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  1. Not sure, it doesnt cost me anything to mail it so I did. I think you can mail your originals and they will mail you back I'm in Texas, I haven't gotten a reply back yet,
  2. To provide some data point. My wife immigrated 3 weeks ago on April 8, she had her SSN in the mail within 7 business days. She came on a wednesday and had the SSN following thursday in the mailbox. Fastest I think it has ever been. We just selected to get it mailed on the DS-260 and did not go to any other office. The name was misspelt and we have mailed in the SS-5 for correction to our local office and awaiting the new card. Also already mailed in the ITIN to SSN transfer to IRS and awaiting acknowledgement on that too. Also the SSN offices are processing forms if you send via mail. Just send the SS-5 filled form along with a copy of passport and greencard to you local office and wait. Just probably need 2 envelops and 2 stamps.
  3. It takes time to staff a remote site, it may not resume immediately and may take additional 2-5 weeks after the country lockdown is lifted
  4. consulate will re schedule to fill those in, likely means those who were waiting will end up waiting more while the backlog clears. OR they could be sent back and NVC ma mess up the queue
  5. Can she handle the kid herself for 23 hours and read/speak english ? If thats the case, go for the interview. If she can read basic english and handle the kid, she can fly alone, its not like strangers are gonna enter and exit mid flight like a train. As for the interview, plan on landing the day before the interview that way incase you get 221G. you have some time to stick around and get it sorted, if you get the visa stamp before you leave, good enough, just be preapred to pay extra for last minute tickets, assuming she can get same flight as you. As for her parents wishes, they can survive it doesnt meet, its not the end of the world and also they ain't footing the bill. I would strongly suggest to ask wht the fiance wants and not what her parents,. she/he is an adult and should be able to think for herself
  6. I did reach out but before they could reply it changed automatically...
  7. I have mostly unsubscribed to this thread but figured I update, I have received my IL
  8. yeah, but which country and what category. context matters. this isn't new, it has been this way for almost a year now.
  9. Contact the embassy and ask if he can still join the interview and get that out of the way, basically see if they can put him in AP till his test clears. nobody but the embassy knows.
  10. yes, as long as their income is sufficient to handle themsevles, the previous sponsor and the new one.
  11. login at CEAC and see what the status is, taht goes. Find your reginal forum and see what DQ got interview for your local embassy.
  12. Technically yes, but I wouldn't recommended it as the code for the ceac site is ancient. You are better off on a computer or chromebook even
  13. Sort of, you need to break it down in steps Once a visa is issued on the passport that is valid for 6 months from date of issue. Say for example it expires on June 10 2020 Since your spouse is coming on visitor visa to drop off kid and a business trip, chances are the CBP offical will see the IR1 and stamp it for IR1 which is the best one for you. Once he enters, he is now a LPR and part of requirement to maintain LPR is to not live outside the USA for more than 6 months in a given 12 month period. This is what he meant But since he doesnt have his green card, he can use the visa on his passport till June 10, after that he will need to use the green card. So if he flies back to swizerland in Feb 10 he can: reenter USA befire June 9 with his passport visa stamp or greencard if you can mail it to him or take it with you in april/june assumuing you get it reenter USA before July 9 with his green card only and he must return before this date to maintain his LPR status.
  14. Look at the instructions for form 864, it will have answer to your questions
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