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  1. Yup they did. I uploaded both under title of 'Marriage Certificate'.
  2. Woke up to a DQ email today, such a massive relief after the frustration of the NVC timeframe updates recently. Submission: 14 April DQ: 21 May So it seems the timeframes are not accurate as we have suspected all along. So so happy
  3. Same here! Hopefully there will be some news on the embassy opening up soon.
  4. Its ridiculous. Especially since its online. Im sorry but just cant help and think it an excuse to further delay immigration.
  5. So so unfair and frustrating? I wouldnt be surprised if they have instructions to slow down on reviewing the cases from the administration. Cant believe we're having to go through this now. They've moved 2 days in 2 weeks? Ridiculous.
  6. Yes, I Included the translation and accuracy statement from the translator in the same document. I just kept the NADRA marriage certificate separate because it is a completely different document issued by a different authority. Meh I havent read anywhere official that it is necessary. I remember reading somewhere that it is important to include a certificate of accuracy from the translator though. My NADRA certificate was already attested by FO. Translation of nikah nama I got notarized because some people here said you should. But havent gotten that attested by FO. Just keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!
  7. How do you know they should both be scanned as one document? According to NVC uploading guidelines they are two separate documents. One is a NADRA marriage registration certificate. I uploaded this separately. Then there is a nikah nama which is a completely different document issued by a different department, that I uploaded separately with the translation included in the same file. Hoping it will be accepted lol. Browsing these forums is just nerve wracking!
  8. Yeah disappointing and confusing. One can just hope your case gets picked up early like some of the other lucky ones on here.
  9. Ah yes I think we've done that. Plus got a joint sponsor. Good point to write 'below threshold' instead of the N/A. Cheers.
  10. Erm...because of the lockdown? Tried doing that over email/phone as well as contact the Pakistan embassy. Plus based on the info on their website it doesnt seem they will be able to issue a lost/replacement certificate either. Dont want to wait indefinitely for full services to resume before Im able to get some sort of an answer from them.
  11. Sorry for the bump but anyone went through anything like this? Would be great to have your view if so
  12. Hi guys, Question regarding point 25 of Part 6 of the I864. In point 24 (income) my petitioner has stated her most recent year's (2019) income. In year 2 and 3 she wrote N/A because she was not employed. Question 25 "i was not required to file a income tax return because income level was below IRS level........" We have left this blank because she has filed the return (sent to IRS no transcript yet) and attached her W2. We think this question is for year 1 and not 2 and 3. she is uploading her employment letter and pay stubs and attaching a letter explaining why there was no return/income for last 2 years. Does this seem alright?
  13. Hi, I know police certificate for Pakistan is not required. The state department site states as much and there's a few topics on here that confirm this. But the CEAC still shows it as one of the required documents, i guess I should just leave it empty and add a comment or something that it is not required as per State department's own instructions? What do people generally do here?
  14. Yup this seem to be the consensus from what I have read. I've added a similar type of comment in mine.
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