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  1. Hi all, SS card came in the first of July, after a call with the local office trying to get the SSN in advance and being told that it wasn't issued yet (I guess they didn't bother looking up the details after we told them of how soon we had entered). The card was printed as being issued the day after our arrival in the US, the 25th of June. No GC yet. I don't know why we got the SSN so soon. We checked the box on the DS-260, and I had asked some questions to the border officer knowing that SSN has been kind of variable with covid backups, don't know if those were factors or if we just got lucky.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, your mother is not a household member as you are not currently living with her. She would fill out her own I-864, not an I-864A. You are not going to the back of the line necessarily, but it is a pausing point for you. If you utilize the search bar you can find loads of examples of what people submitted for domicile, you'll have to use what works best for you. Know that if you keep getting denied then you'll probably end up having to move back to the US, as that's the easiest way to prove domicile. I was able to prove domicile in the US through a combination of things including maintained US address, bank accounts, not establishing ties to Ireland, etc, but you might have to prove that you intend to re-establish domicile, of which there are loads of threads about just that (maybe even a guide too?). Research is your friend, and this site is a gift! You would have definitely gotten better/more useful information in a more timely manner if you had just made a new thread in the NVC section of the forums. I don't know if you've done that in the time since you've posted this message. Good luck!
  3. Enough to perpetuate the water cycle. Why can't I see the back of my head?
  4. We ended up waiting six months between getting DQ'd and receiving our interview date , mostly because of the way COVID was mucking up everything. I know we're kind of on the other side of it now, depending on where you are in the world, but I'd still expect for things to take longer than you anticipate. This is especially so for places that have large backlogs from being closed for so long. Good luck.
  5. Speaking from the perspective of IR-1/CR-1, we got an email with our appointment information and printed out that email. You can print stuff from the NVC, but the email should be fine. I was in Ireland and had my permanent address (where all correspondence was mailed) in the US, so it shouldn't be an issue that you only have access to email/NVC while you're away from your US address. I am assuming that the IR-5 process is similar enough to the IR-1/CR-1 process (for spouse). On a semi-related note, with the way COVID has delayed everything, you might be waiting longer than you anticipate from the time of being DQ'd to your interview. Good luck.
  6. In our case with the IR/CR-1, spouse's missing vaccines were administered by his GP, who gave him a handwritten confirmation/documentation/note that was accepted at the medical. Note that we were told that we wouldn't be given the missing vaccines at the medical, so it might be worth asking the hospital you plan to go to if they'll fill in the missing ones for you (if any) or if you'll have to go elsewhere.
  7. What are the odds that your interview gets cancelled because of a new federal holiday created the day before. Crazy. I hope you get a new one soon!
  8. Elaborating on the three years tax information--It is not required, but it is permissible. If the Joint Sponsor doesn't have consistent income from year to year, it could be helpful to submit tax information from the past three years to paint a fuller picture of their income situation. So, if you think it'll help your case to have all three years, include them, but if not then you only have to do the one. ✌️
  9. Pretty sure that you can delay the NVC stage indefinitely, you just have to touch the case within a year or it will be closed/deemed abandoned. Note that the docs have to be current when you go to the interview, so a Police Certificate can't be more than 6-12months old, the tax information has to be from the most recent tax year, etc. In this case, if you really can't find a Joint Sponsor, I think that it's best for the USC to return to the US, both to re-establish domicile and to get started on building US income. Would probably easier and more reliable than waiting longer in trying to build up assets.
  10. You must have some bad juju or something lol, it seems like all the problems happen to you! My experience was directly consistent with SIRE's, for what it's worth. It's good that you're so proactive at least that you can counteract all the annoyances you're subject to.
  11. Confirming this, @JimWahers1993. They told my spouse that they just need to wait for test results, which takes about a week. Note that if you get a date/time that isn't conclusive to your interview date, you can call them at another point and see if sooner dates open up. We did this like three times, the last of which was to delay the medical as the interview time changed enough that the medical was the day of, not giving us enough time to make it to the interview afterwards. If you manage to get through to them, they're pretty cordial.
  12. Does this apply to zoom marriages too? Depending on definition of presence, both spouses are present during a zoom ceremony, or neither are present if the officiant isn't in the same room as one of them.
  13. No option to, just the prompt to create an account to confirm, and I ran into site errors from that page so I pivoted to trying to do it from the extant (petitioner) account. I feel like I'm probably being silly here, now that I think more about it. I'll just make a new account and verify rather than risking anything. Sorry for any trouble, and thanks for your replies.
  14. In your original post, you said Can you link these cases? Or do you mean you've seen them on here and don't know how to find them. Do you know if the spouse petitioned while incarcerated? I'm asking mostly out of curiosity, but as you've probably gleaned it'll be useful as reference to see potentially how your case will play out.
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