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  1. Roni07, we have a similar timeline. I751: Sep 5, 2017. N400: Sep 2, 2018. Case transferred to NBC: Dec 21, 2018. Local office: Seattle. WAC173390xxxx Still waiting! For those people who are considering applying for N400 while l-751 is pending... Please reconsider it again. Don't do it. It is my personal opinion.
  2. I was interviewed in Bogota embassy three years ago for my K1 visa. My interview lasted five minutes and the CO told me my visa was approved right away. My case changed to AP the same day. The next day said "Approved". I received my visa one week later. Maybe things have changed.
  3. You should wait 2 weeks after you arrived in the US before applying for a SSN.
  4. Totally agree with Alabamak1. The rule is the same for K1 visa holders (Male and female). Read my first post. You do not have to request a new card because you won't change your last name.
  5. I think the beneficiary is a male. In this case you do not need to change your last name after getting married. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  6. In my case, l applied for my SSN after two weeks of arriving to the U.S. After getting married I went again with my marriage license and requested for a new SS card with my new last name. I received my new card one month later without any problem.
  7. Immigration in Colombia for foreigners is not too strict. As long as you have paid your fine you will be ok. But her interview is not about you, it is about her and her bonafide relationship with you. My interview in Colombia lasted 30 seconds to be approved. I don't think your overstay will affect her K1 visa, but she will be fine without you. Just make sure she brings all the required documents.
  8. And yes, you can travel inside the U.S. with your passport. Your passport will be your ID until you get your driver license or another US government document with photo.
  9. This is the rule for K1 visa holders. I followed this guide and it worked for me. After getting married l went to the SSN office to update my new last name: :: For K1 Visa Holders :: As a K-1 Visa Holder you are eligible to receive a SSN upon producing a valid I-94 (unexpired). Do not wait until you only have a few weeks left until your I-94 expires to file for a SSN. Many SSA offices will not allow you to file for a SSN if your I-94 is about to expire (generally 14 days prior to the expiration on your I-94). On the other hand, you should also not file for a SSN too soon either. You should wait 2 weeks after you arrived in the US before applying for a SSN. If you go too soon your record of arrival will not be in the SAVE-ASVI system yet, and it will require manual verification from the USCIS.
  10. I checked the phone number in Mr. Number(app) and the reviews say: * May 18: Seems like scam. * Nov 1: Immigration officer called back for question inquires. * Mar 4: Call me to give them money for immigration. According to these reviews, It could be a scam.
  11. AOS: Adjustment Of Status. Your next step to get your green card.