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    Indian Music- vocals, Personal devlopment, Gym and fitness activities.

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    I am a naturalized us citizen living in California. I met the love of my life in India and we got engaged very recently (aug 2019) in a small family ceremony. We met over a matrimonial website and talked for about two months ; I then travelled to India to meet her and we both really liked each other. I myself being raised in India we share common values and culture. We both had our parents meet two times to get the families comfortable with the idea of me and my fiance wanting to get married. My fiance is a divorced and has a teenaged daughter whoes full legal and physical custody is with my fiance. I am working on filing for K1 visa for my fiance and for her daughter ( eventually going to be my step daughter) . At the time of writing this info I am working on making my K1 petition accurate and complete so that I get speedy approval.

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  1. Thanks everyone! I think the bottomline is I don't need to have a proof of the short stays that I had... I can simply list those chronologically using the additional space at the end of the form.
  2. yes true. I correct myself. i have read on this forum about some people getting RFE in this regard. How about having any suggestions that would actually be helpful
  3. You would be surprised by doing a quick search on this forum.
  4. Thanks. I know some people have got RFE in this regard and have been asked to provide evidence of their address that's why the question...
  5. Hi there, I am the USC petitioner. About the question on my 5 year address history on the I-129F form- Below is my rough history- Current address:- USA apartment-1st Jan 2017 till present-( Have lease proof) Address 1- Nov 2016- Dec 31st 2016- USA address ( a friends place- no proof of lease etc) Address 2- Sep 2016 to Nov 2016- Internationally ( no proof except air travel itinerary) Address 3- USA apartment- Jun 2013 to Sep 2016 ( Have lease proof) Is it importation to mention the two addresses where I don't have a solid proof? The duration of that stay is only about three months... Suggestions?
  6. Any more comments/suggestions on this topic?
  7. Also this site endorses VJ Immigration lawyers... does anyone have suggestions on hiring a lawyer ? or using online lawyer consultation?
  8. I see that but the point is , what all needs to be attached to my petition?
  9. On second thoughts is it even important to mention it on my I-129? This is all part of international child abduction that I am fighting and my fiancé is completely aware of all the details.
  10. Hello, I am USC applying for my fiance in India. I have a minor son from my earlier marriage. He was born in USA. He was taken to India by my ex and I have been fighting for his custody in Indian courts since last almost six years. My ex had filed a domestic violence case against me in Indian courts where the Indian court had issued a restraining order against me. The case was later completely dismissed by the Indian court. I have no complaint against me anywhere in the USA. My question is what all documents I need to submit along with my I-129f? I am thinking - 1. Police complaint I filed in USA when my son was taken away 2. My communication with office of children's issues in the last six years 3. Restraining order by the Indian court 4. DV case dismissal order by the Indian court 5. A letter explaining the situation Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks Geowrian. Yes can you please move it there?
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