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  1. Yay!!! Exciting!!! I’m 5 days behind you haha!!
  2. OHHHH like the 2x2 and passport photo page? I understand now. I thought she was referring to like photos of travel or secondary evidence!
  3. I think she might mean like as additional evidence. I think it was common when people mailed packets to NVC, but now with the electronic mess I think people may be doing that less! Just a guess haha
  4. yeah you're correct. They are working on cases received January 3 (ish) now. I'm the 9th and still have nothing! Seems to be about 6.5-8 weeks for most recently.
  5. Im received Jan 9th! Still waiting for my number. Hoping to get it early next week.
  6. Yeah so I went to a tax person and then they put “unable” for his SSN because that was an option on their advanced tax software, but I’ve seen many people write NRA. Once I had the 1040 printed and signed with W2s, I mailed it in. If you mail in this week, it’ll be a close call as to which you’ll receive first- a case number or a transcript. I filed as married filing separately. The only option unless your husband has an ITIN is to mail in this year.
  7. Yeah if you’re married you have to file married. I mailed mine and the transcript won’t be ready for like 2 months you are correct. You will just have to write a letter if you get your case number before the transcript as to why you are submitting W2 without a tax transcript. That is what I have to do as well. NVC case numbers have been taking a while I am currently on week 6 of waiting. Not sure when nvc received your petition, but if it was recently there’s a chance you’ll have your transcript in time.
  8. That's because you are K1! You guys get them faster than CR1/ IR1! Best of luck I am at the 6 week mark too! CR1 and IR1 are different than K1. The K1 filers get case numbers in 2-3 weeks whereas we wait 6-8. Frustrating for sure, but you should be getting one in the next 1-3 weeks.
  9. so true! and also it seems random what they're accepting and rejecting haha I've seen people submit totally different things without RFE and then people with the same files and one gets RFE and one doesn't!
  10. Hi friends! I have all my main docs ready to go. Something I'm thinking of is adding new passport stamps since USCIS and maybe photos or more chats... is this necessary? Seems like it would've been pretty easy to include extra stuff via mail, but CEAC maybe not so much. Let me know, thanks!
  11. Passport stamps and photos and one shared bank account worked for me. I know not everyone can add people to their insurance etc without a SSN so things like that aren’t always possible. Passport stamps though definitely send. I recommend adding a few affidavits from family and friends, signed and notarized, stating that you guys are in a real relationship.