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  1. Ok, I may have been a little to flippant in my first response. They can care, but they would have let you know. To clarify: Is it a regular renewal notice allowing him to renew by mail? If so, he should be fine to renew now and will likely receive 5 year license. That was the case for my husband, and like the other poster, usmsbow, they did not ask for a new copy of green card or NOA1. Or, is it a notice stating that his "limited term" driver license will expire soon, requesting satisfactory proof that his presence in the US has been extended or reauthorized? In that case, you would want to send a copy of the NOA1/extension letter with the renewal when available.
  2. Renew the driver's license now, no need to wait. The CA DMV does not care about the green card expiration date.
  3. Case approved June 23! One year later, and actually just one day after the window to apply for citizenship opened. Originally filed at WAC, then transferred to NBC and previous fingerprints applied at 6 months, with approval at one year. So no biometrics appointment or interview, as painless as anyone could hope for. It's nice to see that others here are seeing movement on cases now as well. Wishing you all the best of luck.
  4. June 2020 WAC filer here. Case transferred to NBC Jan. 6 and now fingerprints have been applied Jan. 21. It's nice to see some movement!
  5. Success! I was able to add the NOA date for my Lifting Conditions timeline. Thank you!
  6. Checking in to see if we can get have someone look at the timeline error for NOA1 dates
  7. Why are they re-verifying you? Are you being re-hired? If you are continuing employment, your employer cannot ask you to present new documents when your green card expires. If you do need to be verified while the ROC process, you can present the extension letter with the expired green card once you have it. If you have an unrestricted Social Security card (the "valid for work only with DHS authorization" has been taken off) then you can present that along with ID instead of the green card. You should expect your NOA1 extension letter about a month after filing. Ours took longer, and I had to submit an SR to have it "resent". I recommend contacting USCIS if it has already been a month.
  8. Going forward: remember that yes, you need to answer questions honestly, but you do not need to answer questions that have not been asked.
  9. I am having a similar issue with updating my timeline for ROC filing and NOA1 dates. The time between is less than 8 weeks, but it still giving me the error. I am able to add an earlier date than my actual NOA1 date without issue. I posted screenshots in the thread below. Can anyone take a look and respond? I
  10. I-765 is Employment Authorization Document (EAD). I-131 is Advance Parole (AP). These have their own timeline sections under AOS. So when you go into the edit timeline, you can add the I-485 AOS dates and then scroll down to add the dates specifically for I-765 EAD and I-131 AP. Check this out to make sense of the alphabet soup:
  11. Yup, it is too long apparently. I just tried setting the NOA1 date for 7/08/2020 and it was accepted.
  12. I am having a similar issue. These are the dates on my NOA1, but I am unable to update my timeline. Are they too far apart? It is less than 8 weeks.
  13. It came today!! Finally! That is a big relief. The Received date is 6/29 and the NOA1 notice date is 8/04 I called USCIS on 7/29, and on 8/04 I got an email confirming that I made a inquiry over the phone. It showed my SR number, and stated that they were resending the receipt notice. That both of us had receipt notices supposedly sent on 7/08 from CSC that mysteriously disappeared in the post does seem a little fishy to me. But it doesn't matter anymore! Now we can wait not worry about this for 18 months.
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