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  1. That will be your W2 from work. You should get that by end of Jan each year. Most companies give digital versions online much sooner. As for bank, your online statements should suffice if needed.
  2. They probably caught the error and fixed it. These arent minimum wage employees. I would bring the corrected one to the interview just incase.
  3. Yes, leave blank. You can leave blank. You can write the date if needed I doubt it does anything. Its fine, leave it. Many people talk that they have to be accurate and not make errors. From the few instances of USCIS contact I had, these are quite competent people and fill in the gaps easily. This is more obvious if you make their life easy (come prepared, all docs, nicely labeled, typed in instead of bad handwriting etc)
  4. When USCIS moved N400 to online, it started giving numbers that prefixed with IOE. Looks like OP is wondering what is going on, since his notice says Texas so he expects TSC************ instead of IOE********* This could be signaling that I-130 will eventually be online or they are digitizing the data manually and reducing paper.
  5. If you expect May 2020 as approval, I would make sure someone can access your mailbox in US to get you letters. This will be beneficial for next years tax transcripts if you are unbale to get them online. Of course you can always file for an extension and do that instead..
  6. Letter confirming your extensions. Get your 2016-17 tax transcript and 2018 W2 while at it along with a extra copy.
  7. It just means one can start the DoS step or CEAC steps. It is a bit delayed but keep an eye here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-6-submit-documents-to-the-nvc.html > As of 8-JUL-2019 we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 11-JUN-2019. Accepted like means the forms and documents are acceptable . It likely need review. So expect 2-3 months more?
  8. I swear, I mean they have all the info in their system. An intern could likely create a seperate table from the existing I-130 table where the petitioner A number also has a N400 in process and bump them up for immediate adjugation. I really do not see the point why CSC is not processing cases as it comes and choose to just sit on it till the time comes. Let it sit at NVC.
  9. I doubt they will ask password. That would in direct violation of your T&C with the platform choice. They forbid sharing passwords and since most of them are US based, there is conflict. Unless ordered by a judge in US, they cannot force you to tell the password and even then you can just stay quiet. Also even if they ask for the password, if you have 2FA enabled, what they gonna do ? And I know 2FA can be bypassed. Also you really think they are gonna look through every post ? They are likely cross referencing usernames across public pages with whatever algorithm the FBI/CIA has provided them.
  10. saladboye


    Pretty sure you can stay longer than 180 days, you may just have to register your presence there if you intend to.
  11. saladboye


    If you are still worried they didn't received it, you can: Send a Fax to the California Service center (+1 949-389-3441) Send it again using FedEx/UPS/USPS Priority Mail with signature confirmation Call/chat with USCIS NCSC
  12. select you don't know your receipt number and follow through, thats what I find easiest
  13. Nah its fine, I didnt write it. If you read the instructions for I-130A it clearly mentions that the petitioner can fill it on beneficiary’s behalf and no signature is required First page of https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-130instr.pdf note 1 Additional information is only valid if you have some. Some advice: use a PDF editor like PDF Expert on Mac or PDF Xchange for charity/education, (basically previous version for free) It fills the other fields from previous input
  14. If you are in doubt about your income, get the transcript from IRS You can request it online or via mail. Online sometimes IRS won’t let you make an account but you can easily request it to be snail mail delivered HERE. (WARNING: Verify URL and do not trust strangers online like me) If you filed it via turbotax, you can download past returns (may have to pay if you never had to pay, but is available for download if you paid for a given year)
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