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  1. Awesome to know that!!! I will have everything ready then 😀
  2. Good points. Yes, this trip is unavoidable because no one in my family has a current US tourist visa and have not renewed since the pandemic happened. I may stay for a couple of months more at least until after my son's interview because once he's approved, it may take a maximum of 60 days before they send back his passport with his approved US visa and us traveling together ❤️ I hate that we wouldn't know the actual timeframes in USCIS processing nowadays, but I agree with you when you say it's better to be safe than sorry. I still want to spend the holidays with my parents and siblings though! Let's see. Lol. Wish me luck. Thank you for your reply!
  3. Good morning! I'm here to seek an advise and opinions regarding my case. -Filed September '21 for I-751, pending status. I received re-used biometrics and an extension letter. -My N-400 can be filed starting on August 22. -Simultaneously, my son who is immigrating from Philippines is scheduled to be interviewed in the embassy in September as IR2 category. -I am responsible of course to pick him up and have bought a ticket to go there by end of August. -Why so early? I am also responsible to accompany him to his medical exam, prepare all his paperwork 2 weeks before the interview and be there for his 10th birthday in August as well. Now my question If I file N-400 first week of my eligibility, how long till I get a bio letter and schedule for interview? Plane tickets are extremely expensive and I wanted to come back with my son without having to make 2 trips, if my N400 case is updated quickly.
  4. That's great! I'm traveling next month to the Philippines with the same documents. Wish me luck!
  5. Will this be an email or a physical letter? I received this today, for my son who is an IR2, under 21 years old. How long till we get the notice?
  6. Your marriage date does not matter. What matters is the expiration date on her conditional green card for renewal. She will not receive her 10 year green card until she files it at least 90 days of the original expiration date on her gc. If she's eligible now file it asap because it can take months/years for approval. I renewed mine September '21 and is still waiting for approval, just like all my fellow September filers. Lastly, a gc holder must have a permanent residence here in the states, otherwise, she may be tagged abandoning her resident status and may be questioned as to why she did not, resulting to USCIS questioning her validity and having difficulties when applying for citizenship.
  7. I am concerned that your question lacked context and people from other countries will see this and assume they can do it like you. It is a matter of educating other immigrants as I, myself is having a difficult time traveling, especially for work purposes. Having the opportunity to travel, say in Mexico and Turkey, all paid expenses at work but has to go through the hassle of applying for visas to enter some countries with an expired gc, home country passport and an extension letter. Sorry if you find my comment funny but serious to other people. It's a matter of education for others, not questioning your knowledge.
  8. Being a US legal permanent residentor getting g a US visa stamp does not mean you can enter any other country. It will still depend on her home country passport. Call Korea, Japan and Italy embassies and see if a German national can visit their respective countries or they require a tourist visa.
  9. Can someone very this please? Preferably who traveled already. No need to get a stamp when your extension letter is valid?
  10. I heard from a poster here that if your extension letter is not expired your passport will not be stamped. It might be in the previous pages, I will repost when I find it.
  11. That is great! It also depends on each state. I live in Atlanta. He got lucky then, less worry! 😀
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