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  1. I just saw you at the top of Igor's list for TSC.  Congratulations!  So the 129f hack worked for you too?  When did you file it?

    1. jimfleurieee


      Hi, thank you! To be honest im not sure if it did or not. No status update on the 129F. I sent it 7/9 via Fedex and received 7/10. I found it odd as they reviewed and approved my petition yesterday and they did it again today. Now for some reason my approval date changed to 8/16/19 whereas i have email , text and app notifications dated 8/15/19. If you’re thinking of doing it I recommend it as its very little effort and the outcome may be well worth it. Good luck!

  2. Great news!!! Congrats! Hopefully, one more month for us. We filed in March. Good luck!
  3. Is anyone else having trouble accessing myUSCIS.gov? I can log in and do the 2-step verification, but then it errors out. It's been happening all week.
  4. So awesome! Congrats, and your service center was Nebraska too. That gives the rest of us some hope.
  5. I just saw a post by a March 2019 filer that they got approval today. Their case was sent to Potomac. How lucky!
  6. I received the I-797C in the mail last Thursday. The preference classification is "201 B INA SPOUSE OF USC", which I understand means that there is an immigration visa available to my husband, and we just have to go through the petition process and consular processing. I got an updated I-130 approval estimate from the timeline system: November 10, 2019. It's a bit disheartening, since I was hoping to be well into consular processing by that point. Fingers crossed it goes much faster.
  7. Ahhh, good to know. Thanks for the link. I'll let you know when I get the notice.
  8. Thanks for the clarification! I haven't received the I-797 yet. The USCIS text said I would receive the official notice in the mail. I'm hoping it arrives today. What's the significance of the "C"?
  9. Hi all! Fellow March filer here. I'm a USC, petitioning my husband from Australia. Here's our timeline so far: 3/15/19: Sent via Priority Mail 3/18/19: Delivered to Phoenix Lockbox 3/22/19: CC Payment Processed 3/22/19: USCIS NOA1 Receipt via Text (Case routed to Texas Service Center) 3/27/19: USCIS Online Account Created (Email and Text Alerts enabled) Pending: USCIS NOA1 via Mail (I-797) Question for you all... When I check USCIS processing times, that estimate is just for USCIS to approve the petition, right? That's not the whole process, including the NVC steps. Am I understanding that correctly? Thanks!
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