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  1. Hi, I’m panicking here and would like to get your advice regarding whether I violated the 90-day no immigration intention rule, and if I did, what I can do at this point to save the situation. Below is my timeline: I entered the U.S. 5 years ago as F1 student pursuing PhD degree and has maintained F1 status since. Married my husband (citizen) 2 years ago (still maintained F1 afterwards). 6 months ago, since I need more time to finish PhD, applied for I-20 extension; my extended I-20 will expire at end of this year. Signed this extended I-20. 50 days later after I signed the extended I-20, I applied for marriage-based AOS, filing 485, 130 together. I got scheduled the initial interview for three weeks from now. As I prepare for the interview, I read about this 90-day rule that would consider changing status within 90 days of entry on non-immigration visa as fraudulent. So my question is, does this also apply to the signing of I-20? After all, above the I-20 signature line it certifies that I intend to enter or maintain nonimmigrant status for the sole purpose of studying in the specified program. Anyone with insight on this one is much appreciate. Or if you had similar experience, such as AOS soon after signing a new I-20 or applying for OPT. Thank you!
  2. If the fax is received on June 21/2019, it is still within normal time (some ppl here got longer wait time for expedite). I would suggest you to reach out to congressman and senator as soon as possible (call/email) with the full expedite packet, make sure they send out the expedite request and evidence for you. Once their USCIS liason saw that you already had an existing request for almost a month, there's a good chance that your case will be resolved quickly.
  3. I am so so happy for you! I was thinking about you and wanted to check in but was afraid to make you more anxious. Almost felt like a pregnant women afraid to checking in on her also-want-to-be-pregnent friend hahaha
  4. Thanks for your reply! I guess what I am not sure of is, does the HR making a copy of my EAD constitute "using EAD"? The document she filled the details on the back of I-9 is still my I-20 info, it's just that she asked to take a copy of my EAD when checking the actual expiration date of my work authorization.
  5. Thanks for your replies! I wish there's just a simple USCIS page explaining this (instead of ppl asking here and there and often getting conflicting info).
  6. Thank you for the replied. Could you also explain what is "actually use" EAD? I've only worked on campus as F1 so I suppose that's not using my C9 EAD, but today when giving my school HR my current I-20, she asked me to fill out an I-9, and she filled the back of I-9 as rehire using I-20. However, when I was filling out the I-9, it asks for expiration of work authorization, so I asked the HR if I should put the I-20 expiration date (December) or EAD expiration (2020 June). She said I should fill out the actual expiration date (2020 June) and made a copy of my EAD card...Does this qualify as "use EAD" card and invalidates my F-1 status? I feel quite stupid now, that I didn't thought of this when giving her the card.
  7. Hi! I have a question about what my current immigration status is as of today, and your insights is much appreciated! Below is my timeline: 2019 Feburary, F1 student, extended I-20 (originally set to expire in end of May) to December of 2019. 2019 End of April, filed for I-485, I-130, I-765, I-131 based on marriage to USC. 2019 mid May to mid June, a short-term on-campus employment. Before I started this, I checked with international student office, and they returned lawyer's reply that I can legally work on campus as F1 while adjusting status. 2019 June, HR office reminded me that my old I-20 expires in May and I need to give them the new I-20 (expires in December) to get paid. I sent them scanned copy of I-20 immediately, but they want me to come in person, I wasn't in school at that time and told them will come in once I get back from travel. 2019 end of June, received EAD in the mail (marriage-based 485 pending). 2019 beginning of July, went to HR office to provide the I-20 form, was asked to fill out a routine "Foreign National Information" form. It asks about my "current immigration status", it lists F1/J1...etc. as options, but don't have an option for Adjustment of Status. I have received C9 EAD at this point but haven't started working since receiving the card. Am I still F1 right now? I'm very confused and appreciate your help!
  8. The first poster of this thread (on page one) seems to get approval within three days of this status.
  9. I would do the EAD expedite separately (not mentioning the previous AP expedite). Many ppl have succeeded with job offer for expedite, but not many succeed with wedding cost for AP expedite, so I would just focus on the EAD (then you get the combo anyway)!
  10. 22 days from congressman submitting request for me. Below is my detailed timeline: Day 1: Concurrent filing received by USCIS Day 22: Fingerprint walk-in Day 32: Congressman submitted EAD expedite request for me Day 37: Congressman forwarded USCIS reply that I will receive a decision in 30 days Day 45: Senator submitted EAD expedite request for me; I also called USCIS to request expedite Day 50: USCIS email request evidence Day 51: Faxed USCIS evidence; Senator forwarded USCIS reply that case has been routed for expedite Day 52: I-485 is ready to be scheduled an interview Day 54: EAD Card in production Day 59: Received I-765 and I-131 approval notice in the mail Day 60: EAD Card is picked up by USCIS Day 61: EAD Card received in the mail.
  11. I just got my EAD card in mail, and have a question for those who already received it. I examined the card and the information on it seemed right, Surname and Given name were correct. However, on the paper notice that the card is attached to, it puts my name as Last name first and Given name second, with no comma or anything in between. Is this normal? Since the instruction says this notice is needed when applying for card renewal. Your insights please! I hope I am clear in explaining this, below is an illustration with a fake name: On the card it says: Surname: CHANG Given name: TIANTIAN On the notice it says: CHANG TIANTIAN Followed by my address.
  12. Ombusman's response like that is normal, don't worry about that! Especially with the processing time changed into 6.5 to 8.5 months, they'll probably say that to a lot of people. Focus on congressman's message...
  13. I totally understand your physical pain from this process! Since most congressman give the 30-day response, I think your congressman giving you a 5-7 business day time range is great news, which probably have to do with the fact that your fax is already with USCIS for more than two weeks.
  14. Did you get some confirmative answer from senator that your case is routed for expedite? If so, less need to worry I guess
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