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  1. Lucky you! I never received mine, had to go personally to SSA office.
  2. The estranged parent need to sign for an affidavit? Is it required by NVC?
  3. Thank you. You have been so helpful in my queries. Now I understand it better. Yes I am an immediate relative of a USC.
  4. Will somebody kindly explain to me what is the following to join benefits? It kills me to not be with my child for so long and I am looking for legal ways to get him as soon as possible. It is in my knowledge that it takes time, but upon my research, I found this article in USCIS website. Just need to know if my USC spouse or me as a GC holder is eligible to file the follow to join.
  5. Hi, will you please let me know the STEP BY STEP process you took in petitioning your stepchild?
  6. Wow. That I didn’t know! To answer your question, yes, I am LPR and my husband is USC. My question would be, after I-130 is approved, what’s next? Are we suppose to wait for our child to be interviewed in the local embassy, claim his visa, etc.?
  7. I wanted to know both in order to decide which is the best way to go. Need to gather all information as I am aware there will be differences hence my inquiry.
  8. I can’t find the step by step process, but I am aware about filing fees and the form to submit, my question is, can someone tell me the step by step process after I-130 is approved? Child is 7 yrs old. Admins, if there’s a similar thread, please merge. Thank you!
  9. Thank you!!! Interview was so nerve-wracking and it took an hour and a half! The IO told us “I’ll review my notes and will mail you my decision.” You’ll get it soon. Keep your head up 🙂
  10. No, just fill out the application form for SSN, get a number and wait for your turn. Be ready to show your EAD card, passport and/or birth certificate.
  11. What does “new card is being produced” after having an interview for I-485?
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