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  1. Hello all! My husband is applying to Global Entry but has not yet received the actual Permanent Resident Card. Is there a way to find this out while I wait for the physical green card so I can send the application in?
  2. If you already submitted your things to NVC wait to see if they have any comments when you DQ. When I got DQ they made a note saying I did not have enough earnings. So I went ahead and had a joint sponsor lined up (I didn't send them the info, I just filled out a new 864 and brought all the joint sponsor info to the interview).
  3. I lived abroad with my husband when he applied for the IR1 visa. We submitted the following evidence of domicile: US bank account (many months worth of statement - to show it wasn´t just opened), property deed, my child´s school acceptance letter, State driver´s licence, utility bill. We were given about a month´s notice prior to interview. You must (on your own) schedule the medical with a doctor from the consulate pannel. The medical should happen BEFORE the interview.
  4. Not sure who Alex is. But when we had our interview it was all done on the 1st floor. I think it's bc of COVID protocols.
  5. Hi everyone, Could anyone who had a recent IR-1 approval tell me if you received a sealed envelope from the consulate or from the medical appointment. Neither my husband or I can remember or find any sealed envelopes. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I have seen many old posts about this but nothing recent (post COVID days) so am worried laws have changed... My husband will enter the US and I understand the permanent resident card takes a couple of months to arrive... Can he travel outside of the US while he has not received the card? Thanks so much!
  7. I filed the I130 in Dec 2018 and was approved in May 2021. You can see each step of the way on my Timeline (just click on it and it will show the dates). My advice is for you to read as much as you can here on VJ about the process. Start by reading the guides: You will find A LOT of good information and start getting well versed on the terminology. First you file the I130, wait for approval and then file the 864 at a later stage. Good luck! People here are very friendly so you can also ask questions from people who have gone through it before. Also, fill out your timeline so that you can get more country-specific answers. Makes a big difference - as the consulates require minimally different documents.
  8. Hi there, I had the same situation. I am the US citizen and both of us live abroad. I filled out the 864 knowing that since my job would change when we moved, my income would be equivalent to zero. We had enough assets and property in the US. Still, upon NVC review that stated that I did not have enough financials and it would be the discretion of the interviewing officer to approve or not based on the information we submitted. We ended up getting a joing sponsor, re-filling out the 864 and bringing with us to the interview IN CASE they asked for one. They didn´t ask. It was a lot more work for me and very annoying, but it was also allowed me not to worry. If you choose not to get a joint sponsor you risk going to the interview and being asked for one. Then you will have to find one, get all the paperwork (it´s a lot to scramble) and you will be placed on hold until they review it again - who knows how long that could take... That was my personal experience. Hope it helps and feel free to ask away.
  9. My husband arrived for biometrics 1 hour early and they were able to take him in immediately. The whole process took 2 minutes. The biometrics is at Humaitá and the interview is at Centro. They are about a 20 minute taxi ride.
  10. Hi-

    How long did the biometrics take and is two hours before the interview time enough?



  11. It means it will get to the embassy faster but does not mean you will get to the front of the line
  12. If in doubt, get a joint sponsor ready. That´s what I did and was able to not worry about that aspect at the interview. Ended up not needing it, BUT was very glad I had t all ready.
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