are going to be one of the 7.5-10 week lot maybe longer . My fiancee is thinking because we are a same sex couple the adjudicator is being an A****E about it.
  12. has anyone who's had an RFE just been sent the hard copy of their approval rather than an update via email,text.app, website? looking at VJ processing timelines some people with RFE's for exactly the same thing i did have been approved for NOA2. Its a little disheartening to see this. I know each case is different and depends on the adjudicator but seriously! 🤬🤬🤬
  13. cant believe i didnt find this thread earlier and its a good thing i didnt... hearing everyones stories about how long they have waited since their RFE for approval is not making it any easier.. 😔with the holidays coming up it might take even longer than 'normal' 😭
  14. Our RFE was for further proof that we have met in the past two years. It turns out our stupid lawyer didn’t send everything we sent them as proof. 🙄🙄 Lesson be learned NEVER USE A LAWYER! Use VJ instead.
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