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  1. We did but we also had a joint sponsor ready, just in case. Ended up not needing them but it was highly encouraged from the NVC document review. When we got the DQ, they stated I did not meet income requirements and recommended a joint sponsor.
  2. But then do I need the address where the card will be mailed to? I am not sure if I will live in address A or B. Thanks!
  3. When exactly do I pay the GC issuance fee? I picked up the passport at the embassy but wasn't told to pay a fee. Should I do this before entering the US?
  4. Is it OK to change addresses at POE? Do I just tell the officer or should I bring a filled out form? Thanks!
  5. My guess would be they are prioritizing children and spouses of USC at this time. My other guess is that there are fewer IR5s than IR1s
  6. Hello Christian, Not sure if you are talking about a financial sponsor... so if you are, just make sure the sponsor has domicile in the US. Apparently, it's possible, but not so straightforward. "A financial sponsor, including a petitioner, must be at least 18 years old and either a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident (LPR). The sponsor must also have a domicile (residence) in the United States." https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/i-864-affidavit-faqs.html#aos7
  7. Does this group include the investment visa type only? Or the tourist visa as well?
  8. I uploaded my proof of domicile when I uploaded the documents in the NVC stage. I brought all of the originals with me to the interview, just in case. They didn't ask though. My suggestion is usually to play safe: upload what you have into the NVC stage. If you don't, they can request further evidence (and this will delay the process further). The consular officer can always request for more info on the day of the interview... but if everything has gone though the NVC stage, it is less likely.
  9. Hello there, I filed for an IR1 and recently had my interview which was approved. I lived for >5 yrs abroad with my husband and put US as my domicile on the 864. It is the address that we are going to be living when we move back to the US. I was told by my lawyer (and in many threads here on VJ) that when living abroad for so long, you really need to show ties to the US. Basically, the consular officer really wants to make sure that you ARE INDEED going to move back to the US when your visa is approved. This is what I used to prove US domicile in my interview packet: *US state driver's license *US apartment deed *US bank information with my US address *Letter of acceptance for my child in a local school showing US address Good luck!
  10. Anyone have tips for moving companies. We're going from Brazil to USA. Depending we may bring just boxes and suitcases or if we find a real deal, we may choose to bring furniture. Thank you!
  11. I didn't submit the joint sponsor to NVC. I had it as a backup for the interview but ended up not using it, since they accepted my updated 864 (which included the 401k info)
  12. I just had my interview and was approved. I wanted to share news about domicile - it doesn´t seem to be a yes/no answer. It seems to be very dependent on the case. For example, I lived outside of the US for >5 yrs and I proved that I maintained my domicile in the US bc I own property there, I have a bank account there (although anyone can have one), I pay my taxes every year, and I had my child enrolled in a school for next school year. We will move to the US immediately. But you need to prove that as soon as the visa is approved you will move back. Maybe this is the problem? You still need to finish your degree and you aren´t ready to return just yet.
  13. I had my interview and was approved. I had NOT put my 401K in my original 864. But then I got an RFE when we were DQ´d saying that I don´t meet the minimal financial requirements. I went ahead and got a joint-sponsor just in case. But on the interview I presented the exact same 864 but updated it with my 401K information under assets. We were approved without any questions regarding finances. Maybe it made a difference. Maybe it didn´t. I am just happy it got approved. I ended up not using the joint sponsor information, bc they didn´t request it. So happy everything is done. Thanks everyone for the help!
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