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  1. Not a good idea. My husband was denied for K1 visa back in 2017. We had engagement ceremony and a party. The CO saw it has to married for K1. I went back to Ghana and got married and file CR1. The process is slower thn the K1 but is worth the wait as stated in the previous message.
  2. Thank you. We have few pics from each trip and the places visited. We also did not add unnecessary family numbers there except for our wedding. But what u think abt the other evidence?
  3. Yes that's him. When u say how he will present himself " what do u mean by that? When it comes to arrangement, we plan on using a cover page for each documents and a paper clip
  4. We are both from African. I've lived in Ghana for 10 years for immigrating to the US. Currently a US citizen.
  5. Hello VJ Family My husband is in Ghana and awaiting for his interview for spousal visa Cr1. We were refused K1 back in 2017. ( it was refused because sufficient evidences were not submitted that we would get married in 90 days after his arrival) It's been a long and stressful process for us. I want to share with yall our documents before his Cr1 interview. *Ive made 5 trips to Ghana. 6th will be for the interview. My mother went to Ghana for our wedding and 1year wedding anniversary. *Take lots of pics with family and friends. My oldest sister, nieces and cousin lives in Ghana. We took lots of pics with them as well. *We purchased a land in Ghana. (Joint property) *I filed my taxes as married filing separately. *Joint Bank Account with statements(Capital One Bank) *Added as beneficiary on my life insurance *Changed my last name to his *proof of gifts exchange *Text/Call log 2016 thru 2019 *Call log between my husband and mom *Text msg between me and my husband's sis *Facebook posts from us and family showing support. *gift he got me for our wedding anniversary. (Portrait of me) *screenshot of video calls 2016 thru 2019 *letter from my job showing that he will added to my health insurance when he arrives. *2017 i made about 47k, 2018 56k and 2018 over 66k * our wedding invitation/program *Affidavit of Support letter from from family and friends. *Employment verification letter. Let me knw what y'all think. Are ready for the interview? I think we have enough evidence to get approved. Thank you and God bless. 😘
  6. We recieved our DQ on October 9 2019. It's been 8 weeks no interview date. December 11th will make 9 weeks of waiting. How long does it take to schedule an interview? Is the embassy overbooked on interview dates? I heard it takes 6-7 weeks to get an interview date after DQ. Has anyone on here waited longer?
  7. Sounds like u have lots of evidences...so why was she denied again??
  8. Ur right 6-8 weeks. NVC recieved our case July 18, 2019 I'm still waiting on my case number. I was told by NVC rep tht it takes 6-8 weeks. Well, at least I have 2 more weeks to go September 12 will make 8 weeks. Praying!!!
  9. Hello have you received your nvc number? 

  10. Hard copy came in the mail Friday. June 28. Online still shows "case received"
  11. We are approved!!! Thank you Jesus.. PD June 28, 2018 Approval June 25, 2019 Nesbask...
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