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  1. Call them, ask them to speak to a Supervisor. I would call earlier in the day - right before they open, to have a shorter waiting period.
  2. Thank you for updating us with this information. What "guidance issue" are they referring to?
  3. Good luck! We'll all be sending positive energy your way! Send us an update when it's all finished!
  4. Did they give a reason? Are COVID cases going up in France? I don´t know
  5. Definitely call NVC and have them read you the message. A lot can be on there explaining if you need further evidence.
  6. This is such important information! For the reason that it is up to the CO discretion, we chose to find a joint sponsor to be safer. We filled out a new 864 which we'll bring to the interview (when it finally happens). Thank you !
  7. These numbers are very dynamic and not only move down but sometimes go up... it's very confusing. The VJ timelines are much more accurate. Best bet would be to apply ASAP.
  8. What does this all mean exactly? I am not sure I follow all the legal jargon but doesn't sound like good news... 😮
  9. No, which is why I thought I would need a joint sponsor from the get go. But many here and lawyers agreed that my assets were sufficient. I guess times are changing and if your income is foreign, it's best to play safe and get a joint sponsor regardless of assets,
  10. I am speaking from a position where both myself and my spouse are living abroad and therefore must bring both of our original passports to the interview.
  11. I am a US citizen sponsoring my husband who is Brazilian and we both live in Brazil. I earn above poverty line, we have assets and own a residence in the USA. We have been advised in this forum and by our lawyer that we would not need a joint sponsor. However, when we were DQ´d there was a message saying that I did not meet income requirements. I called NVC twice about it and the officers stated the same thing: given the recent-changing immigration landscape requirements, get a joint sponsor to be safe. Very frustrating!
  12. For the interview you should bring all original documents - including passport.
  13. Call them and they will read you the message. Will be a long wait but you will get your answer.
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