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  1. Basically being and resident of the US and a resident of a certain state are two different things, and each state has its own criteria for determining who is a resident. For states, its things like applying for a DL, enrolling in public school, living there for 9 months of the year. Unlike US residency, it is not something that is applied for, it usually something that people try to prove or disprove for reasons such as college tuition or taxes. This is a two step process. You will have to apply for a license and take a written test, and then take a behind the wheel test. You can make an appointment to apply and take the written test, or you can walk in. Having an appointment certainly makes it a lot easier. However, if you can't wait the two months, then find a day when you can spare the whole day (worst case scenario) DMV and go without an appointment. You cannot take the behind-the-wheel test without an appointment, but you can't schedule that appointment without first applying for the license and passing the written test. In the time between passing the written test and the behind-the-wheel test, you will have your driving permit. This allows you to drive with a licensed driver in the car. Note for walk-ins in LA: make sure you go to the right office! My husband and I made the mistake of going to the nearest DMV office, waiting in the line that wrapped around the outside, only to get to the front and find out that one office only dealt with car registrations etc and another office only handled anything to do with licenses. Of course we had gone to the wrong one, so we wasted a couple hours. I have never seen the division of tasks like that at any other offices in the state. Just double check before you wait in line. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/brochures/fast_facts/ffdl07
  2. FYI if you are going to be in LA county, our marriage certificate took two weeks to process and come in the mail. This was January 2018. So not too long, if you plan for it. Certainly not same or next-day processing if you are in a time crunch. How to apply varies county by county - LA county, you can apply for the marriage license online, and then pick it up (both people still have to be there with ID to pick it up); while in my local county you have to apply in person. Also something to consider: in California, either or both spouses can change middle and last names through marriage (with some guidelines, you can find when you look up applying). But you have to decide if/how names will change at the time you apply for the license, because the license/certificate states the new married names. I note this because I know that marriage certificates in other states only show the maiden names and do not specify the married names.
  3. Be prepared and bring everything, but offer only what they ask for. B & C: If you submitted the I-864 when you filed, that should have included at least the latest year tax return. Bring your tax return and W-2's. Your wife (sponsor) just changed jobs. That's important. After two weeks, she may not have a even a pay stub yet to prove income. Does she have an offer letter? Bring it. For extra preparedness, fill out a new I-864 with her new employment information. D, E, F: If you made a copy of the package you sent, just bring that. Then you have copies of all the forms you filled out and the supporting documents. As far as the birth certificate, it is a good a idea to bring the originals for everything that you sent a copy of. If you can't find it for the interview, it shouldn't be a problem. I'd be more worried about having lost my birth certificate in general. I brought all of this, but didn't use it. I (USC sponsor) also changed jobs during the process. I became self-employed no less, so that usually has a higher burden for proof of income. But the IO did not request any additional copies of things we sent or any new evidence of bonafide marriage. All she did was update any changes (address, employment info) by handwriting on the original forms she had in her file. The only originals she looked at were our passports, and the only new documents she took were copies of our state drivers licences (not originally submitted with the packet). Every IO is different, and every couple is different. Since you already have most of this, (copy of packet sent, and you should have your tax returns and W-2s), it's better to bring it and not need it. I wouldn't worry too much about the things that you may not have now. If they do ask for something you don't have, you will have the opportunity to submit it after the interview. If they do ask for something, then you have it! The questions the IO has can be cleared that day, and then your approval isn't delayed by waiting on additional documents.
  4. There is only so much we can figure out from the information they give us. If the process were transparent and easy to understand, there wouldn't be so many questions and need for shared experiences here on VJ! You did get you AP relatively quickly, which is great. And you are right, it doesn't hurt or cost anything to request. Great info on how you made the request and the process.
  5. Congratulations on getting your AP! As far as the expedite request, could it be coincidence? Your application was sent beginning of December, and you received approval beginning of May. That's 5 months. Official processing time for I-131 is 5-7 months right now, so this could have been standard. Did you receive a message after: "your request to have your case expedited ... was assigned to an officer for response." Were you informed that the expedite request itself was approved? That would be interesting to know.
  6. Your marriage certificate is your proof of name change, so you can provide it with your passport to get your driver's license in your new name. Is the car going to be in your name only, or will it be you and your spouse? You can be on the car title and insurance as an unlicensed driver, you just can't drive it. It would be best to wait for the EAD to apply for the regular license, so you don't have to do AB60. This is the process that we went through with my husband. We bought a new car after applying for AOS, and registered it with both of our names. He was ready to apply for a license two months later, still without EAD. We also considered doing the AB60, but luckily his EAD came in just a couple weeks later. If you do try, know that your experience will vary greatly depending on the DMV person who "helps" you. The first person we talked to was helpful and told us what we needed. But when we came back, the second person obviously had an issue with the AB60. She was very rude and only tried to discourage him from applying for it.
  7. I don't understand. The I-130 petition was filed February 2017. As the spouse of an LPR, his visa category is F2A. Per the January Visa Bulletin (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2019/visa-bulletin-for-january-2019.html) They are processing F2A applications filed before December 2017. His priority date is already current and he can apply for his visa now. If you contact NVC and upgrade the petition, that will change his visa category to IR-1. The basic difference is that visas are immediately available for that category, which is essentially like saying the priority date is always current. This means there will be no effective change in his situation if you upgrade the petition because he can already apply for the visa. He is in the US currently on VWP with an approved I-130 and current priority date. Why stay to adjust status, pay the $1225, wait 6-8 months for EAD/AP before being able to travel and work? He can go back and apply for the visa now, interview at the embassy, then enter the US with the visa and immediately receive green card.
  8. Don't panic! You have filed for AOS after entering on K1, correct? The expiration date on your visa does not matter at this point. The NOA1 you received for the I-485 is proof of your current status as a pending applicant for permanent residency; that allows you to stay in the US while your application is being processed. In fact, do not leave US before a decision is made, or you receive approval for AP. If you leave before receiving either, then your application is considered abandoned and will be denied. The timeline approximation dates offered by VJ are averages based on the timelines self-reported by other users. They are handy to get an idea of how fast (or slow rather) the process is currently going others. But it is not official in any way, and no indication of how long your individual case will take.
  9. Are you an employee or a contractor? They are asking for the employment information, so if you are an employee working remotely from home, put the business address for the department or branch office that you report to. If you are a contractor, then you are likely self-employed and you would put your home address as your business address.
  10. Our LA county certificate did not take the full 6 weeks. It was ready after two. You can call the Norfolk office with your marriage licence number to check whether it has been recorded yet. If it has been recorded, it only takes a couple days to come in the mail. It might take just a little longer at this time of year due to the holidays.
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