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  1. He lives here with me now. Before he entered the USA he earned cash in his country, but we have no documented proof of earnings. Wasn’t sure if I needed a W2 or 1099 to claim that income or if I can just write in an estimated amount because there is no official documentation of his foreign earnings before he entered the USA.
  2. Then what do we do if the income is not documented? We have no forms or any proof from the foreign country as their pay system is nothing like the USA, nor can we obtain anything from them stating he was paid.
  3. Hello! Just had a bad experience at HR Block trying to file taxes. My husband has a GC valid as of 6/15/19. He did make some (small) income in his country of residence prior, but they don’t really do taxes there and there is no documentation of anything related to income. HR Block told us we had to claim money he earned before we attended our visa interview, but that seems inaccurate to me because why would we pay US taxes on money earned abroad before he was even a visa holder and permitted to enter the USA? I don’t see why we’d have to claim anything that he made unless it was after the date of US entry. Thank you
  4. Have you guys gone yet? We are supposed to travel in a few weeks to my husband's home country and we are nervous because we haven't traveled yet and don't want to do anything to risk our newly obtained GC.
  5. Hi! My husband received his CR1 Visa in May of this year from Costa Rica. We have a trip planned in a few weeks together to visit his mom, but I am nervous to travel. I know that our documents are all valid, unexpired, and legitimate, but I fear that we would have some horrible border control person and they'd give us a hard time re-entering. After all the years apart, it is difficult for me to risk this. Can anyone who has a similar visa/ situation give their experience or reassure us that traveling will probably be ok? Thanks!
  6. Okay awesome! It’ll come quick! Ours took only a few days after going
  7. Since it’s past the tax date, they will want 2018 or a letter of extension/ exemption as to why you didn’t file. If you have that documentation, bring that along with 2017.
  8. My husband doesn’t speak English yet either! It’s a learning process and we communicate in his language just fine happily here in the USA!! The USA is a mix of people and English certainly isn’t a requirement. I find it funny that the person who didn’t want to offend you, doesn’t even know how to properly spell “offense” ! Good luck in your process!
  9. I checked it too! All the office told me was to wait 3 weeks and if they didn’t send us it, they could issue us one. It never came so they issued us one. If the border officer doesn’t do something correctly when you enter, you’ll never receive a SSN even if box was checked off. (That’s what our SSN office said has been happening lately)
  10. Took 6 weeks for us. We also had to go to SSN office to get the SSN card! I called my town hall and we did not have to register our marriage anywhere! Just have extra copies of the certificate from abroad for insurance etc. I called USCIS and they told me when my GC was issued.
  11. I had my interview in May and by the next Day it was changed to “issued” and it only took 3 days to receive it! We had a very quick turn around
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