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  1. FYI (info of family not on VJ) N400 filed Jan 2020 Newark NJ 5 year; interview (notice Early Feb 2021) and oath 16 mar 2021 good luck all!
  2. N400 NJ (Indian) filed end Jan 2020. Interview mid March 2021. Family member
  3. The $35 is to the USPS for their services. That can be paid by card or cash.
  4. there is only ONE expedited fee of $60. if you submit thru USPS , they will ask about travel booking info. You can say it's expediting request for likely travel that is not firmed up- so you're just expediting without a booking. The same $60 applies when you DO have a confirmed travel. In that case they will take the supporting document and process even more quickly ; or you can go to any Passport agency office with an appointment (that you can book online) for what is reported to be a couple of days or same day turnaround.
  5. Perfect instructions from Ido! USPS could be by appt since the person trained to take a pic and/or process the DS11 form could be present during only one shift. call and ask. If you go with pic and form Filled (printed off from the passport site, but NOT signed) and documents ready, it’s a short process (I went 3 minutes before post office closing and it was done in 5 minutes). About expedite- if no imminent travel for 4 weeks, one can take a chance. The 60$ per person adds up for a family of four as an example . Would recommend doing the $16.48 for 1-2 day shipment though as it’s by usps express and you get proper notifications of its progress and delivery.
  6. i filed the AR11 about my latest change of address just a couple of weeks before filing N400 (it was filed 3 months after change). There was no problem. file now ( as soon as you realize the omission)
  7. US Passport & Card: 2020 Applicants =================================== User Name |Expedited|Sent |Cashed |Trackable |PP Received |PPC Received|NC Received |Location Stevo79 | N |02/02/2020 |N |N | | |  |El Paso, TX (Public library) ramboy | Y |01/09/2020 |NA Bank's Ch|01/21/2020 | 01/28/2020 | 01/30/2020| 01/30/2020|Boston, MA (USPS) ramboy(2) | Y |01/18/2020 |NA Bank's Ch|01/23/2020 | 01/30/2020 | 02/03/2020| 02/04/2020|Boston, MA (USPS) Estrella | N |01/14/2020 |NA |01/21/2020 | |NA |  |Shreveport, LA (USPS) Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Please make sure you are using Rich Text Editor as your message setting. Click "Quote" on the most recent/updated posting version of this list. Remove the "Quote Coding" at the top and bottom of the list. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] Make changes and Add Reply. Expedited - Did you choose the expedited option? Yes or No Sent - Date you applied Cashed - Date when your check, money order or any other payment was processed or cleared. Trackable- Date when your case became trackable on State Department website PP Received - Date you received passport back from State Department PPC Received -Date you received passport card Location- Local office where you applied for US Passport book and or Passport Card NC Received- Date you received your Naturalization Certificate back from State Department. Redden timeline after receiving the Naturalization certificate or any other documents back.
  8. Great it worked out. You can register for UsPS tracking with the number they send for sms updates.
  9. They seem to be quick. . If you applied for expedited and 1-2 days shipping, it should be quick. Good luck. You can always seek appointment at their local office a week or so before the travel
  10. Signup for the updates On the passport tracking site. They update at every step along the way
  11. Spouse passport received (appln sent 18th), 30th Jan. Naturalization certs also received a couple of days after passport.
  12. Spouse passport received 30th Jan. Both naturalization certificates (and one passport card) received a couple of days after the passport was received. The passport tracker utility on travel.state.gov seems reliable.
  13. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry/enrollment-arrival I don’t have the GE card yet ;my first time applicant appt is only in May. However I got an email from CBP saying one can enrol on arrival at above international airports. I guess that includes updates like the citizenship. hope that link helps. Boston is backlogged severely. if you can travel into those listed airports with the appropriate documentation I think that’s the best/easiest way. I would suggest attaching your planned imminent travel info along with your expedited Pp application. And apply with the 1-2 day shipping fee. Good luck. for requesting an appointment (online) at Boston Or any pp office they don’t ask for pp application confirmation number etc. So maybe you can book an appt about 10 days before your travel date and use it if there are no signs of pp coming through. you can cancel the appt if not needed. apparently the pp office issue the pp in 1-2 days if you show your imminent travel
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