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  1. I believe that the extreme emergency must be the citizen's petitioner not of the beneficiary to approve a expedite .
  2. I know of a case of fraudulent marriage and that an email was sent to immigration reporting and they sent their i130 two years ago and Immigration have done nothing. That person is still in the fake marriage and must already have his residence Then nothing to do in this case he already has his residence of 10 years... just get divorced as soon as possible and get on with your life.Good Luck !
  3. I've read several cases of women fraud that marry only for the green card. And I see that women can be more manipulative and calculating than men. So I hope these cases serve a lot of men who believe that the woman is in love!
  4. Good luck! My NOA1 on Nov 25/19 in Nebraska and I will be sending the i129f soon hopefully it will serve what we expect!!
  5. If I see it's Uscis policy to assign the same service center as the i130. I still can't find any experience that shows that it’s working to send the i129F. Good luck. My I130 is also in Nebraska.
  6. They offer opción to download pdf or take photo to each document and photo in jpeg format
  7. Congratulations ! how long take your process? And what office is your case?
  8. Long process ! You can also review the Processing time in the service center that has your case. Mine's in Nebraska and the maximum time is 16 months.
  9. It is true, I am still undecided if I send the 129F nY NOA1 for the 130 for cr1 is Nov 25/19 in Nebraska. Maybe will be good idea to send the I129F form .
  10. well looking at processing times in Nebraska for the 129F is 7.5 to 9.5 months and for I130 is 12.5 to 16 months then you can have first approved I129F but would be very close the two. Good luck 🍀 Thank you for sharing !
  11. Any update in your case ? The I129F was send to the same Service Center that your I130?
  12. I understand . I continue to review the experiences of those already in the two ways, because if they send the i129f to Nebraska, it would take 7 to 9 months that it is better than 12 - 16 months for the i130. Thank you for your comment
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