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  1. I don't know if this will work, there is a website called Wayback Machine that archives old web publications, then you enter the website you want to search back from there, and click on the past dates. Usually there's a capture, but I"m not sure how it works with the USCIS. I tried an earlier date and it says 5-7 months, slightly shorter than the current 6.5 to 8.5 months. (I'm testing using 765) https://web.archive.org/web/20190201044336/https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  2. Today is day 22 of expedite documents sent. This is going to be an anxious weekend for me.
  3. Hi! Congrats on getting the EAD! After you faxed evidence to USCIS, did you get any confirmation of receiving fax, or any other updates before "card being produced"? Thank you!
  4. Hi! Could you elaborate a bit on what unhelpful advice you got from the congresswoman?
  5. Hi! Thanks for your input. Could you elaborate a bit about how getting an attorney can offer additional help in this expedite process? I ask because from what I read online, several ppl reported their attorney discouraging them from submitting expedite, while they eventually succeeded doing that on their own. So a bit info into whether attorneys have different channels/approaches would be really helpful to know! Thanks!
  6. Thanks! So, on which page did you put the USCIS email? (The email I receive said attach this to the fax)
  7. Hi! May I ask, when faxing USCIS the supporting documents, do I put their email on the first page with attn number? Or do I make a separate fax cover page and follow with the email?Thank you!
  8. I have a question...I'm in the requesting EAD expediting process so very sensitive to any kind of updates from USCIS. I received several "we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time" emails and I usually don't pay much attention to them. However, today I received this email again, but the "we last took action on your case" part shows May 3rd, which is a reverse back from May 23rd that they showed in an email two days ago. What does this mean? Are these emails totally random or contain some sort of accuracy? The only explanation I can think of is, my 485 and 765's last update date is May 23rd, and my I-131 is shown still on May 3rd when its first received. Does it mean they send emails for the four cases separately, and someone just touched my 131?
  9. I saw from other's posts that if you expedite through congressman (versus phone call USCIS for expedite), there will be no record online. They go through another channel.
  10. Hi, for those of you who successfully expedited EAD (or are close to getting through), did you 485 status change to "ready to schedule interview" before you got to the stage of "EAD card in production“? Mine hasn't changed for either 485 or 765, below is my timeline May 23 Fingerprint review completed on 485 and 765 May 31 EAD expedite request with evidence submitted by congressman June 4 Congressman forwarded USCIS reply "we have requested the file...will receive decision or NOA in 30 days" so far, still stuck on "finger print review completed", did not receive RFE for 485 either. Thanks ahead for any insights/suggestions.
  11. Thanks for your reply! I did have the job offer and other bills all submitted via congressman. In your case, did the senator help out in any way?
  12. Hi! When you get help from Senator and Ombudsman, what do you say to them? Do you tell them you already had congressman involved? My congressman submitted a exepdite request for me and received reply that my file's been requested and they will make a decision in 30 days. I plan to reach out to senator if I don't hear back from congressman's end in two or three weeks. I am a bit worried that by getting senator involved, USCIS will give me another "30 day" wait period to start the clock again...Or, do congressman and senator work through different channels? Your experience and advice is much appreciated!
  13. OK, I saw what you mean. I originally was planning the phone call route, thinking I have two months to sort this out. Then one day unexpectedly, I got boss pressuring me to get it immediately coz he can't stand the potential uncertainty. Plus ongoing medical treatments and bills. I got really scared and called local congressman, and his office was more than encouraging, they suggest I act immediately, and took my request and submitted right after.
  14. Hi, could you explain a bit further? What do you mean by "the steps in between"?
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