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  1. They only require copies of the passport and green card? I read elsewhere they wanted the original passport.
  2. We've been waiting for over 3 weeks now. My husband arrived on March 21. Nothing comes up on the SAVE Case Check website. At this point, I think it's fruitless to call SSA. They're all backlogged. I'm going to wait another 2 weeks before making calls. I wouldn't let go off my passport right now. If you mail it in, who will receive it? All SSA offices are closed. It seems too risky. I would wait until the offices reopen and apply in person if you haven't received your SSN in the meantime.
  3. We have a CR1 visa, but we're in the same boat. My husband entered via LA on March 21, and we absolutely checked the box to have the SSN issued. Three weeks and still no sign of receiving a SSN soon. I've been checking the SAVE Case Check website almost every day. His info (alien # or passport) can't even be found. It's very concerning, but I have to trust the process will work for now, since I can't do much more at this point. I'll wait another 2 weeks and then try calling. I'm anxious to get his SSN, so I can file my 2019 taxes.
  4. No. We were still very much at the NVC stage. It was just a day after I had submitted the DS-260 when we thought we made an error. I think at that point, we had only uploaded some financial docs. So, it was still early in the process; no docs submitted. To be frank, it's useless trying to get NVC to unlock the DS-260.
  5. I tried to unlock our DS-260 to fix a minor mistake. I sent a request through the AskNVC messaging system. I got a response 7 weeks after I submitted the request: Dear Sir/Madam: We received your inquiry regarding missing, incomplete, or incorrect information on the DS-260 (Online Immigrant Visa Application and Registration Form) submitted online. Unfortunately we are unable to reopen the form for corrections at this time. At the time of the applicant's interview, you may notify the consular officer of any information which you were unable to modify in the DS-260 form. We didn't need to bring up the error during the interview.
  6. Could it be possible that an alias used was left off? Is a separate police cert required for the alias itself?
  7. Thanks, Andy! It feels pretty awesome. Good luck to you and all the best! Thank you and more thanks to you for organizing these threads and spreadsheets. They're so helpful, and I appreciate your work very much. Happy weekend!
  8. HURRAY!!! My husband's interview was today, and WE GOT APPROVED TOO!!!! His CO also said it would take 2 weeks to get his passport back, so hopefully, he'll get it in just a few days. Congratulations to us!!!! Cheers!!!
  9. Ahh, thank you! It appears CEAC hasn't caught up yet. It still shows YOUR CASE IS CURRENTLY AT: NVC.
  10. I forgot to ask... Does the CEAC site get updated once the interview has been scheduled? I checked this morning, and everything looks the same. No Status changes. They still say ACCEPTED, and there are no additional messages.
  11. Thank you! Aaaaannd just 2 weeks after we got DQ, we received the interview appointment email (1/22). I can't believe it! I wasn't expecting to hear anything for another 2-3 weeks. My husband's interview has been scheduled for February 7th in Sydney! Only 2 weeks away!!! It's a little daunting, since we thought we'd have several weeks to prepare. @dwheels76, I tried updating the spreadsheet via the form, but it doesn't look like my info was updated.
  12. Congrats! We got DQ on Jan 8, 2020 after waiting 7 weeks. We're waiting now for the Sydney interview notification. If we use your timeline as an estimate, we should get the IL by mid-to-late February and maybe have the interview in early March. Here's hoping I get an early birthday present. 🤞
  13. Yes! That was me. LOLOLOL He's currently visiting, so he's realizing life is way more fun here in NorCal with me. 😉😄
  14. Yeah, I got lucky in that regard. 😊 I think I could have pressed to add him once he enters as a LPR, but I'm really hoping to get him to the states by March. We shall see...
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