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    Indian Music- vocals, Personal devlopment, Gym and fitness activities.

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    I am a naturalized us citizen living in California. I met the love of my life in India and we got engaged very recently (aug 2019) in a small family ceremony. We met over a matrimonial website and talked for about two months ; I then travelled to India to meet her and we both really liked each other. I myself being raised in India we share common values and culture. We both had our parents meet two times to get the families comfortable with the idea of me and my fiance wanting to get married. My fiance is a divorced and has a teenaged daughter whoes full legal and physical custody is with my fiance. I am working on filing for K1 visa for my fiance and for her daughter ( eventually going to be my step daughter) . At the time of writing this info I am working on making my K1 petition accurate and complete so that I get speedy approval.

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  1. Good point about submitting the marriage certificate... again I had submitted that along with the I-130 application but will send it again... Thanks
  2. I got a request for initial evidence letter for my fathers AOS case It is asking for his birth certificate. I had already submitted it when applying for i-130 and the I-130 was already approved. I just send a color photocopy of the same again?
  3. Thanks very much; so at what point should we get the immunizations done and have the form filled? should we do it after the bio-metrics?
  4. I think the action is to get the immunization done and have the I-693 ready filled by the doctor right?
  5. Hello, I got the following letter for my mom's AOS. Initial instructions did not mention that I had to send the I-693 with the application. Does this mean I have to get the immunizations done right away and send the records to USCIS ? or- Does this mean that I have to take the immunization records and form i-693 at the time of interview? Thanks
  6. HI All, I just saw the news that Trump administration might extend the green card restrictions till December. I have already filed the AOS for my parents. Any guesses if their process will continue at the USCIS? Thanks
  7. Is the fedex tracking that shows the packets are received a good proof that I have filed for AOS? I want to make sure that I have something in hand to show that I have filed for AOS in case the wait to get the receipts is longer.
  8. Hello I am a USC and filed for my parents AOS earlier this month and the packet was received by the USCIS on the 5th June as per fedex online tracking . The fees checks are yet to be cashed and awaiting receipts in mail for these applications. The parents have a valid B1 stamp till mid August but wondering/guessing if the USCIS is taking longer to send out receipts given shortage of staff. What is a typical wait time to get receipts these days? Any suggestions if I should file for an extension of my parents B1 ?
  9. Great info you all. Appreciate it. To prove that the parents can themselves cover the perpetual healthcare cost sounds challenging. sorry I am a bit frustrated ....why have the sponsors info there in that case...
  10. Thanks I get it about SS; What does it mean to buy into each Medicare part?
  11. I see that question came as a surprise; I am trying to figure out how I can get property documents from India to show what they own... Thanks for correcting
  12. The points you mentioned above are all still applicable either I am USC or LPR right?
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