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  1. USCIS status says they have ordered the card to be produced, but I believe this is the green card. Im not sure if this impacts the SSN in any way.
  2. What could be the major headache if applications cross? In an ideal scenario I agree with you but waiting months for USCIS to wake up is not an option for most people who need to work etc. On a side note I got notified by the USCIS today that they have issued the green card so it should be arriving in the mail in a few days hopefully. But I dont think there's a way to see if they have done anything on the SSN. Thanks for the responses guys!
  3. I have sent them one with a copy of my passport. Lets see what they say, nobody answers the phone.
  4. Hey, I arrived in Portland last week and am looking to get my SSN, drivers license etc. sorted. The problem with the SSN is they ask you to fill out a form and mail it to the office with the supporting documents. I don't want to risk mailing my passport (my visa is the main document I have till the green card arrives) as it is the only real form of ID I have right now. Also I seem to remember that on the DS260 I checked a box which authorized them to process a SSN which should reach the person in around 3 week after arriving in the US. So basically what are people doing on arriving in the US nowadays, with regards to getting a SSN?
  5. https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/what-is-an-alien-registration-number/
  6. Yes they give you a little slip with the fee payment link on it. Just Google USCIS immigration fee.
  7. There is no fee that needs to be paid at the embassy. Once you are issued the visa, you have to go to USCIS site and pay immigration fee of $220.
  8. Thanks! I sent it to them last Sunday and received it back on Thursday. So a total of 5 days from submitting to empost to getting it back in my hands.
  9. Received my visa in the post on Thursday 😁 My interview was on 5th Jan at which they had asked me to obtain and submit an original birth certificate.
  10. Bro we just had our interviews and some of us including me were waiting since May! So just hang on tight, its difficult I know but you will get there. And they seem to be working at a fast pace now.
  11. 2019, dont think 2020 is applicable yet as the tax wont have been filed. I had uploaded it before as well but they missed it.
  12. Ah he must have it by now Congratulations!! Hey not yet guys. Post office was closed on Friday and Saturday. I just mailed it this morning, hoping to get the good news this week!
  13. No just the certificate and W-2 form because that is all they asked for. No need to upload anything again which they havent asked for.
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