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  1. That's why I am asking cause I don't know and I wanted to be prepared
  2. Yes, I am aware that only 1 person is allowed. My thoughts are more on "who" is allowed.
  3. What if the biological mother is LPR and living in the US? Biological father does not provide child support and an absentee one. Petitioner is USC. Can the grandparents accompany the minor?
  4. Nebraska is the shortest, not Texas. I know this because USCIS transferred my case without telling me from Nebraska to Texas and imagine my major disappointment. I only knew about it when I followed up and chatted with a USCIS agent.
  5. No sorry, I corrected myself in the other post!, ours is in Texas, not Nebraska. Son is under 21.
  6. Yup. No updates yet. Let me also correct myself - our case is in Texas.
  7. Congratulations! I am jealous. Lol. My son is petitioned by my USC husband in October 2020. Nebraska Center No update yet. Wish me luck! 😀
  8. But if that is not writ of mandamus, you will really not get a feedback. It has to be a mandamus.
  9. There is a step where you can file a writ of mandamus if your case is outside the processing times. You can Google it for more information.
  10. Oh I pray I get a notice by next week!!! Good luck to us!
  11. October 2020 filer, service center was originally Tecas but was moved to Nebraska (without telling me), no movement yet. Petitioner US citizen.
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