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  1. Oh ok that's great! I'll also just that just to add him my health insurance and bank accounts. Thts a good idea!!
  2. I believe that u file for ITIN number if you are filing jointly. If u plan to file married filing separately, Just write "NRA" ( Non-resident Alien) where asked for spouse's SSN. You only need a ITIN number if ur filing jointly.
  3. AfricanQ


    Thn show that....show them that you lived together. Lease, rent payments with both names on it....anything that shows u have lived together for 3 years.....that'sgood evidence
  4. AfricanQ


    Well, I would say is best to have it if they ask for it thn not having it. Go and get it, it wouldn't hurt u. My husband is from a high fraud country "Ghana", so I went and get a joint bank account. I already had a capital one credit card so just added as a authorized user. A card was mailed in his name. Hes now using it in Ghana. I keep all statements to show we are both on the same account. I would say cover all ur basics.....don't leave any room for the CO to question ur marriage
  5. U will have to call the NVC again and tell them ur situation. Maybe they can send u other email or confirm ur email address.
  6. Ok, thank u so much this was very helpful. Because I was worried abt not being able to submit additional evidence. When u say size allowed, r u talking abt a normal size paper? My husband will be going thru Ghana for his interview
  7. Congratulations on coming this far dear. We are also in the process waiting on our approval. I have a question......when u submitted documents at the NVC stage did u mailed it in or uploaded it online and if u did, is there a limit of how many documents to upload online?
  8. Hey, is there a limit to how many documents u can upload on ceac site??
  9. Hello, we are patiently awaiting our NOA2 PD June 28. My husband lives in Ghana. I would like to knw if there's a limit to how many documents (evidence) we can upload on ceac once our case get to NVC? Thanks
  10. Same here...PD June 28 still waiting ....nesbask is my service center. Hoping to hear from them Jan or Feb 2019. Like others have mentioned focus on ur love and let the process work itself out. I'm planning my next trip in April (5th trip) and ill be there for his interview (6th trips in total). just continue to collect more evidence for ur case.
  11. Congratulations on ur approval. Try to make more trips. I'll be going there in April which wi make my 5th trip and 6th tril wi be for the interview. I believe that we will be fine. If u cant make more trip before the interview, just frontload with good evidence
  12. Yes, I pray so. So excited that we are getting closer