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  1. I understand the consular process and the marriage is in good faith, we have two children in our relationship. Some people told us that the citizen had to be in USA while the process but with this information we are more clear. Thank you
  2. The country is Colombia but I can not find any information about available options. My concern is that the Consul believes that we do not need to live in USA and that we are doing well in their country.
  3. I would very much like to have opinions on this topic! Thank you
  4. Can the citizen send the petition from the country of the beneficiary and remain there until the process is over? He is a retired from the Usa SS and has also a good sponsor
  5. You are correct in self protection but in the sixth sense or intuition the woman has more developed this sense Just a opinion!
  6. Sorry . But as a woman we are supposed to have a sixth sense, clearly one feels and knows when they love and when they do not. You said you started the petition process in Feb 2019. So it’s still in the process . Wthat’s the step? May be you can do something. Think about that 🤔
  7. He has permanent residency but was sponsored by a brother and since he is not a citizen or has 40 credits, he is still under his brother responsabilty and now he wants to be co- sponsor
  8. I clarify that he has not yet become a citizen or completed 40 credits
  9. Can someone who was sponsored 4 years ago be a co-sponsor today?
  10. An income over 40 covers a family of 6 people $ 43.237 .
  11. When the petitioner does not find the minimum required, the sponsor is used, so the important thing is to cover that minimum required according to the number of people that makes up your home plus of the sponsor family https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p
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